品山居歲月:華泰瑞苑 Unified with Nature: GLORIA MANOR 

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


The dawn of the warm winter morning slowly falls, shining against the clear white quilt, the wooden sofa and the translucent crystal glass and plates. Through the panoramic windows, the lush greenery blooms with life and brings a distinctive kind of vigor and vitality to the room. So welcome, travelers, and enjoy the majestic beauty as you venture into the new Forest Suites. 




A Secret Retreat 

Hidden inside Kenting National Forest with the spectacular views of Mount Dajian and Dawan, GLORIA MANOR was the only hotel in Asia that received the honor of being one of the top 10 national park resorts in the world. Selected by former President Chiang Kai-Shek as one of his vacation residences, it is now under the management of Gloria Hotel Group and adheres to one concept: unification with nature. Integrating local features with modern methods, this secret realm is endowed with a new soul, creating a place of comfort where travelers can escape the hustle and bustle. 

華泰瑞苑墾丁賓館 大門



Forest Suites 

Drawing inspiration from the flourishing greenery, the Forest Suites peacefully brings the tranquility of Mother Nature into the rooms. Like taking a stroll through the forest, the intake of phytoncide not only calms the mind, but also de-stresses the body. Comes in four different suite types—Deluxe, Garden, Grand Premier, Grand Gloria—the Garden Suites are located in a separate building from the main property. Each suite offers a private garden that is perfect for an outdoor afternoon tea, a taste of Chinese poet Yuan-Ming Tao’s elegant aspirations of staying aloof amidst the busy world he was in. 




Fusion of Culinary Arts 

Surrounded by flora and fauna, the views of Mount. Dajian refreshes the mind and soul, let us embark on an exploration where the ingredients are in total alignment with nature. Using fresh, in-season ingredients only, Mu Restaurant aspires to reduce its carbon footprint through working with local farmers and follows the Confucian belief of always choosing ingredients in accordance with the season and weather. Cleverly incorporating Pingtung’s features into its cuisine, Mu Restaurant offers its guests with a unique fusion of the best local flavors. 

半島風味套餐 豬腳

華泰瑞苑 GLORIA MANOR/屏東縣恆春鎮公園路101號/訂房專線:08 886 3666


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