Timeless Classics: 跨世代經典 Part One

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


Every era has its own distinctive mark. Regardless of fashion trends, jewelry watches or artistic aesthetics, people of different generations have their own set of interpretation when it comes to beauty. The classics of High Jewelry endures through time with their elegance and their innovative, modern designs continue to grow like flowers blooming, leading styles that are seductive, luxurious and contemporary. Perhaps the classics will be temporarily forgotten, but their charm will live on for eternity. The unforgettable memory has long been imprinted on each and every gemstone and through the passing of time, they gradually merge into one, single entity.

BVLGARI B.zero1 Rock系列黃K金單圈鑽石戒指_參考售價:約新台幣215,400元


身為彩寶藝術大師,BVLGARI 總能以繽紛色彩激盪無限創意,集結大膽華麗、典雅迷人、豐碩細膩於一身,為每個階段的女性道出最不凡的自信宣言。富有義式熱情的 Forever Rubies 頂級紅寶石與鑽石項鍊,花式切割的交錯排列下,烘托出10克拉枕形切割莫三比克紅寶石的主角光環;Emerald City 項鍊揉合義大利建築概念,立體交錯鑲嵌著閃鑽與祖母綠,澄淨自若的光影層次,猶如親身走入翡翠城感受磅礡下的無垠震撼,不落俗套的驚艷設計,為跨越世代的經典之作。

羅馬帝國傳奇的瑰麗歷史,造就了 BVLGARI 的豐沛靈感,將韶光淬鍊的古幣打造為獨一無二的 Monete 系列,在珍珠母貝與鑽石的圍繞下,溫潤感受西元前精釀的美學底蘊。最具傳奇色彩的 Serpenti 頂級珠寶系列推出兩款新作,由坦桑石與拓帕石圓珠交織而成的透亮光澤,靜動間流露別樣的空靈氣質;當紅寶石與紅碧璽邂逅,相映成趣的圓珠與流蘇綴飾,一氣呵成的暖心色調為象徵誘惑的靈蛇注入甜蜜,悄然打動成熟知性女人心。

BVLGARI Serpenti系列頂級藍寶石與鑽石流蘇耳環


桀驁不馴的 B.zero1 系列以古羅馬圓形競技場為發想,採用玫瑰金、白金、黃金與鑲飾陶瓷等出其不意的材質組合,以華麗碎鑽點綴周邊,乘載豐厚史料的不朽力量;藉龐克鉚釘凸顯信念,展現獨立自我的不羈況味。延續古羅馬旅程,步入卡拉卡拉浴場感受千年前的熙來攘往,汲取馬賽克地磚之美,以扇形圖案拓展優雅線條,豔麗寶石歌頌生命熱情,閃耀奢華 DIVAS’ DREAM 系列就此誕生,為年輕世代捎來恰如其分的優雅迷人。

去除繁華設計,BVLGARI BVLGARI 系列珠寶融入休閒精神,以羅馬古幣為雛形打造環形雙品牌標誌,翻玩腕錶上的裝飾元素,將流光溢彩之寶石自由混搭或層疊配戴,為日常帶來別樣翫味。使人心神蕩漾的花型珠寶,巧妙重現龐貝古城壁畫上的八瓣花朵設計,Fiorever 系列以全鑽石打造花卉的錯落盛放,目眩神迷間,迎風而來的清雅淡香瞬間喚醒心靈,黎明時刻漫步在永恆之城的無人小徑,盡情徜徉於隨性自在的青春氣息。

Tiffany & Co. 堅定自信

不論歲數,每個女人心中都住著一位小女孩,她嚮往來場轟轟烈烈的愛情亦或細水長流的陪伴,The Tiffany® Setting 鑽戒便是最佳的浪漫誓言。自1886年流傳至今的鉑金六爪鑲嵌,光影照耀下完美襯托極致無暇,130年來以相同設計傾吐堅貞不移的情意,正如走過顛簸愛情路,從女孩到女人,如美酒佳釀愈發嫻淑卻始終純真的妳。


剛柔並濟、大膽而細膩的處事風格,是歷經風霜與磨難後所獲得的寶貴閱歷,也是 Tiffany T1 系列的最佳表徵。洗鍊線條搭配素雅棱角設計,將不可言喻的剛毅性格展露無遺,加入手工鑲嵌於斜角線條上的鑽石,傾注摩登氣息,激發新時代女力每日配戴珠寶的堅定自信。

Tiffany & Co. 歡愉真諦

以精緻小巧的心型吊飾聞名,具標誌性的 Return to Tiffany 系列,靈感起自1969年問世的經典鑰匙圈,藉由心形圖案象徵正能量和勇於嘗試的精神,以及人與人間應敞開心胸之意象。全系列概括戒指、耳環、項鍊與手鍊等,簡約清新設計擄獲年輕世代的芳心。

