IN Style 味蕾仲夏 A Midsummer of Flavors

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang



包款從繽紛的糖果色夏日搖身一變成為了扎實的立體糖果,可愛程度簡直融化了所有人的心。Chloé 繼Kiss Bag「小親親」及Woody Tote Bag「文青包」之後,緊接再推「糖果包」BonBon Bag。以可愛甜美的糖果外型與圓弧輪廓,彷彿枕頭般的舒適意象,搭配上低飽和度的中性色ㄌ讓原先無害甜美之感染上堅毅質感之美。而Chloé 前任設計總監Natacha Ramsay-Levi繼去年年底卸下總監一職後,於他手中誕生的BonBon Bag更是擁有了紀念與傳承價值。


包覆著濃郁的焦糖香氣,每一顆包款都像是溫暖且甜膩的蜜糖,與牛奶和咖啡攪拌著,融和著乳色的白與咖啡的棕色。Salvatore Ferragamo暢銷熱門的MARGOT包款,簡約俐落的經典輪廓結合頂級工藝,加入全新的古金色Gancini釦飾,優雅瀟灑、歷久不衰。本季更是帶來了全新白色與棕色拼接,創造出都會女性的柔和魅力,在工作場合或是假日休閒都可以恣意搭配。TOD’S Timeless包款則是將沈穩的棕色與草編結合,在炎炎夏日的到來也可以染上涼快的輕盈感受,甚至是加上TOD’S經典不敗的豆豆設計,讓整個夏日在棕色的色彩曲線中延燒。



一塊香味四溢的可頌麵包,光亮的酥脆外層下包裹著柔軟香濃的麵包奶香,又或是牛角麵包,金黃色的外皮與扎實的白麵包在味蕾的挑逗中夾雜著幸福與美味。FENDI 皮革 Croissant 包款搭配著美劇《慾望城市》經典的想像與柔軟半月的外型,在近幾年可以說是聲勢回歸。而 FENDI 經典的 Baguette 法棍包款則是將舒適居家的鏤空設計帶入,在最新的2021秋冬大秀也可以看到Baguette包款加入了雙肩背亮相,可以說是加入了更多的實用性與創意。


繽紛色系的跳跳糖,在夏日中顯得格外搶眼動人,明亮且高飽和度的色彩,包括搶眼的叢林綠、浪漫的粉色、討喜的象牙白及耀眼不過度張揚的鵝黃色等等都是今夏必備的配件色系。Valentino 創意總監 Pierpaolo Piccioli 將經典鉚釘放大成特大版鉚釘,變得更加大氣優雅、奪目動人,全新Valentino Garavani Roman Stud大鉚釘包以柔軟的Napa小羊皮縫製,完美演繹系列饒富浪漫色彩的龐克搖滾格調;小巧的手袋綴以絎縫菱紋和特大鉚釘,彰顯Valentino的工藝傳統及對細節一絲不苟的匠心。 且為慶祝經典的Valentino Garavani Rockstud鉚釘十周年,最為人認識的品牌代號在創意總監Pierpaolo Piccioli的引領下不斷被重新定義和蛻變,現實與夢幻、高訂與街頭完美交融。


繽紛的色彩讓人眼花撩亂也帶給人們視覺的衝擊,打開幻像與慾望的幻覺感受,Christian Louboutin 的最新系列揉合洋溢歡樂氣息的奪目風格與色彩,宛如啟動所有的知覺感官,結合 Christian Louboutin熱愛的民間藝術和傳統工藝,以傳統馬賽塔羅牌圖案為靈感,在色彩的環繞下探索恣意的旅程,打開色彩味蕾的饗宴。LOEWE 為了弘揚傳統手工藝,與蘇富比拍賣行合作, LOEWE Weaves 系列就此登場。其中包含了多款工匠手製的獨一無二工藝品,包括由藝術家手工裝飾的加利西亞傳統 栗燒陶瓶、皮革編織包、織籃及配飾。另外也包括了 LOEWE 經典 Balloon包款、手提包及網袋,同樣綴以品牌留存下來的材料,與陶瓶裝飾意念一脈相承,皆在展現以開拓工藝新領域為目標,藉由此次企劃展現當代手工藝的生命力,多元化及趣味性。

Christian Louboutin CARACABA 系列。
LOEWE Weaves系列有多款工匠手製的獨一無二工藝品,包括由藝術家手工裝飾的加利西亞傳統栗燒陶瓶、皮革編織包、織籃及配飾。

The colorful popping candies, the sweet taste of caramel, the essence of the midsummer night—the charm of sweets is in full bloom in this spring-summer season. Recently, whenever accessories come in the colors resembling our daily food ingredients, they never fail to cause a fashionably ‘delicious’ sensation. From the colors like oatmeal, caramel nude, matcha and avocado green, to the resemblance of desserts and pastries—croissants, baguettes, macaroons—every single shade is an emblem of our gratitude for attending this colorful feast. So let us follow the steps of this summer’s latest bag collection and indulge in the spectacular flavors that come with it. 

