In Style 譜寫休閒新篇章|Turning a New Leaf

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

Jacquemus 2021秋冬系列。
Jacquemu 2021秋冬系列。


大色塊飽和色在Jacquemus 2021秋季系列展現的淋漓盡致,睽違了一年之久,擅長以自然風情為靈感的設計師 Simon Porte Jacquemus 這次以「LA MONTAGNE」為主題,從自然山景中擷取靈感,以山中及露營感的休閒風格揉合現代前衛的思維主義,一套套極具亮色飽和的色塊化成服裝,輕盈卻又層次感的視覺衝擊饗宴。

如同一幅掛布、露營感的蜷曲布料、一顆鈕扣以及一條繩子感支撐一件服裝,配件上的亮色衝擊,每個小心思都讓人不禁認為,玩趣的秋冬來了!而 LOEWE 2021 Paula’s Ibiza推出了第二波水果系列,以充滿夏日風情的西瓜、奇異果及百香果為主題靈感,即便是休閒的裝扮和配件,也能勾勒出極具繽紛幻彩的世界。另外 Fendi 的 Baguette 信差包採用 Aquafil 的 ECONYL® 尼龍纖維製作,這是一種無需使用新資源,便能無限循環再生使用的尼龍紗線。在休閒感與自然的基本上仍然望相永續,無限循環再生使用,除了是趨勢更是必須。



FENDI First 包款將柔軟的手拿包加上了FENDI 品牌中的「F」傾斜字母圖案,除了擁有舒適感受外又不失時髦精緻度,包款更是運用了多種材料做選擇,從柔軟的納帕皮革、蟒蛇皮、毛皮、羊絨,到有著 Karligraphy 圖案的法蘭絨,都可以加入日常選擇,隨著心情隨心所欲。除此之外,CELINE 早秋Teen Soft 16包款延續其經典元素,優雅外型中加入了 60 年代的復古細節並搭配寬版的STRAP肩揹帶,在復古外型中注入了一股休閒之氣,更加適合日常穿搭與隨性街頭風格。今年秋冬的優雅之選顛覆著以往,更值得細細品味。


一種極簡高質感的氛圍,輕易的展現於秋冬,CELINE 2021早秋系列打造永不過時的經典衣櫥理念,更佳注重於剪裁、材質、造詣和工藝之上,例如安哥拉山羊毛、粗毛呢、小山羊喀什米爾以及皮革等等,悠悠然的視覺風格,像是做了一場既憂鬱又詩意的美夢,配件中延續著經典印花、海軍風條紋,融入了丹寧藍與灰的視覺線條,和 TRIOMPHE 和馬車標誌的強化品牌識別,不僅擁有重心視覺更是讓整個形象更加的流動與自然。

而 Burberry 在近月釋出 TB 夏季花押字全新形象,全球創意總監 Riccardo Tisci 的設計讓 Burberry 這個悠久且經典的品牌注入了現代與潮流的新風格,TB 印花包款更是貼近年輕人的喜好,在藍灰色調的新色搭配下宛如懸掛的貝殼雕塑從精細打造的海岸冉冉升起。充滿未來感與和諧的形象,連結靜謐與冒險,啟發我們作夢、探尋,勇往直前。

With lockdown restrictions loosening gradually, the world is getting agitated as if a closed-off party is about to be reopened. For almost two years, the leisure lifestyle had become a major trend as “comfort” became the key to fashion and our daily lives. Now, a new chapter begins when sustainable leisure homewear meets the high spirits as the world resumes its action, an ode to a brand new kind of fashion style that is about to be introduced.

Frisky and Playful 

After more than a year, Jacquemus finally returns with a new FW21 collection. Inspired by nature, Simone Porte Jacquemus titled his shows “La Montagne,” which combines camping leisure with modernity. Bold color play, light but layered visualization, outdoor-inspired fabrics, garter detailings and straps—every feature reminds us that a playful autumn is right around the corner. Along the same excitement, LOEWE introduced a fruit-inspired capsule series to Paula’s Ibiza collection. Drawing inspiration from the summer fruits—watermelon, kiwi, passionfruit—this new line of ready-to-wear and accessories is indeed a celebration of our colorful world.

Meanwhile, FENDI decided to partner with Aquafil and introduced a men’s Baguette bag using ECONYL®, an innovative nylon fibre that is 100% regenerated from waste and can be recycled infinitely. While achieving the comfort of clothing, brands are still keeping their promises to maintain sustainability, a change that is becoming a trend and more importantly, a necessity.

A Brush of Elegance

A touch of countryside along with a dash of leisure, Louis Vuitton gathers its charm, tenderness and flair as one and offers the elegant Capucine collection during this time of vacation. The handbag feels both contemporary and old school with its top handle sheathed in a leather scrunchie. Among the variations are handles inspired by geometric lines and architecture, a collection that is boldly feminine and undeniably graceful. Another perfect choice of accessory is the FENDI First bag collection. Adding the iconic F to its design, this model is comfortable without losing delicacy and comes in a wide variety of materials: napa leather, python leather, mink and even shearling that is marked with Karligraphy motifs.

FENDI First Bag.

In the meantime, for its pre-fall collection, CELINE continues to incorporate classic features to the Teen Soft 16 Bag. Elegant but with vintage details of the ’60s, the bag comes in a wide strap, making it the go-to accessory for the quotidian with its streetstyle fashion. This year’s FW21 choices are elegant but distinctive, which is worth savoring.

Dream with Bravery

Minimalist and graceful, CELINE introduces the concept of a timeless wardrobe for its 2021 pre-fall collection. Focusing more on tailoring, material and craft, the line uses fabrics like mohair, wool, cashmere and leather to bring forth a leisure style. For the accessories, they continue the use of navy totems, the classic logo, the iconic TRIOMPHE and carriage features to highlight the identity of the brand, which offers a more centralized design that is natural and well-balanced. Also reimagining a brand classic, Burberry launches the new TB Summer Monogram collection. With his unique creativity, chief creative director Riccardo Tisci added a touch of modernity and innovation to the long-established British fashion brand. Charged with a youthful spirit, the new collection embodies the freedom of summer with its blue and grey color tones. Futuristic but peaceful, while connecting tranquility and adventure, it inspires us to embark on a journey of dreams, discoverance and evolution.