釋放色彩印記|Color Imprints 

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang



Eye-catching Fuchsia

Seemingly rational and calm with feminine style, the mysterious fuchsia is subtly expressing a beauty that is personal and one-of-a-kind, a fashion statement that wants to be heard. Like red wine maturing in wooden barrels, the rich berry color is seductive and drunkening as it slowly becomes a luring focus under the wavering lights. 

蘭蔻 絕對完美唇膏#278 2021皮革限定版_情境圖



A Wooden Statement 

Bathing in the serenity and peaceful neutrality of the wooden tone, it is as if we had just entered a natural remedy offered by the forest. The woodsy brown blends perfectly with the hazy feeling of mountain fog, coming together as one gentle, elegant forest goddess. Like taking us on a stroll through the woods, the creamy texture leads us away from the hustle and bustle to embark on a journey to find our ideal scent and discover selfhood. 

迪奧藍星唇膏 璀璨蒙田限量版 摩登柔霧



Burning Red Lips 

The breath of winter had already kick-started the festive rhythm and brought joy to the party. In the moment when the golden dust falls, we feel the interweaving of passion and charm. Like the stunning boldness of the red shade, you are the most beautiful palette. Waltzing through the red and orange at this ball of color, we are shining like a Parisian woman who, even with only little makeup on, still radiates with her dashing confidence and beautiful smile. 

蘭蔻 絕對完美唇膏#196 2021皮革限定版,參考定價NT$1,200。


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