Gucci Launches First Luxury Watch|百年品牌進軍高端腕錶

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

Some believe that we can understand a person by the watch he or she wears. It is a symbol of identity, investment and an heirloom that will never grow out of time.

而在全球經濟處於一種動蕩期,高級製錶市場,更具有保值、避險的功能,讓手錶一夕之間收到不少投資者的關愛。基於巨大的市場需求,Gucci 現已開始進軍這個潛力無窮的市場,但也面臨著來自 Rolex、Patek Philippe、Audemars Piguet 和 Richard Mille 等鐘錶老玩家間的激烈競爭,而在今年Gucci在品牌創立100 週年之際推出了高端腕表系列產品,自產機芯的外面,是創意總監 Alessandro Michele天馬行空的設計。

With the global economy in a state of turbulence, the luxury watchmaking market successfully increased the values of perseverance and risk aversion, allowing these timepieces to become every investor’s favorite. Answering to the growing demands of the market, GUCCI has entered this watchmaking field that is fueled with unlimited potential. However, this also meant the Italian house would be competing against long-established brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille. Celebrating the brand’s centenary, GUCCI launched its first luxury watch line with its self-manufactured calibre and creative director Alessandro Michele’s groundbreaking designs. 

The Grip Collection.

全新高級製錶系列包含四大主題—GUCCI 25H、G-Timeless、Grip和高級珠寶時計,每個主題都從Gucci工藝傳統以及包括動植物、幸運符與極具代表性的相連結雙G標誌等經典元素汲取靈感。

The new luxury watch collection consists of four distinctive lines—GUCCI 25H, G-Timeless, Grip and the high jewelry watch line. Each line is inspired by the House’s handcrafted heritage such as flora and fauna, talismans and the iconic GG logo, which are all dear to Michele and the brand itself. 


GUCCI 25H名稱帶著趣味的象徵,被創意總監Alessandro Michele視為幸運符,這組數字更經常在他為Gucci設計的系列中出現。GG727.25機芯則包含其他重要的象徵數字:「7」比喻完整,「2」代表平衡與合作,「5」象徵好奇心與自由。GUCCI 25H以光滑又動感的線條、對比鮮明的修飾結合卓越的技術,成為Gucci高級製錶系列初試啼聲的試金石。


Playfully symbolic, the GUCCI 25H contains a number that Michele considers as a talisman, which is also often featured in his other collections for GUCCI. The GG727.25 calibre is a reference to other important numerical symbols: “7” indicating totality, “2” representing balance and cooperation and “5” emblematic of curiosity and freedom. With its smooth and agile structure, the GUCCI 25H combines advanced technology with its distinctive design—a touchstone of the Italian brand’s entrance into the luxury watch-making segment. 


此系列高級製錶共有五種非凡設計:錶面飾以22隻閃亮又生動的蜜蜂並充滿高級珠寶質感的全新耀眼時計G-Timeless Dancing Bees、由Kering機芯製造廠設計及生產超卓複雜功能機芯並展現Gucci獨特華麗風格的陀飛輪腕錶、採用蜜蜂圖案結合珍貴礦石錶面與珍稀皮革錶帶的G-Timeless Automatic腕錶,以及搭配鱷魚皮錶帶並鑲嵌白色鑽石的神秘G-Timeless Moonphase及G-Timeless Pavé自動腕錶。


This haute horology line consists of five impeccable designs: the G-Timeless Dancing Bees with its dial featuring 22 of the brand’s iconic bees that resemble its high jewelry line, the tourbillon collection with a Kering-owned, in-house movement, the G-Timeless Automatic combining the bee motif, rare jewelry stone dials and precious skin straps, the G-Timeless Moonphase with crocodile leather strap adorned with white diamonds and lastly, the G-Timeless Pavé.


Grip系列的第五款腕錶是令人著迷的Grip Sapphire跳時腕錶,採用完全以藍寶石水晶打造的錶殼,包含無色、藍色、綠色及粉色四種不同顏色,搭配壓印相連結雙G圖案的透明橡膠同色調錶帶與不鏽鋼針扣。


The fifth timepiece of the Grip collection is the charming Grip Sapphire Jump Hour movement module. With cases made of sapphire crystal, the watch line uses clear, blue, green and pink colors for a fresh take. It finishes with transparent straps printed with the iconic GG logo and fastened with a stainless steel buckle. 


將前衛思維延續到珠寶錶的設計上,打造出耀眼並值得珍藏的珍貴時計,靈感便來自品牌的設計圖案:Dionysus、Lion Head與Gucci Play。每款設計都以石英機芯為核心,結合金工與珍貴寶石,令高級珠寶時計更與眾不同。每款新作都是集藝術、工藝、精準與風格於一身的藝術品,以閃閃發光的貴金屬和寶石訴說自己的故事。

High Jewelry Collection 

Transferring the House’s avant-garde ideas to its watch designs, GUCCI draws inspiration from iconic emblems—Dionysus, Lion Head and Gucci Play—to craft these brilliant timepieces that are worth collecting. Combining the works of goldsmiths and the precious gemstones, the high jewelry line tells its story through art, craftsmanship, precision and style. Each timepiece is a work of art that is distinctive and forever gleaming with the shine of precious metals and colorful stones.