尋香追憶 Scents of Reminiscence

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

時空暫停,在靜止的旅程中解放,你想到達哪裡?哪裡就是遠方。As time stops moving forward, we are liberated in this unmoving journey. Where do you want to go next?

「我想前往無人之處冒險。以現代的形式,重新定義Extrait系列的意義。」 — Jacques Cavallier Belletrud。


說到調香,路易威登 Les Extraits 系列打破常理,沒有前、中、後調的尋香方式,以解構香水的構思,展現出每個香調的本質。Extrait 以全新的記憶,宛如澄澈的藍天、夢想的浮光掠影,每一款香調都是一場全新的感官體驗,雙眼、雙手、嗅覺的感官。鼻子交給首席調香師 Jacques Cavallier Belletrud,而眼睛,交給 Frank Gehry。

Les Extraits 頂級香水系列。

建築師 Frank Gehry 以建築的力和美,雕刻的角度構思,以「揚帆出海」為靈感創造出捕捉動態靜止之美,稍縱即逝的珍貴畫面。曲線唯美、起伏的弧線,將鋁片像布料般弄皺,化身成瓶蓋,內側則印上 LV 標誌,像是浪花靜止,又宛如一株綻放的烈花。

diptyque 2021限量香氛蠟燭190g,參考定價NT$3,100。


diptyque 歡慶品牌六十周年華誕之際,獻上一場史詩級的旅程。第一站到達 diptyque 創立城市巴黎,不如同前些屬於diptyque 歷史巴黎香氣,此次尋香是塞納河畔旁的綠色舊書報攤、書本經由一頁一頁的翻著相互交織出紙質那懷舊的木質香氣,窩在莎士比亞書店中的氛圍,被幽暗的木頭色包圍,僅存著一道金色陽光灑進,如夢似幻的安全感,在那裡待上一整天。


我們在瀰漫清新翠綠幽香的威尼斯相遇,周遭是水面與自然交相輝映時變幻莫測的光影,在悠然綠意的迷宮裡尋找,而每一個角落瞧見的都是自己的倒影。diptyque 新款「威尼斯淡香水」中蘊含著瀉湖芬芳的綠色香氣,帶有番茄葉、羅勒、青椒等鮮蔬田園之氣,猶如踩在潮濕的泥土中深吸一口晨曦的綠植氣味,這是水都威尼斯,也是一場愛麗絲夢遊仙境。

diptyque 限量威尼斯淡香水禮盒7.5mlx3,參考定價NT$2,900。



MISS DIOR全新香氛,清新性感花香調100ml,參考定價NT$6,270。
MISS DIOR香氛高級訂製服。


位於南法普羅旺斯的市鎮格拉斯,是香水之都,是花香之國。迪奧先生為再次點綴女性的生活增添美麗光采,讓女性看見愛情的絢麗斑斕。懷抱著嬌媚多彩的花朵,穿上優雅高級訂製服,裸足踏上花田真摯奔放。迪奧首席調香師 François Demachy將延續迪奧先生對Miss Dior期盼,為大家再次找回感官悸動,François Demachy於格拉斯花田中偶然發現的「Sweet Love玫瑰」,它昂揚的活力果香讓François深深著迷,奔放的氣息於全新香氛中完美展現。讓人墜入格拉斯花田千花齊放的盎然美景。


雨都倫敦,添上了Jo Malone London 英國梨與小蒼蘭的氣息,使倫敦給人的感覺,多了些清新的果香與花香,此香味不僅是 Jo Malone 經典氣息,更是去到倫敦旅行必帶回的追憶之香。更適合與不同的香水創作糅合搭配,呈現出濃厚的叛逆英倫氣息。若倫敦還不夠追憶,說是英國鄉村的田園風情也不為過,高雅獨特的味道,彷彿閱讀簡·奧斯汀的英國文學,蓬裙與高禮帽,身於一處果園,偷咬一口空氣中多汁的果實交織著盛開的花朵清香。

diptyque 2021限量朱拜勒香氛蠟燭300g,參考定價NT$4,900。


diptyque 創辦人前往東方,這是屬於神秘的色調,全世界最古老港口的熱鬧氛圍,在東方小豆蔻、烘焙種子、咖啡香料混雜中,撲鼻而來的是溫暖獨特的香氣,像是上演了一場異國電影,是初次見面邂逅的迷人氣息,更是熱鬧吵雜的喧囂市場,只需要深吸,就能盡情享受這段獨具特色的嗅覺時刻。



Let the Journey Begin

Speaking of fragrances, Louis Vuitton’s Les Extraits collection breaks the convention by removing the traditional structure of top, middle and base notes to highlight each scent’s best quality. With brand new emotions, the series unravels like our dreams reflecting against the clear blue sky as each scent offers an unprecedented sensory experience. Let us trust our olfactory with master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and leave our visuals to Frank Gehry.

