The Era of Digital Art 數位藝術的時代變革

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

In the world of cryptocurrency, 2021 is dominated by NFT. Some say it is the art of numbers, others see it as the code to wealth. Nonetheless, this small market is entering the eye of the public with undeniable speed.

NFT 藝術作品 Absurd Arboretum『荒謬植物園』意象圖。
NFT digital art Absurd Arboretum.

什麼是 NFT?

事到如今,稍有些投資頭腦的人都知道它是非同質化代幣 (Non-fungible Token)的簡稱,而很多人會問它到底是貨幣還是商品?賣得到底是藝術還是表情意識?其實簡單來說NFT輸出的是一種文化與價值觀,它是天然的稀缺性,因為它具有獨一無二的屬性。正如藝術品一樣,梵高的《向日葵》可以有很多複製品,但只有一個真品,而NFT也是一樣無法複製的。什麼可以成爲 NFT?幾乎是任何獨特的東西,比如藝術品、收藏品、遊戲內容、音樂、門票、護照……甚至是某個時間點一個人發佈的社群內容。所以某程度來說NFT的價值取決於社群熱度,而社群熱度也取決於創作者個人背景、作品設定,在權衡每一個不同面向時也有很多灰色地帶,需要自己想像,去觀察社群當中的動態意見。

Capsule Vault的誕生

本次我們邀請到Capsule Vault團隊的主理人Kevin聊聊關於NFT數位藝術品背後,是如何建構一個嶄新後人類生活方式,它使NFT加密藝術從單純的影像檔案拓展至現實生活的互動性運用。之於Kevin而言,一個藝術行為的成功與否,在於創作者能否透過媒材和設計,將想法帶到世界上。而Capsule Vault的成功,是它創建一個具有真實性、交互性與延展性的系列創作「Absurd Arboretum荒謬植物園」,透過虛實合一的視角思考如何讓現實世界變得更理想。有別於大多數NFT藝術品以動物頭像作為創作主題,Capsule Vault選擇以植物作為影像的主角,用以帶出隱含的計畫核心:「生態永續與環保意識提升」。


聊到對於NFT未來市場的看法與見解,Kevin說「也許有些偏見,但我認為NFT就是未來。」當Twitter正在透過加入Web3的對接技術讓未來使用者在平台上認證自己所擁有的NFT,同時過去的old money例如Visa等公司也在透過收藏與NFT市場金流對接的方式為未來鋪路。「NFT有趣的地方在於每一個作品雖然是一個虛擬的代幣,內涵卻會因為社群的參與而有越來越多的外延。」你會發現在社群的參與下,圍繞著單一作品可以有千變萬化的延伸性產品與活動,進而又吸引更多的人投入。在未來NFT將延伸成為新的社交媒介: 個體的存在將透過他的NFT收藏、喜好、信仰而被大眾所認識。

What is NFT?

At this point, people with a slight understanding towards investment know NFT stands for Non-fungible Token. A lot of people may ask, is it a type of currency or product? Is it selling art or an expression? Let’s put it this way: NFT sells a set of cultural values that embodies a natural scarcity that is truly one-of-a-kind. Like any artwork, Claude Monet’s “Bouquet of Sunflowers” can have many replicas, but there will only be one original painting. In the same way, NFT cannot be duplicated. So what can be considered as an NFT? Basically anything unique. Artworks, collectibles, games, music, tickets, passports, and even content posted on social media. In a way, the value of NFT relies heavily upon online popularity and popularity depends upon the creator’s background and his or her work. As we are weighing each and every aspect, we are treading upon many grey areas that require our own imagination and observation of the dynamic opinions in the community.

The Birth of Capsule Vault

For this issue, we had the honor to invite Capsule Vault’s CEO Kevin Chu to talk about how NFT and digital art can help establish a brand new way of life. From simply dispensing digital files, this crypto-art is applied to real life and put to interactive use. For Kevin, whether or not the creator can bring his or her idea to the world through different mediums and designs is what determines the success of an artwork. Capsule Vault is considered successful because it created an authentic, interactive and expansive collection—Absurd Arboretum. Through the combination of the real and abstract, it considers ways to make our reality a better place. Different from other NFT artworks that center on animal heads, Capsule Vault chooses to use plants as its main image, a subtle nod to its attempt to raise awareness for environmentalism and sustainability.

Future of NFT

Speaking of the future potential of the NFT market, Kevin says there may be some prejudice, but he still believes NFT is the future. While Twitter is incorporating Web3 applications for users to verify the NFT they own, “old money” companies like Visa are paving their path through discovering ways to do financial transactions with the NFT market. “What’s interesting about NFT is that, although every work is a virtual currency, behind each artwork is the participation of the social community, which will always be expanding.” You will realize that with the participation of the community, a single work can have a never-ending expansion that will attract more people to put in their investment. In the future, NFT will become a new medium for socializing. The existence of an individual will be recognized by the public through his or her NFT collection, preferences, and beliefs.