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競技場上的重點是勝負抉擇,RICHARD MILLE車隊與眾多耐力賽車迷一樣,面對賽百靈1000英里大賽的推遲,都能深刻體會到:耐心是一種美德。這是RICHARD MILLE車隊第二次在比利時,更準確地說是在著名的斯帕-弗朗科尚(Spa-Francorchamps) 賽道上展開速度競技,為紀念車隊在殿堂級耐力賽的首次亮相,特別推出限量發行50枚的RM 07-01 Racing Red腕表。這款具有象徵意義的RM 07-01運動版腕錶承載著座駕「Roxy」的標誌性紅色,即由Beitske Visser, Sophia Flörsch及Tatiana Calderón所駕駛的Oreca-Gibson 1號車上別具特色的紅色,同時還延續了這款經典錶型全部備受讚譽的技術特性,其中包括品牌自主研發的CRMA2鏤空自動上鍊機芯。這款新作的創新之處在於錶殼材質,同時採用Carbon TPT®碳纖維和Quartz TPT®石英碳纖維,並以火紅色新裝示人。中層錶殼和錶盤採用Carbon TPT®碳纖維材質打造,同時還融入Quartz TPT®石英碳纖維以增強其特性,並將兩種材質相融合。

自2020年在歐洲賽場上大放異彩之後,RICHARD MILLE車隊三位女性車手將重新出發,徵戰各大賽場,而RM 07-01 Racing Red將成為RICHARD MILLE車隊三位女性車手的忠誠陪伴,無論是在比賽還是日常生活中都將佩戴,讓我們預祝RICHARD MILLE車隊在2021賽季,如同RM 07-01 Racing Red一樣,成為時間與速度的賽場上,最耀眼的紅色風暴。

RICHARD MILLE特別推出限量發行50枚的RM 07-01 Racing Red腕錶。RICHARD MILLE exclusively launches the RM 07-01 Racing Red wristwatch, with only 50 pieces available worldwide.

RICHARD MILLE Racing Red Watch 

The key to winning the 1,000 Miles of Sebring, as the RICHARD MILLE Racing Team and all Endurance fans can confirm, patience is a virtue. This will be the second time the racing team launches its racing campaign in Belgium, or more specifically, at the storied Spa-Francorchamps circuit. To pay homage to the team’s first time attending the 2021 FIA World Endurance Championship, RICHARD MILLE introduces the exclusive RM 07-01 Racing Red watch, a limited edition with only 50 pieces worldwide.

This emblematic RM 07-01 model is bathed in the signature red of “Roxy,” the Oreca-Gibson #1 racecar that is also crewed by the all female trio—Beitske Visser, Sophia Flörsch, and Tatiana Calderón. The timepiece not only continues the classic model’s celebrated functionality, but it also includes an automatic skeletonised movement of the in-house Calibre CRMA2. The major innovation for this new collection is a watch case made of Carbon TPT® and Quartz TPT® that comes in a fiery red color. Carbon TPT® is also used on the case band and dial and enhanced with Quartz TPT®, a union of two high-tech materials to highlight its competitive features.

Ever since its excellent showing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 2020, the RICHARD MILLE Racing Team will hit the track again with its all female race car drivers. The RM 07-01 Racing Red will also be accompanying the ambitious trio, an iconic timepiece that is suitable for competition and daily life. So let us wish the RICHARD MILLE Racing Team good luck in the 2021 championships and hope that they will, like the RM 07-01 Racing Red, become a streak of red zooming around the track of time and speed.

RICHARD MILLE車隊,三名車手Beitske Visser, Sophia Flörsch及Tatiana Calderón。
The female trio of the RICHARD MILLE Racing Team—Beitske Visser, Sophia Flörsch, and Tatiana Calderón.

TAG Heuer綠色錶盤

兩年一度的摩納哥古董車大獎賽(Grand Prix de Monaco Historique ),是眾多經典賽車日程上備受矚目的日子,欣賞精彩古董賽車在傳奇賽道上競速的過程,並且共同感受場內刺激氣氛,為慶祝此賽事於今年盛大展開,泰格豪雅特別推出一款以優雅綠調問世的TAG Heuer Monaco 綠錶面自動腕錶。

TAG Heuer Monaco 綠錶面自動腕錶以具有突破性的設計概念,詮釋著品牌精神Don’t Crack Under Pressure,為Monaco系列增添現代時尚風格,襯托深入人心的鮮明方形精鋼錶殼設計,由錶面中間的淺綠漸變到邊緣的深綠,表達速度感,這種綠色亦令人聯想起摩納哥古董車大獎賽道上,位於海港旁減速彎道前的一段著名賽道,並且也彰顯TAG Heuer泰格豪雅從Jack Heuer在1969年推出突破常規設計的Monaco系列,到摩納哥著名賽車盛事之間長遠又深厚的淵源。

TAG Heuer Monaco Green Dial

The biannual Grand Prix de Monaco Historique is one of the most exciting events of the classic car racing calendar. We get to relish the spectacle of historic Grand Prix racing and the excitement around the legendary circuit. To celebrate the grand opening of the race, TAG Heuer has launched the elegant TAG Heuer Monaco Green Dial Calibre Heuer 02 limited edition.

With an innovative design concept, the TAG Heuer Monaco Green Dial perfectly manifests the brand’s spirit of ‘”Don’t Crack Under Pressure.” While the touch of modernity echoes with the classic square stainless steel case, the gradient green dial conveys a sensation of speed as the nice emerald green changes gradually into an almost-black dark green. The color also reminds us of the famous covered portion of the Monaco Grand Prix track, preceding the chicane by the port. This limited edition is the perfect emblem that celebrates the deep ties between TAG Heuer’s Monaco series—a rule breaking design created by Jack Heuer back in 1969—and the prestigious and exciting races of Monaco.

TAG Heuer Monaco 綠錶面自動腕錶。TAG Heuer Monaco Green Dial.


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