85 Tian Di :The One and Only捌伍添第:中華料理之巔

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

As the tide rises, a prologue opens the curtains to tonight’s feast. Arriving at the 85th floor where 85 Tian Di is located, we are invited to walk through a tunnel of time. Welcoming each guest to explore the beauty of Taiwan, the entrance is inspired by the Jinguashi Gold Rush, while the tunnel arch is connected with the ceiling, creating a stainless steel dome. Pace yourself with the walls of rippling waves and take a deep breath—let the elegant Chinese feast begin.

中華料理 寶島時代

Differing from conventional Chinese restaurants, 85 Tian Di cleverly incorporates Taiwanese scenery into its interior—mountains, coast line, tunnels and Hokkien architecture.


在地食材 食饕至上

Oven-baked Crab Shell stuffed with Crab Meat and Onion.


星級主廚 深耕台灣



Redefining Chinese Cuisine

Differing from conventional Chinese restaurants, 85 Tian Di cleverly incorporates Taiwanese scenery into its interior—mountains, coast line, tunnels and Hokkien architecture—and reimagines Taiwanese food culture and the brilliance of Formosa. While the main color tone of the open dining area is olive green mixed with yellow bronze and marble, the detail of the decor is a clash between the old and the new. Vintage, romantic and with a hint of modern elegance, the walls are adorned with Taiwanese idioms that subtly tell the story and cultural spirit of Taiwanese history. Speaking of the design of the cuisine, not only does it integrate flavors of the North and the South, but it also adds special dishes from Taiwan, Sichuan, Chaozhou, Suzhou, Hunan and Northeast China, a reinterpretation of contemporary Chinese cuisine.

For Gourmets Only

Signature Sweet and Sour Pork.

With a limited order per day, “85TD Signature Barbecued Pork with Honey” uses high quality Taiwanese Black Pig and only its best parts. In order to make the best char siu, Chef Tse Man emphasizes that not only does the barbeque technique play a big part, but the thickness of each slice of pork is also the key to deliciousness. Instead of “cutting,” the meat is “chopped” so that the texture is juicy and tender, without being too greasy. Another signature dish of 85 Tian Di is its “Oven-baked Crab Shell stuffed with Crab Meat and Onion.” Rumor has it that each serving requires a whole flower crab amount of crab meat to make. After being chopped up and stir-fried, the meat and onions are layered upon the crab shell, brushed with egg wash and bread crumbs and sent straight into the oven. Freshly baked, it is then dashed with droplets of balsamic vinegar that perfectly enhance the sweetness of the crab meat, an irresistible dish that will be devoured within minutes.

Finding Taiwanese Roots

With the eight different aspects of humanity and luxurious dining as the core concept, the company aims to introduce Chinese cuisine to the world and invites Chef Tse Man—a Michelin chef with over 50 years of experience—to take on the position of executive chef. To him, living is about constantly moving forward and keeping up to date with global trends. Always challenging himself to be better, Chef Tse Man chooses to use seasonal Taiwanese ingredients with the exception of expensive dry goods such as abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw and more, which are all imported. As if treating these local ingredients as the canvas, he turns his cooking techniques into paint and sketches out an array of artwork that is the ultimate enjoyment for our sense of taste.