Songs of Summer |夏日低喃

交織而成的形狀在鬆開後變成一個個迷人的線圈,彷彿一組連續快拍的照片,記錄了貴金屬與寶石交織而成的律動瞬間,猶如凝結的動態展現絕佳視覺效果。繼巴黎首展後,全新Torsade de Chaumet頂級珠寶系列的全球巡迴海外首站選定台灣,即將於今年8月開展。

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

Like a collection of film, the interwoven shapes unravel to become charming lines and circles that capture the exact moment the precious metal meets the gemstones. After launching in Paris, the brand new Torsade de Chaumet High Jewelry collection continues its worldwide tour. Choosing its first international stop at Taiwan, the exhibition will be held around this August. 


充滿動感的螺旋紋不規則地在項鏈和手鐲之上延伸,表現出堅韌而纖細的線條。這種律動感也同時顯現於一枚飾以螺旋紋的戒指,如同富有彈力的彈簧的螺旋線條烘托中央美鑽。螺旋紋也為另一款呈現完美對稱的冠冕增光添彩,它為整套珠寶套裝提供了更為豐富的搭配選擇,是風格率性自然的珠寶作品的理想搭配之選:其中包括一條靈感來自於為印多爾大君(Maharaja of Indore)所打造的雙吊墜長項鏈,可搭配同款戒指、耳環及垂式耳環。藉著璀璨奪目的方式凸顯線條的藝術美感,為珠寶注入生命的藝術是 Chaumet 自然主義作品的一大特色,例如隨風搖曳的麥穗、在天空翱翔的飛鳥。在全新系列中世家結合精湛工藝與富生命力的「螺旋紋」創造出無限變化的動態效果,於每件作品也是一種新的變奏。

Torsades of Chaumet 

Energetic and with no restraints, the spiral expands freely in-between necklaces and bracelets by showcasing its delicate but resilient lines. The same majestic spiral can be seen in the Torsade de Chaumet ring adorned with an ascher-cut diamond that captures the movement of a spring. From the same collection, the Torsade de Chaumet tiara embodies a perfectly balanced royal creation that is the ideal choice for anyone looking for natural, virtuoso jewelry pieces. One of the Maison’s most iconic historic jewels, the Torsade de Chaumet necklace is inspired by the Maharajah of Indore and crafted in the form of an asymmetrical toi et moi. Highlighting the aesthetic of lines through a dazzling representation, Chaumet breathes life into these natural-themed jewelry pieces. Just like the wavering wheat or the soaring birds, this new collection combines impeccable craftsmanship with the vibrant “torsade” —an ode to movement and life that achieves the Maison’s mastery of capturing the vivacity of an exact moment.


翻開Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅寶的輝煌歷史,無論是出於對浩瀚宇宙的嚮往,抑或對知識的渴求,觀察天象一直誘發人類的好奇心,世家秉承悠久傳統,以科學、藝術及奇幻小說為創作靈感,帶領我們抵達動人的星河彼岸。名字取自古希臘太陽神赫利俄斯(Helios)的長項鍊採可轉換式設計,是獻給太陽的一闋頌歌。美鑽和養殖珍珠組成優雅的構圖,烘托懸垂於中央的一顆重逾50克拉的斯里蘭卡黃色藍寶石。主圖騰下方懸垂一串養殖珍珠流穗,與輕繞頸部的珠串兩相呼應,令設計更覺玲瓏剔透,層次豐富。

Beyond the Galaxies with Van Cleef & Arpels 

Whether it’s out of a yearning towards the vast universe, or a desire for knowledge, the observation of astrology has always been inspiring human curiosity. Reflecting on the glorious history of Van Cleef & Arpels, the Maison had always been drawing inspiration from science, art and fantasy literature. By continuing its long-established heritage, Van Cleef & Arpels is leading us on a venture into the galaxy. Named after the god of Sun Helios in Greek mythology, the Hélios transformable necklace is an ode to the solar orb. With an elegant composition of diamonds and cultured pearls, the long necklace is set with a resplendent yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka in its center, which weighs over 50 carats. Dangling beneath the main totem, a fringe of cultured pearls echoes with pearls around the neck, a design that is crystallized and gleaming with sophisticated layers. 

