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TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

During this pandemic outbreak, everyone is now spending more time at home after work has turned fully remote. To improve the efficiency of working from home, some have suggested that we can still get dressed to create a sense of ritual to help us get into our work mode. We can also rely on the healing home fragrances to enhance the sense of ritual, so every moment spent at home can be an opportunity to improve our living quality and learn self-love.



「感官」,是為感受外界事物刺激,能夠以與生俱來的能力來探索世界,與他人連結。而嗅覺是唯一可直接影響大腦中樞神經的感官,牽動著我們的情緒、記憶與認知行為。人們可以透過不同香氣來反應喜惡,甚至是可以利用不同的味道來改變內心的心情以及情緒。源自紐約的BLOOMY LOTUS首度推出配方精油系列,以頂級純天然精油調配,打造有機高純度的芳香體驗。

BLOOMY LOTUS B01 思緒清晰配方精油 10ml ,參考定價 NT$1,050。

另外,BLOOMY LOTUS更研發出專為兒童生活情境所設計的寶貝配方精油,讓寶寶可以在最安全的嗅覺體驗中,幫助提升兒童專注力、維持健康、營造甜美安穩的夢境,並以高品質配方透過精油營造自然芬芳的環境,幫助舒緩壓力,也藉由對香氣的感受探索內在,適時給予身心支持與陪伴、補給正面能量。

BLOOMY LOTUS 寶貝配方系列精油。

An All-Natural Aestheticism

An innate ability to explore and connect with others, our senses allow us to feel the stimulation of the external world. And our olfactory system is the only sensory that directly connects to our central nervous system and affects our emotions, memory, and cognitive behavior. Humans can react to their likes and dislikes through different aromas, and even allow different smells to change their moods and the way they think. Originated from New York, BLOOMY LOTUS launches its first essential oil collection made of all-natural ingredients to create the purest olfactory experience. 

Furthermore, BLOOMY LOTUS also introduces the Kid’s Essential Oil blends that offer optimal support and are child-friendly. Featuring natural ingredients that are completely safe for kids, the oils help them focus, maintain their health, and improve their sleep. The collection is also made with a high quality formula that aims to create a chemical free aromatherapy that can also alleviate stress. Through the aroma, kids will be able to explore their inner self and be surrounded with the best company that is fueled with positive energy. 


為居家空間增添精緻且放鬆的時尚氛圍,將美感及藝術和諧地體現於生活中。BLOOMY LOTUS擅長運用源於自然的靈感,結合當代設計思維,轉化為融入生活環境的薰香工具。這次更是擷取了象徵著連結生命與自然之間能量的「荷葉」為形象,打造一款Leaf 葉超音波香氛儀。

近年來相當流行的侘寂美學 ,正是看到Leaf 葉超音波香氛儀第一眼的樣子。一種體現不完美為核心的日式美學,帶有樸質自然的風格,同時又符合當代線條以及理念精神,透過霧面絲滑的金屬觸感,搭配上簡約洗鍊的工業風設計線條,將大自然的質樸與當代美學融合得淋漓盡致。相當推薦於居家工作環境中,美化居家氛圍,使精油的嗅覺與香氛儀的視覺完美融合。

BLOOMY LOTUS Leaf 葉超音波香氛儀 ,參考定價 NT$3,300。

In the Shape of Lotus

Add a sense of sophistication and relaxation to our home décor and harmously blend aestheticism with art that is further reflected in our lives. BLOOMY LOTUS has always been drawing inspiration from nature and pairing it with modern design that further transforms into aroma diffusers that blend seamlessly with our living space. Channeling the lotus leaf’s symbolic connection between life and nature, the brand introduces the gorgeous, organically-inspired Bloomy Lotus® Leaf Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser. It is the perfect embodiment of the now trending wabi-sabi aesthetics. Following the traditional Japanese concept centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, the diffuser radiates with a natural design that also aligns with modern beauty and spirit. Through the sleek, metallic touch, and the stylish and minimalist design, it incorporates the simplicity of nature with contemporary aesthetics. The Leaf Diffuser can instantly transform the environment into one of calming serenity and set a relaxing ambience in your home or office. 


受甜點迷喜愛的法式點心「馬卡龍」以少女的酥胸為名,甜膩的內餡就像是快樂因子般在吃下去的那一刻迸發,BLOOMY LOTUS以馬卡龍為靈感,結合著細緻手作陶瓷工藝,再搭配復古魚骨紋設計,將原先擁有甜膩馬卡龍的固有印象打造成清新自然純淨之美的 Macaron 馬卡龍超音波陶瓷香氛儀。純白的陶瓷機身適用於各種空間,就像一件純白襯衫,與所有顏色搭配起來都能成為一種風格。百搭的設計更是結合了溫馨燭黃色燈光,特別推薦給較大坪數的室內空間或是營業場所使用,能夠創造出熟悉溫暖、自在恬適的空間氣氛。另外特大容量(290ml)水箱設計,可設定長達約16小時的運作模式,讓居家氛圍更是沐浴於香氛獨特與簡約美感。

BLOOMY LOTUS以馬卡龍為靈感,結合著細緻手作陶瓷工藝,再搭配復古魚骨紋設計。

Pure Macaroons 

Beloved by dessert fans, macaroons are an emblem of French beauty. The sweet filling blooms with dopamine as we take a bite of the tasty delight. Drawing inspiration from the French dessert, BLOOMY LOTUS combines the exquisite ceramic art with the retro herringbone design and transforms the sweet impression of a macaroon into the beautifully clean Macaron Ceramic Aroma Diffuser. Like a plain white dress shirt, the pure white ceramic is suitable for any space and matches perfectly with any color. The design also emits a soft, candle-like glow that is good for spacious interiors or business venues and helps create this comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. In addition, the large capacity water tank design (290 ml) can operate for up to 16 hours, allowing the living space to be lingering with the unique aroma and minimalist aesthetic. 



在居家氛圍的療癒時刻,最需要的不只是感官享受,而是能夠治癒一整天疲勞的心情,以及穩定情緒。因應當代都會人士的生活型態與需求,NEOM發展出 5 種療癒類別香氣,包含靜眠系列、身心放鬆系列、活力系列、紓壓系列、快樂系列,共16款香氣選擇(其中6款為極緻調香系列)。無論此刻想要感受愉悅、放鬆、紓壓或是振奮情緒,NEOM香氛精油不只能帶來芳療效果,更能瞬間轉換心情場景。


The Healing Moment  

People who enjoy essential oils are definitely familiar with NEOM organics that is based in London. Through its minimalistic but fashionable brand concept and channeling the power of 100% all natural essential oils, NEOM is the best choice for anyone who loves organic fragrances and visual enjoyment.

In each healing moment, what we need most is not just sensory fulfillment, but the ability to recharge our tired body and sooth our emotions. Meeting with the needs of modern lifestyle, NEOM introduces five different essential oil blends—scents to sleep, to calm and relax, to boost your energy, to de-stress, and to make you happy—that includes 16 distinct olfactory experiences (with 6 Precious Essential Oil Blends). No matter if you want to feel joy, relaxed, stress-relieved, or excited, these NEOM essential oil blends not only will bring you the best aromatherapy, but will also help you get in the ideal mood. They are also safe for use during pregnancy and around children and pets, allowing our homes to become a relaxing factory that brings happiness and designs the most exclusive aromatic healing therapy. 

NEOM essential oil diffuser with the Precious Essential Oil Blends, creating an exclusive aromatherapy.


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