Les Extraits Parfum Collection.

A renowned architect, Frank Gehry channels the strength and beauty of architecture and creates his designs from a sculptural point of view. Inspired by the art of sailing, he tries to capture the fleeting moment in which a certain movement appears to be not moving. Three-dimensional with flowing curves, each flacon is reminiscent of ocean waves and topped with a swirling silver sheath with the insides printed with the Louis Vuitton logo.

Next Stop, Paris

To celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, diptyque invites us to embark on a journey through “Le Grand Tour.” First stop, we arrive at Paris, the city where everything started. Different from the usual, this scented candle takes us on a stroll near the Seine. As we wander in and out of bookshops and antiquarians, the fragrances of waxed wood and old books remind us of our favorite Shakespearean bookstore, where we are engulfed in this beautiful, dream-like sense of security that keeps us in without letting go.

Second Stop, Venice

Finding our way to the refreshing Venice, we enter a water maze in which nature thrives in abundance. Embodying the fragrances of the island of vegetable gardens, the new Venise eaux de toilette is a mingling of bright vegetal notes like bell pepper, basil and tomato. Like stepping on the damp earth and taking in the scents of vegetation, this is the City of Canals, a real-life Alice in Wonderland experience.

Third Stop, Milies

Enticing our every sensory to go on a vacation, the sweet scent of fig trees reminds us of the Greece sky, the clear blue waters, the Ocher clay pots and the white stonewalls. The Milies perfumed oval radiates with the warm Greek ambiance and with one simple whiff, the fields, fig trees and cypresses all become reminders of the true meaning to our travels.

Fourth Stop, Grasse

Located in Provence, South France, Grasse is the town of perfumes, the realm of flowers. To put the magic back into the lives of women, Miss Dior was brought to life in 1947 to remind them of the beauty of love. Embrace the amorous flowers, put on an elegant couture dress and roam free in the floral fields. Now, Dior’s in-house perfumer François Demachy wants to continue Monsieur Dior’s aspirations and find that same sensation of magical love. Having discovered the scent of Sweet Love rose by accident when visiting the gardens in Grasse, Demachy is instantly charmed by its fruity, energetic aroma. A brand new fragrance rich in strength and finesse, Sweet Love is the perfect manifestation of the infinite, blooming life hidden within the Grasse gardens.

Fifth Stop, London

With a touch of Jo Malone London’s English Pear & Freesia cologne, London’s rainy days are added with a refreshing scent of fruits and flowers. Not only is it the classic fragrance of the brand, but it is also the perfect souvenir representing London city. Blend it with different scents, and you are given an olfactory sensation that is rebellious, iconic and undoubtedly English. Or it can be like reading the works of Jane Austen where the petticoats and top hats will take you to the orchards where the sweet and fruity fragrances are blended with the aroma of blooming flowers—a perfect representation of the pastoral style of the English countryside.

Sixth Stop, Byblos

Heading east, diptyque’s founders arrive at Byblos, Lebanon. Filled with a mystic aura, the thousand-year-old port is blooming with life. Wandering amidst the scents of cardamom, Atlas cedar and roasted coffee, it is as if we are starring in a foreign movie that illustrates the warm atmosphere of a unique city. It can be the fascinating sensation of a first encounter, or the way a bustling market can make us feel more lively than ever—either way, all we have to do is take a deep breath and we once again enjoying these unique olfactory experiences.

Final Destination, Kyoto

If we consider the Middle Eastern ambiance to be accentuate and direct, then Kyoto’s is held back and restrained. Take a walk through Kyoto and you will find that around each corner, a new surprise awaits. Lively and ethereal, the art of Japanese composition, Ikebana, is exquisite and elegant like this limited edition Kyoto eau de toilette. The enigmatic scent of incense is added with a unique rose note and beetroot-vetiver fragrance that reminds one of earth, a final touch to complete this ultimate work of art.


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