Boucheron 巴黎夏日的未來主義|A Furturistic Parisian Summer

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

Following the latest Carte Blanche High Jewelry collection, Holographique, Boucheron’s creative director Claire Choisne continues her boldness and launches the spectacular Holographique jewelry capsule collection. Last year, Choisne reimagined the Quatre series through the use of innovative materials like precious metal and denim. This year, she builds on the Holographique High Jewelry collection but chooses to focus on the jewelry aspect. Applying the same technique, she redefines the Maison’s icons—Quatre and Jack de Boucheron—with five brand new, avant-garde creations.

Jack de Boucheron系列


自由不羈的因子雀躍在多元化且充滿玩味的佩戴方式之中,讓每位女性能在日常穿搭中任意揮灑自己的獨有風姿,或簡約或另類,不受約束的自由精神在這一刻得到釋放。Jack de Boucheron系列雙圈長鍊,黃金材質和全息技術塗層陶瓷,被賦予了全新高科技面貌。該系列中的雙圈長度,透過白金、黃金和玫瑰金三種款式作為先鋒,將視覺中心的經典扣頭,賦予變幻莫測的迷離色彩,呈現了綠、紅、藍的迷人色調。

Jack de Boucheron

A set of five Jack brooches in yellow gold and diamonds, Jack Box brings the original collection to a new level with its interplay of shimmering reflections. Its iridescent crescendo makes it the perfect choice for layering and can be cascaded over a jacket lapel or any part of the attire, making the brooches the perfect representation of charm.

Dancing in the diverse, playful ways of wearing, the unrestrained features allow every woman to choose her own distinct style. Signifying the moment of liberation, the Jack de Boucheron double wrap bracelet has been given a new high-tech look through the use of gold and holographic ceramic. With versions of yellow, white and pink gold, it comes with a central ceramic Jack motif. The showpiece is crafted with new, hypnotic shades to set the tone and comes in charming hues of green, red and blue.


愛並不是妥協,由初見之時的奮不顧身,到尋常生活緩緩流淌的脈脈愛意,儘管Quatre系列已推陳出新各樣紛呈色調,將黃金材質與鑽石完美結合,但這次將獻上意想不到的的夢幻全息色彩。Quatre系列戒指在保留鑽石鑲嵌線條的基礎上,以全息技術塗層陶瓷與經典作出強烈對比,此新珠寶材質「全息陶瓷」(Holographic Ceramic),由法國最大創新材料研發公司 Saint-Gobain 開發,採用航天工業鍍層技術將鈦、銀噴塗在陶瓷與水晶表面,形成彩虹般的透明變彩效果。



From the bold, passionate love at first sight to the steady romance of the quotidian, we know that love should not be equivalent to compromises. Although the Quatre collection already comes in colors like electric blue and red, it is once again reimagined with a new holographic look that perfectly combines gold and diamonds. Besides the diamond line, the ring is crafted with holographic ceramic to create a stark contrast with the classics. Developed by French multinational corporation, Saint-Gobain, the holographic ceramic is achieved by spraying precious metals at a high temperature onto ceramics or rock crystals, in order to create a rainbow-like, color-changing effect.

While cleverly breaking conventions, this collection is able to reimagine a holographic fantasy without altering the basics. With an array of futuristic showpieces, we see through the spectacular shines of brilliance and finally understand the promises of love hidden in the Maison’s exquisite artworks.