防曬隔離 Summer Essentials

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

With summer around the corner, sunscreen and moisturizers become the essentials as we face the fiery sun and the heating vitality. For this upcoming season, let us enjoy the touch of lightness and delicate hydration as we have some fun under the sun. 


若是提到防曬都不帶有校正膚色功效,迪奧超完美持久飾底乳絕對是真愛。迪奧全球彩妝創意形象總監Peter Philips在不斷創新演繹下,奠定了美妝市場的領導地位。於2009年迪奧推出經典暢銷與業界第一款擁有兩種妝效的《迪奧超完美持久柔霧粉底液SPF35 PA+++》與《迪奧超完美持久柔光粉底液SPF35 PA++》,不僅有柔光與柔霧兩大妝效,滿注純淨玫瑰果精萃、純淨三色堇精萃、維他命E及超完美柔霧光粒子。此次為炎夏容易脫妝肌膚做好妝前防曬保養,全新升級《迪奧超完美持久飾底乳SPF20 PA++》,為妝前打底扮演關鍵的第一步,達到完美校正、保濕、持妝效果,滿注純淨花植精萃,讓肌膚綻放出清新透亮的光澤,將精緻妝容定格在最佳時刻。

The Floral Essence 

If you are looking for sunscreen that corrects your skin tone, the Dior Forever Skin Veil Primer is definitely your best choice. Under the creative director of Christian Dior makeup Peter Philips’s continous reimagining and innovation, the brand has established its leadership role in the cosmetic market. Back in 2009, Dior introduced it’s all-time best seller and the first foundation with two different finishes—Dior Forever 24h wear high perfection matte foundation and Dior Forever Skin Glow 24h wear radiant high perfection foundation. Not only does the foundations come in matte and radiant finishes, they are also fully infused with protective rosehip extract, wild pansy extract, Vitamin E, and pigments of mineral origin. This year, Dior takes long-wear to the next level with Dior Forever Skin Veil. Set up as the first step in the Dior Forever makeup routine, the primer offers correction, protection, and illumination. Infused with wild floral extracts, it will leave the skin with a delicate and glistening complexion that promises to last all day.


清新草本的 Aesop,給人一種淡雅純淨的天然力量,在夏日季節的到來,Aesop講求動態保養,尤其是肌膚容易暴露於陽光紫外線的機會大幅增加, Aesop做足了準備專為日常防曬而開發防曬面部乳液 SPF25,為一款質地輕盈的保濕產品,在保護臉部和頸部的同時會影響肌膚透氣度,可以透過吸收有害的 UVA 和 UVB 射線的化學性防曬達到廣效防曬的效果。其他配方包含可軟化肌膚的泛醇和角鯊烷,與抗氧化的綠茶和 生育酚(維他命 E ),此些成分可以快速被肌膚所吸收,並發揮保濕功效,特別推薦給居住於都市污染環境中的人群。另外 Aesop 清淡草本的清香更是在紛擾的城市與疫情的影響下有安神寧靜的效果,天然又清雅。

Herbaceous Green Tea 

The herbal, plant-based Aesop always radiates with this elegant and pure natural power. With the arrival of the summer season, the brand focuses on active skincare. Knowing that there is an increased chance for the skin to be exposed to UVA and UVB radiations, Aesop introduces the Protective Facial Lotion SPF25, a lightweight, rapidly absorbed hydrator. As it protects the skin and the neck by affecting the air permeability of the skin, it also provides broad-spectrum protection against the damaging, chemical effects of UVA and UVB radiation. The other ingredients—Panthenol and Squalane to soften the skin, Tocopherol and Green Tea as antioxidants—are quickly absorbed by the skin to reach maximum hydration. Recommended for city-dwellers dealing with daily pollutants, this Aesop hydrator is infused with a herbaceous scent that will help calm the mind, a necessity that is natural and elegant. 


對於熱愛戶外活動的熱力女孩們,需要一款不只是可以簡單清新防曬,或是一款可以校正膚色的美麗秘方,更是需要能夠上山下海,隨時隨地不曬傷、不曬黑、不曬老。2021 SHISEIDO全新 「新豔陽‧夏 熱防禦防晒果凍棒SPF50+ PA++++」與「新豔陽.夏 水離子熱防禦UV隔離露 SPF50+ PA++++」完全就是為運動型女孩準備,更是添加雙重植萃成分,能預防肌膚因UV傷害產生細紋與不均膚色,讓曬後依舊擁有彈嫩亮的年輕肌膚。在期待夏日輕旅行的同時,更是要好好愛護海洋,遵循2021年美國夏威夷州頒布的法律, 不含會造成珊瑚白化的成分, 更擁有超抗溶質地,除了愛護海洋與保育生態不遺餘力外,是專櫃品牌中率先採用此規範海洋友善成分的產品。

With Love and Protection

For girls who love outdoor activities, they need the kind of sunscreen that does more than sun protection and proper skin color correction. What they need is a sunscreen that they can take on hikes and surfs and will be able to shield them from getting sunburnt, tanned, or aging at all times.

This year, SHISEIDO presents its brand new Clear Suncare Stick SPF50+ and The Perfect Protector SPF50+. Perfect for an athletic girl, both sunscreens are infused with the SynchroShield™ innovation that is empowered by heat and water to strengthen the UV protection veil. Protecting the skin from wrinkles and uneven skin tones, these two suncare products allow the skin to stay plumped and rejuvenated even after a tan. As we look forward to our summer travels, it is also important that we take good care of the ocean and all marine life. Following the laws passed by the state of Hawaii in 2021, SHISEIDO made sure their sunscreens only use ingredients that pose no harm to the coral reefs with a very water resistant formula contributing to less elution as we enter the sea. Showing their love and dedication towards protecting marine life, SHISEIDO is also the first brand in the industry to adapt ocean-friendly ingredients into their products.