暖意居家 Warm Festivity 

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang



Cartier 幸福頌讚

與聖誕元素有異曲同工之妙的 Cartier,以紅、白、金三色打造奢華歡愉。具品牌標誌性的美洲豹聖誕裝飾玻璃球,陶瓷美洲豹結合經典小紅盒,上方搭配紅色緞帶,喜悅氣息中不失個性韻味。帶有柔軟觸感的美洲豹抱枕與毛毯,細緻縫紉工藝展現 Cartier 的卓越非凡,為寒冬裡的愜意首選。送禮自用兩相宜的 Diabolo de Cartier 系列相框鑰匙圈及行李吊牌,具備實用的相框功能,將縈繞心頭的真摯回憶溫柔珍藏,伴你走過人生的重要時刻。

Tiffany & Co. 清新意象

揉合精湛工藝與創新設計,經典 Tiffany 藍為聖誕餐桌增添一抹淡雅清新。晚宴上的古董蠟燭台,重新轉譯為閃耀動人的銀製逸品;盛裝佳餚之器皿結合蜜蜂意象,以四色立體紋飾呈現大自然的盎然活力,為賓客提前獻上徐風吹來的初春饗宴。歡聚過後,藉益智遊戲熱絡賓主之情是無往不利的選擇,Tiffany & Co. 採用奢華材料與品牌標誌細膩打造西洋棋跳棋組、撲克牌遊戲組與麻將套組,玩味十足的皮革盒子,恣意擺放家中一隅,優雅高級之感油然而生。


Saint-Louis 晶透工藝

一棵長在桌上的「聖誕樹」,饒富趣味的季節性紙鎮令人莞爾。法國皇室水晶品牌 Saint Louis 運用皎白繁星點綴綠色千花棒,倒置時則化身俏皮萬花筒,不僅展現高難度排列技法,同時向童年回憶與經典工藝致敬。囊括 Saint-Louis六種拿手切割紋於一身的 Tommy,以杯身底部向外發散的星芒紋設計聞名,相異側邊切割技法精準掌握視覺平衡美感及握杯手感,耀陽照射下,彩晶的華麗光影分外顯眼,清脆繞耳的舉杯聲此起彼落,為這歡慶佳節飲下誠摯祝福。

With festive music playing in the background and countless gifts ready to be unwrapped, the Christmas ambience is slowly leading us towards the end of the year. Sip on the mellow sweetness of mulled wine, slip into your most comfortable loungewear and pick your favorite winter ornaments—the best holiday celebration unravels among our laughter and joy. 

Cartier’s Art of Living selections.

Songs of Happiness 

Similar to festive elements of Christmas, Cartier uses the colors red, white and gold to create a luxurious joy. Decorated with the most iconic motifs of the French House, the Diabolo de Cartier Christmas baubles include a porcelain panther that comes in Cartier’s classic red box, happily festive without losing personal style. Meanwhile, the Panthère de Cartier merino wool and cashmere cushion and blanket showcase the house’s impeccable craftsmanship, the perfect choice for this upcoming winter season. Lastly, the Diabolo de Cartier photo frame key ring and travel tag not only offer functionality, but they will also accompany us through life by becoming a collector of our most heartfelt moments. 

A Refreshing Image 

Bridging exquisite artisanship with innovative design, the iconic Tiffany Blue® adds a touch of refreshing elegance to the holiday table. The antique candlestick reinterprets the beauty of silverware, while the Flora and Fauna collection draws inspiration from nature’s four seasons, offering an early-spring celebration with the Honeycomb plate and more. After the gathering at the table, it is always a good choice to continue the night with board games. Using luxurious materials only, Tiffany & Co. introduces an array of novelties—chess and checkers set, playing cards, mahjong set—that comes in the whimsical Tiffany Blue® leather box, a graceful addition to the house decor with their playful creativity. 

Crystal Clear Crafts 

Imagine a Christmas tree that grows on the table instead of on the ground, now isn’t that fun? For this Christmas, the oldest French crystal manufacturer Saint-Louis adorns its green Millefiori glass with sparkling white stars and introduces the 2021 Christmas Tree paperweight. Transforms into a kaleidoscope when turned upside down, it not only showcases the Maison’s extremely challenging techniques, but also pays homage to our childhood memories. Encapsulating Saint-Louis’s exceptional crystal work, the Tommy Glass is best known for its star-shaped base, with its various cutting techniques accurately capturing the balance between the visual and the touch. Under the shining sun, the sparkling tint of the colorful crystal echoes with the cheerful sounds of toasting—let the holiday celebration begin!