Hublot Art of Fusion|跨界融合之藝

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

Earlier this year, Hublot announced its first collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami that surprised both the watchmaking and contemporary art industries. Not only did the renowned artist take part in the design of the watch, but he was also in charge of the visual design for the display and background. The floor-to-ceiling window was covered in Murakami’s iconic smiling flower, while the display background shone with a pitch black sparkle, echoing the black diamonds set on the dial. Animated but elegant, this collaboration perfectly conveys Hublot’s belief in the Art of Fusion. 

以創造性地運用貴金屬與橡膠的組合,開啟創新歷程。「融合的藝術」源於充滿遠見卓識的董事會主席Jean-Claude Biver的暢想,2005年,品牌推出了標誌性的 BIG BANG系列,這一系列也為未來多個知名系列(如彩色陶瓷系列,宇舶表也被譽為顏色選擇最多的陶瓷腕表品牌)的開發奠定了基礎。在品牌40年的發展歷程中,實現了多個材料上的創新,如耐磨魔力金、明亮彩色陶瓷、藍寶石,並推出了 Unico、Meca-10自產機芯。

When precious metal meets rubber, a creative combination opens up the brand new journey of the Art of Fusion, an idea coined by former executive officer, Jean-Claude Biver. Back in 2005, Hublot launched the iconic Big Bang collection that inspired the creation of many future lines, including the ceramic pieces that established Hublot as the brand that offers the most diverse colors in ceramic. Through its 40 years of history, the brand had continued its innovative use of materials: Magic Gold, ceramic, sapphire, the Unico automatic chronograph and the Meco-10 in-house calibre. 

經典融合系列村上隆All Black全黑聯名腕錶。 The Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black.  

HUBLOT宇舶發表的融合創新,除了體現在材料與技術上的突破,同樣還體現在破圈賦予作品的豐富文化內涵,品牌曾與日本設計大師山本耀司、日本潮流藝術家村上隆、法國雕塑藝術家 Richard Orlinski 、等先後推出限量聯名系列。從產品的材料、技術和文化的多個側面亦看到「融合」理念對其的影響。

Hublot’s departure from convention not only is shown in the material and techniques, but also in the different partnerships the brand had chosen to enrich the meaning behind each timepiece. The Swiss watchmaker had collaborated with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, French sculptor Richard Orlinski and many more to launch many exclusive collections. From the materials chosen for the timepiece, the technology used, to the cultural embodiment of each collaboration, everything is a manifestation of the concept of “fusion.” 

此次HUBLOT宇舶台北專賣店展出的全台唯一村上隆櫥窗,櫥窗上標示著”Second Edition Coming Soon”,非常期待不曉得宇舶和村上隆強強聯手,又會推出什麼令人驚豔的聯名錶款?

This time, the Murakami exclusive display will only be shown at the Taipei boutique with the words “Second Edition Coming Soon” painted on the window, allowing us to look forward to Hublot and Takashi Murakami’s next collaboration and wonder: what extraordinary timepiece will they bring to us next time?