超薄腕錶的優雅宣言 An Ultra-Thin Elegance

去年11月,伯爵憑藉Altiplano至臻超薄系列Ultimate Concept腕錶,在2020年日內瓦高級鍾錶大賞(GPHG)上,獲得了所有高級製錶品牌夢寐以求的「金指標獎」,這枚目前全球最纖薄的機械腕錶,以「致敬仙子坡」為題,腕表的錶橋、螺絲、指針和錶盤均為墨綠色,並搭配同色系鰐魚皮錶帶,正是向伯爵品牌的發源地的無上致敬,以渾然天成的丘陵和山谷、令人沉醉的光線與寧靜祥和的環境而聞名,創制出當下最具創新性的腕錶。

不僅如此,Piaget 伯爵十分重視簡約精緻設計的腕錶永恆魅力,並為此創作出全新Altiplano至臻超薄系列Origin 35mm腕表,該系列首枚錶徑為35毫米並搭載501P自動上鏈機芯,可選擇簡潔玫瑰金錶殼,也有由品牌珠寶大師於錶圈之上巧妙鑲嵌76顆明亮切割美鑽的玫瑰金或白金鑲鑽款式,無論何種風格,均盡顯優雅寧靜氣質,腕錶的金質錶殼和機芯皆為品牌自主生產,堪稱男女皆宜的「絕妙首選」。

PIAGET Altiplano Ultimate Concept系列終極概念手動上鍊超薄腕錶,參考定價NT$ 12,400,000。PIAGET Altiplano Ultimate Concept wristwatch, recommended price NT$12,400,000.

Last November, with its Altiplano Ultimate Concept mechanical watch, Piaget won the prestigious “Aiguille d’ Or” at the 2020 Grand Prix d’ Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG). The thinnest mechanical watch in the world pays homage to La Côte-aux-Fées. Tones of forest green are applied to the bridge, screws, hour and minute hands, and dial, with an alligator leather strap that comes in the same color tone. An honorable tribute to its birthplace, Piaget reimagines the bucolic setting, lush green scenery, and peaceful environment to create the most iconic modern timepiece.

Moreover, Piaget has always valued the timeless charm of its creations, which is why the watch house created the brand new Altiplano ultra-thin 35mm watch collection. This new series comes in a new diameter size, Piaget 501P self-winding mechanical movement, and two different cases, rose gold and 18k white gold, both set with 76 brilliant-cut diamonds. Regardless of which style you choose, they all radiate with an exquisitely impeccable elegance. The gold cases and calibre of the watches are self manufactured by Piaget, a contemporary luxury emblem that is suitable for both men and women.


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