隱味饗宴 新春米其林:請客樓(四) | New Year Michelin Tour

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


台北喜來登大飯店 請客樓

台北喜來登請客樓 B 區。





請客樓 The Guest House

台北喜來登大飯店 17F(台北市中正區忠孝東路一段12號)/ 訂位專線:(02) 2321-1818

There was a saying that originated from the Han Dynasty: “While the king’s life depends on people, the people’s life depends on food.” As time passes, the thousand-year-old traditions are also changing their meaning. The definition of food has gone from being a daily substance to a pursuit of a higher quality lifestyle. As the Lunar New Year arrives, let us embark on a Michelin journey, where we get to explore an array of different cuisines—Sichuan, Cantonese, Taiwanese and more—all rich with excellent and delicious flavors.

The Colors of Jiangnan

Hospitality has always been an important part of traditional Chinese culture. Like Confusious once said, “It is always a pleasure to have friends coming from afar.” As we walk into The Guest House, located in Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, what comes into view first is the breathtaking scenery of Jiangnan. The mirrored hall cleverly reflects the artwork as the window decor recreates the willows wavering along the river, with the walls decorated with the monochrome view of Zhou Zhuang and Suzhou. As if taking us back in time, the poetic interior design adds a touch of modernity to the restaurant like inviting us to begin our feast by the clear, transparent river.

When Sichuan Meets Huai Yang

Rewarded with two Michelin stars, The Guest House offers delicious Sichuan and Huai Yang dishes that require impressive skills to make.The restaurant is known for its distinctive and exquisite appetizers, which are known for their creativity and complicated procedures. Signature starters include For Ears Only, Preserved Egg in Peeled Pepper and Shredded Hundred Leaves Tofu, while other must-have entrees are Chicken and Jin-hua Ham Soup in Clay Pot, Noodle Soup with Pomfret Fish and Chicken Rice with Black Sesame Oil.


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