In Style 極致純粹 | The Ultimate Purity

SCAN 012

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

Black is always a good idea.


低調內斂的黑色,可隨著不同材質的運用創造不同面貌,搭配亮面皮革不僅霸氣外露,同時也代表著奢華,啞光材質則流淌出溫潤似水的優雅。與不同金屬的碰撞下展現出各式不同的極致效果,寶格麗Serpenti Cabochon 黑色小牛皮肩背包以金色鍊條與銀色鏈條搭配; PRADA則將看似隨性休閒的尼龍材質注入於包款之中; Salvatore Ferragamo VIVA包款於2020年推出後便受到大眾的喜愛,飾於VIVA包款上的新版蝴蝶結立足於品牌的經典代碼VARA,相較於原版的VARA羅緞蝴蝶結更大。受到柔軟且舒適的理念所啟發,賦予包款一種清新、休閒、年輕的格調,此次的黑色包款更宛如小女人邁向成熟的轉變過程,清新卻帶有成穩的感受,黑色於其中低調彰顯出時尚女性的溫柔之美。

The classic, pure black shade is an embodiment of simplicity and complexity.

Black is the perfect color that concludes and introduces the cycle of fashion. Known for his love and obsession towards the color, Monsieur Christian Dior wrote in his book The Little Dictionary of Fashion, “I can write a book about black.” In the industrial age where colors have not been widely rendered, black and white established the original fashion model. The monochrome photos conveyed the essence of human emotions. Black embodied many classics—black and white photography, the little black dress, legendary actresses—and became the perfect medium used for expressing ideas and creativity as the images were always rich in simplicity and artistic imagination. Perhaps this is where the charm of black color lies.

Low-key and restrained, black can create different looks with the use of different materials. When applied to patent leather, it becomes domineering and luxurious; when crafted with a matte finish, it presents this water-like elegance. Clashing with all kinds of metal to bring out the ultimate effects, Bvlgari’s Serpenti Cabochon in calf leather is styled with gold and silver chains. PRADA incorporates the casual nylon material into its bag collection, while Salvatore Ferragamo Viva Bow Bag reimagines the brand’s classic Vara collection with an enlarged bow. Inspired by the soft and comfortable concept, the bags are reborn with a fresher, younger and more casual style. Like representing the process of a young lady maturing into an independent woman, the black bags embody this freshness and sophistication, highlighting the gentle beauty of all modern women.