Mesmerizing, the starry night takes us to the limitless galaxy as we plunge into the dazzling abyss. In a split second, it inspires our imagination and awakens the deepest souls…

「神秘的輪廓、過往的聲音、未來的預言,柔和淡彩開拓思緒無限的新視野。」 Antennae可前後互換的項鍊,佈滿154顆粉紅色和紫色藍寶石,綻放瑰麗和諧的漸層色彩,重演五億年前兩個渦狀銀河碰撞產生的觸鬚式(Antennae)銀河現象,捕捉色彩和星體噴發的璀璨意象。而世家寶石學專家,更花逾兩年時間配對共重逾417克拉的橢圓及枕形切割寶石,再經過設計師的細心考量,決定寶石的位置,締造由淡粉紅至深紫色的和諧變奏,展現卓越不凡的漸層效果。

Camille Flamarion once wrote in L’Astronomie populaire, “In the quiet, silent hours of a fine evening, what pensive gaze has not lost itself in the vague meanders of the Milky Way.” Studded with 154 pink and mauve sapphires, the Antennae reversible shines with an ombre of beautifully balanced colors and reimagines the cosmic view of two galaxies colliding as their stars and nebulae commingle. This brilliant neckpiece took the Maison’s gemologists over two years to assemble the oval and cushion cut sapphires of 417 carats featured in the design. Through the impeccable precision of the artisans, the pieces create a harmonious variation ranging from pale pink to intense violet, together showing an extraordinary gradation effect. 



The Extraordinary Louis Vuitton

Born two centuries ago, Louis Vuitton decided to follow his curiosity, left his home and arrived in Paris. With the Bravery High Jewelry collection, we begin a spectacular journey through history to witness the eight chapters that chart Vuitton’s life chronologically. 

The Arrow不但暗喻路易威登的旅程,也是名字中V的實際詮釋,而卓越的工藝和寶石更是錦上添花。
The Arrow not only symbolizes Louis Vuitton’s journey, but it is also a literal interpretation of the famous V. 

其中The Arrow不但暗喻路易威登的旅程,也是名字中V的實際詮釋,項鍊中央的三色V形鑲嵌紅寶石、藍寶石和鑽石,向創始人的孫子Gaston-Louis Vuitton的個人標誌致敬。這像一條極為珍貴的圍巾一樣,圍繞著頸部,藉著優雅的造型和濃密的對角密鑲,這款設計有三種不同的佩戴方式,激發了整個珠寶系列的靈感,系列包括一枚單顆18.62克拉藍寶石戒指,呈現極為罕見的天鵝絨藍色。而作品Le Mythe融合了路易威登象徵性標誌們的登峰造極之作,以硬箱建立不朽經典,Damier(或棋盤格)圖案、鉚釘和靈感源自皮箱鎖、繩索和Monogram花朵的圖案。據說製作Le Mythe需要耗時1,300個工時,系列包括搭配的手鐲、耳環、垂吊耳環,而這款Bravery系列的核心作品有12種不同佩戴方式,非常柔韌,表示流蘇幾乎是無懈可擊,致敬路易威登充滿未來感的遠見,也是價值觀活生生的證言,或許這就是路易威登為閃耀的200年命運創作了輝煌的讚頌。

Among the chapters, The Arrow not only symbolizes Vuitton’s journey, but it is also a literal interpretation of the famous V. Paying tribute to the founder’s grandson, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the center of the necklace is set with rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Like an ultra-precious scarf, the necklace curls around the neck with its elegant design and rich diagonal pavé setting. It can be worn in three different ways and inspired an entire jewelry set, which includes a solitaire adorned with a sapphire of 18.62 carats that shines with a rare velvety-blue. Meanwhile, Le Mythe encapsulates several emblems of the Louis Vuitton legacy that all started with the iconic trunks: the Damier (or checkerboard) pattern, studs and motifs inspired by trunk locks, rope and the Monogram flower. It took the artisans 1,300 hours to complete the Le Mythe, a set of matching bangles, rings and pendant earrings. Presented with twelve ways of being worn, this centerpiece of the Bravery collection is supple, flawless and invincible. A nod to Louis Vuitton’s futuristic vision, this collection is a manifesto of value that praises the Parisian brand’s 200 years of glory. 


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