幻彩仲夏 A Midsummer of Colors

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang








In our imagination, let the colors build the ball of our dreams and allow the majestic nature to take us on a journey. In this incredible world of shades, we weave together our own memories and construct one colorful midsummer of dreams.

Hues of Brilliance

Like finishing an old film with a racing heart, the traces of retro color wander back into our dreams. The Melinda Green, Dorothy Turquoise, Myra Crimson, Annabel Rose and Crystal Black mingle together like a drunkening kaleidoscope, so mesmerizing and unrealistic it is as if we reexperienced our first kiss. In our dreams, we are slowly transcended to the Golden Age of Hollywood as we danced among dashes of hues—the soft Ellen Blush, the pure Winterset Snow, the blushing Peggy Sunburn, the elegant Marcia Cobalt and the refreshing Miriam Mint. The wallpaper turns into one resembling an old film that is covered in pink rose prints. Our dear collection of makeups are delicately placed on a silver tray and echo with the checked duvet cover. Fantastical and dream-like, take one last look at the dashing colors before we wake up and return to our reality.

The Nature of Movement

Hopelessly exploring the unknown, we are always searching for the things beyond our vision. “Movement” has always defined our ways of life as our souls are grounded by the desire to wander and explore. Now that we are unable to travel freely, we continue to weave our dreams and allow the scents to take us to the realms we desire. In our dreams, we long for the destination with passion like a fanatic. Close your eyes and take a deep breath—imagine diving deep into the blue waters and enjoying the refreshing nature, allow the sun to dance on your skin and take in the citrus-scented breeze. With your mind roaming free, you arrive at the heaven-like Greece peninsula. Indulging in the majestic scenery of the coastline and the town consisting of blue and white domes right below the cliffs. The wind blows through your linen shirt as you patiently wait for the starry night to come, which is the exact time we have to wake up from this beautiful dream.


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