一個不經意的弧度,是展開與世界互動的不二法門。Tiffany T Smile 系列以普世的歡愉符號,為生活增添鑲鑽笑顏,遊走於白金、玫瑰金之間,疊戴長短不一的 Tiffany 鏈墜打造活力層次,自然流露滿溢歡愉與溫煦能量,敬致那昂首闊步的燦爛年華。

Magnificent Creations

._265029_BVLGARI MAGNIFICA系列Forever Rubies頂級紅寶石與鑽石項鍊

An expert in colorful gemstones, BVLGARI always draws inspiration from the colorful shades. Gathering boldness, elegance and grandeur, the Italian house makes a confident declaration for women of every age. Rich in Italian passion, the Forever Rubies Necklace sparkles with rarest crimson and comes with a phenomenal ruby from Mozambique of 10.04 carats. Meanwhile, the Emerald City Necklace combines the Italian architecture concepts with emeralds and brilliant diamonds. With a magnificent level of clarity, the piece welcomes us into Emerald City to feel its majestic beauty, an unconventional but absolutely gorgeous artwork that will become an all-time classic.

266231_BVLGARI BAROCKO系列Lady Rubellite頂級紅碧璽、珍珠與鑽石項鍊

The legendary history of the Roman Empire had always been a source of inspiration for BVLGARI. Mounting ancient coins into its jewelry, the Monete collection is bedazzled with an abundance of mother-of-pearl and diamonds, capturing the eternal beauty of the ancient times. Another legendary collection of the Italian house, the Serpenti High Jewelry series has launched two brand new pieces; one being a translucent pair of earrings in tanzanite and topaz, and the other, a Lady Rubellite Necklace. When rubies and rubellites meet, the iconic sautoir becomes a sweet symbol of the seductive serpent with a playful and extremely feminine rhythm.

Youth and Vitality

Inspired by the world’s most renowned amphitheater, the Colosseum, the B.zero 1 collection uses various materials like rose gold, white gold, gold and ceramic, along with pavé diamonds to showcase the power of historical nourishment. Through the addition of gold studs, it manifests BVLGARI’s creative vision infused with a touch of irreverence. Also paying homage to the glamorous Roman spirit, the DIVAS’ DREAM collection reimagines the colorful mosaics of the Roman Baths of Caracalla. The fan-shaped motif becomes an elegant play on modernity and sophistication, a celebration of youth and vitality.

BVLGARI Fiorever系列白K金鑽戒

Stripped of overly-extravagant designs, the BVLGARI BVLGARI collection incorporates the spirit of leisure. Inspired by ancient Roman coins, the iconic double logo is transformed into a playful interpretation of colorful gemstones and dazzling diamonds. Meanwhile, cleverly reimagining the alluring four-petal flower found in Pompeii, the Fiorever line creates the delicacy of flowers with diamonds. Radiating with a refreshing vitality, it is as if we are taking a stroll through the empty streets of the Eternal City and enjoying the blooming of life and the light-hearted spontaneity.

With Absolute Confidence

Regardless of our age, there will always be a little girl living in our heart, who yearns for either a passionate love or a stable partnership. The Tiffany® Setting engagement ring is the most romantic vow. Flawlessly engineered in 1886, the six-prong setting shines perfectly under the light and withholds the exact same design from 130 years ago, a symbol of the world’s greatest love stories and each woman’s unwavering purity through her stages of life.

Tiffany 2021聖誕佳節形象廣告_The Tiffany Setting鉑金六爪鑽石戒指 價格店洽

Tender and rigid, bold but delicate—these are the precious results after going through hardships and challenges. They are also Tiffany T1 collection’s best manifestation. Wrapped around the wearer in a continuous, unbroken circle, this hinged bangle features scintillating diamonds and represents individual strength and perpetual power. Adding a touch of modernity, it serves as an encouragement for all women to wear their jewels with absolute confidence.

The Truth to Happiness

Inspired by a key ring debuted in 1969, the Return to Tiffany collection is known for its signature heart-shaped motif. The iconic heart tag represents positivity, the courage to try and the heartwarming connection between one human and another. Offered in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, the collection is simple and refreshing, the perfect choice for the younger generation.

A simple smile is the key to any friendly interaction. Embodying the world’s most universal gesture of happiness, the Tiffany T Smile collection comes in white gold and rose gold. Varying in sizes and lengths, the curved pendant radiates with a natural joy and warm by paying homage to our most prideful, vital years of life.

(由上至下) Tiffany T1 系列 – 18K金窄版手環 NT$120,000, 18K金寬版鋪鑲鑽石手環 NT$1,060,000, 18K白金寬版鋪鑲鑽石戒指 NT$194,000