隱味饗宴 新春米其林:晶華軒(一) | New Year Michelin Tour


TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


台北晶華酒店 晶華軒 Silks House



位於台北晶華酒店三樓的晶華軒,由日籍空間設計大師橋本夕紀夫(Hashimoto Yukio)操刀,運用中國傳統文化中最耐人尋味的書法,以晶透玻璃雕刻、佐燈光造景打造清幽長廊,猶如走進超現實三度空間,將書法的墨跡韻味巧妙融入用餐氛圍,於古今交錯中一品精緻味美的正宗粵式料理。





晶華軒 Silks House

台北晶華酒店3F(台北市中山區中山北路二段39巷3號)/ 訂位專線:(02) 2521-5000 #3236

There was a saying that originated from the Han Dynasty: “While the king’s life depends on people, the people’s life depends on food.” As time passes, the thousand-year-old traditions are also changing their meaning. The definition of food has gone from being a daily substance to a pursuit of a higher quality lifestyle. As the Lunar New Year arrives, let us embark on a Michelin journey, where we get to explore an array of different cuisines—Sichuan, Cantonese, Taiwanese and more—all rich with excellent and delicious flavors.

When Old Meets New

Located in Regent Taipei and designed by Japanese interior designer Hashimoto Yukio, Silks House is decorated with Chinese calligraphy that is etched and backlit on glass screens in the corridor to befit the elegant cuisine. Like walking into a surreal three-dimensional space, the charm of calligraphy is cleverly integrated into the dining ambience, the most authentic Cantonese cuisine is thus created.

With Taste and Creativity

With over 30 years of experience, culinary director Max Wo collaborates with executive chef Man Quan Wu to come up with a selection of classic dishes—siu mei, soup, stir fry and steamed goods—that will lead the restaurant into a new realm of Cantonese cuisine. The chef’s signature includes Barbecued Pork with Honey Sauce. Complementing each other’s flavor, the rich oily aroma and the rosy barbecued pork become the best combination. Another must-have, the Double-Boiled Sea Conch and Red Date with Chicken Soup uses fresh sea conch from Thailand, plymouth rock chicken from Changhua and spring water from Snow Mountain to bring out an unprecedented flavor of freshness. Don’t forget to try out the Shredded Black Mushroom and Black Fungus stuffed with Wheat Gluten and Chef Wo’s famous Crispy Rice Puff with King Crab Meat, Scallop, King Prawn and Vegetables in Lobster Stock.


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