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TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang



經典的BVLGARI BVLGARI 系列自問世45年來,堅持原始設計理念:採用簡約渾圓的經典造型,維持當代摩登風格。全黑的BVLGARI BVLGARI DLC類鑽碳處理的精鋼腕錶專為突破極限的挑戰者而生,叛逆不失率性、低調卻不失光采,全黑設計的氣勢無可比擬,推出41MM與33MM兩種錶徑的款式,儼然是都會時尚男女對錶的最佳選擇。而寶格麗Aluminium系列腕錶則以最新的GMT腕錶為首,以獨樹一格的都市風格、顛覆精神和「率性灑脫」的態度,為別具意義的時刻而生,腕錶可同時顯示當地時間和家鄉時間,操作簡單且清晰易讀。


於日內瓦錶展(Geneva Watch Days)發表的Divas’Dream青金石面盤玫瑰金鑲鑽腕錶,經典扇形標誌靈感源自於羅馬卡拉卡拉浴場的馬賽克地磚,散發羅馬式美學風格。而提及寶格麗的女性腕錶,絕對不可錯過的正是Serpenti系列腕錶。Serpenti系列的腕錶作品在2021年蛻變新生,以無法抵擋的魅惑姿態華麗吸引眾人目光。錶鏈採用前衛的「Tubogas工藝」,曼妙的黃金細帶無需焊接即可巧妙接合在一起。錶盤充當靈蛇的蛇首,呈現優美的幾何造型外觀,此系列還推出了玫瑰金孔雀石面盤款,帶有孔雀石獨特紋理的寶石面盤,展現羅馬珠寶商的不凡氣度。


身為彩寶藝術大師的寶格麗,年度新作ALLEGRA系列腕錶正是「甜蜜生活La Dolce Vita」的最佳縮影,環繞於珍珠母貝錶盤外,是各種切割的彩色寶石,這些彩寶組成一圈迷人的彩色光環,與四周逾80顆鑽石形成鮮明對比,搭配精心製作的金屬底座,使寶石能微妙轉動,綻放流光溢彩。蘊含了相異元素的完美融合圓形與線條,光與影,優雅與繁復,LVCEA系列自從問世以來便自視為BVLGARI女裝腕錶的新繆思。LVCEA Skeleton鏤空腕錶更是市面上唯一專為女性設計的鏤空腕錶,妝點每日生活呼應系列之名,以圓形錶盤捕捉「光」的力量。

BVLGARI DIVAS’  DREAM系列珠寶腕錶(青金石款)。

Originating from the Eternal City, BVLGARI is always channeling the spirit of Italian design into its timepieces. Applying the Maison’s unique jeweller history to modern watchmaking, BVLGARI perfectly manifests an impeccable Italian aesthetic.

In Between Seconds

Embodying 45 years of bold creativity, the Bvlgari Bvlgari collection never gave up on its original design concept: to maintain modernity through minimalist and timeless styles. The all-black watch comes with black Diamond Like Carbon treatment that is made for anyone who loves a challenge. It’s rebellious but chic, low profile without losing focus, brilliantly made with an unparalleled momentum. The watch comes in two sizes, 41 mm and 33 mm, making it perfect for both men and women. Meanwhile, the Aluminium series features the latest GMT watches that encapsulate a pioneering modern elegance and liberating nature. Created to document the most meaningful moments, it displays both home-time and local-time, a feature that is easy to read and navigate.

Roman Serpents

Introduced at the Geneva Watch Days event, this Divas’ Dream watch comes with a lapis lazuli dial set with rose gold diamonds. Drawing inspiration from the mosaics of Rome’s Caracalla Baths, the collection’s famed motif is an embodiment of the allure of the Eternal City. And speaking of BVLGARI’s women’s watches, we have to mention the legendary Serpenti collection. In 2021, the Maison continues to create timepieces that are irresistibly charming by reinterpreting the classic Serpenti. Crafted with the pioneering Tubogas technique, the gold bracelet is sensual and flexible, while featuring a hexagonal pattern embodying the scales of a serpent and a dial symbolizing the serpent’s head. This series even comes with a cabochon-cut pink rubellite, malachite dial that captures the unique pattern of the gemstone, perfectly manifesting the brilliance of Roman jewellers.

La Dolce Vita

Known for its expertise in gemstones, BVLGARI’s latest creation, the Allegra cocktail watch acutely captures the joy and exuberance of La Dolce Vita. With a mother-of-pearl dial circled by a mix of faceted and cabochon stones, a selection of over 80 diamonds celebrates the joy of colors through daring and extravagant combinations. Paired with an exquisitely crafted metal case, the contrasting colors bring out the inner beauty of each gem. By combining the different elements and shapes together, the LVCEA collection had always been the timeless muse of the Maison. The first skeleton watch in history, BVLGARI’s LVCEA Skeleton is a timepiece truly made for women, a celebration of light with its round dial and the perfect choice that never fails to bring glamour to the quotidian.