Summer Candy 

When the bags transform from the summer candy colors to a solid three-dimensional candy, the cuteness level definitely melted everyone’s heart. After introducing the Kiss Bag and Woody Tote Bag, Chloé now launches its latest model, BonBon Bag. With the adorable shape of a candy and the gentle, pillow-like aesthetic created by the round silhouette, the bag is matched with a low-saturated neutral tone. As the soft color scheme clashes with the masculinity of metal, the innocent beauty is laced with a strong, resilient boldness. And the fact that the model was designed by former creative director Natacha Ramsay-Levi before her exit last year, the BonBon Bag is added with this extra value that symbolizes her creative leadership and unique vision. 

The Taste of Caramel

Immersed in the rich caramel aroma, each bag is like a warm, sweet candy. Like the perfect combination of milk and coffee, the creamy white is blended with the brown of coffee. From  Salvatore Ferragamo’s popular bag collection, the MARGOT bag is simple and neat. The classic shape is a manifesto of the best craftsmanship and with the addition of the new antique gold buckle, the model becomes an elegantly timeless creation. This new season, the MARGOT bag comes in new vibrant colors—white and brown—that defines the charm of a modern woman for a casual, versatile everyday look. Meanwhile, TOD’S introduces the new Timeless T bag collection with an interplay of the color brown and raffia blended cotton, adding a touch of agility in this warm summer. The new model even includes the brand’s iconic rubber pebbles, allowing this upcoming season to come in full bloom amidst the colorful brown curves. 

Delicious Pastries

We always see the French woman casually walking down the street with a baguette under her arm while tossing a piece of bread into her mouth—her each and every gesture radiates with this romantic ambience, so why not have a feast for breakfast?

The rich aroma of freshly baked croissants lingers in the air, the glistening crisp envelope the soft and buttery taste of milk and flour, the golden flakes and the milky white bread become an indulgence of delicious taste and happiness. A return of classic, the FENDI Croissant shoulder bag combines signature features from Sex and the City and the soft crescent shape. The Italian brand also introduces a new Baguette model made with à jour embroidered FF motifs. In the FW21 fashion show, we also saw the incorporation of a double strap, a new feature to enhance functionality and creativity. 

Like Popping Candies

The colorful popping candies look particularly dazzling in the summer. With its dashing jungle green, romantic pink, lovable ivory white, shining but soft light yellow—every shade is a must-have we see in this season’s summer accessories. Enlarging the classic Roman studs, Valentino’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli turns the new Valentino Garavani Roman Stud bag into a collection that is even more elegant and eye-catching than it already was.

The latest model is crafted in soft Napa leather, with its tiny silhouette enriched by a macro quilting and maxi studs—a perfect depiction of the romantic punk attitude and the impeccable craftsmanship of each Valentino artisan. And to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iconic Valentino Garavani Rockstud, Pierpaolo Piccioli continues to redefine and reinterpret the brand image through his leadership, perfectly bridging the gap between reality and fantasy, haute couture and street wear. 

Crafts handmade by Valentino.

Let the Colors Roam Free 

A dazzling impact to the human visual, the beautiful colors open up a mesmerizing and desirable illusion for us to enjoy. Chistian Louboutin’s latest collection combines the joyful ambience and the eye-catching styles and colors. Like igniting all the senses, the brand incorporates the designer’s favorite folkloric art and traditional craftsmanship. Inspired by the Tarot de Marseille, the patterns are reminiscent of a deck of cards while the dashing colors open up a celebratory feast. Meanwhile, to pay tribute to traditional artisanship, LOEWE collaborates with Sotheby’s auction house on the LOEWE Weaves project. Introducing an array of unique, artisan crafted pieces, the series includes artist-embellished Galician chestnut roasters, woven bags, baskets, and accessories. LOEWE also extends the idea of weaving to its classic Balloon bags by reimagining them with leather and raffia adornments rich in artisanal details, an echo to the unique ceramic arts. Through this project, we see the vitality of contemporary artisans and LOEWE’s devotion to explore and celebrate these new realms of creativity and diversity.