隱味饗宴 新春米其林:雅閣(六) | New Year Michelin Tour

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


台北文華東方酒店 雅閣






雅閣 Ya Ge

台北文華東方酒店3F(台北市松山區敦化北路158號)/ 訂位專線:(02) 2715-6788

There was a saying that originated from the Han Dynasty: “While the king’s life depends on people, the people’s life depends on food.” As time passes, the thousand-year-old traditions are also changing their meaning. The definition of food has gone from being a daily substance to a pursuit of a higher quality lifestyle. As the Lunar New Year arrives, let us embark on a Michelin journey, where we get to explore an array of different cuisines—Sichuan, Cantonese, Taiwanese and more—all rich with excellent and delicious flavors.

The Art of Cuisine

Awarded one Michelin star for the fourth consecutive year, Ya Ge, a renowned Chinese restaurant located in Mandarin Oriental Taipei, is led by Chef de Cuisine Cheung Kwok Pong. Drawing upon nearly 25 years of culinary experience, he not only preserves the flavors of in-season, Taiwanese ingredients, but also crafts visually appealing, delicately authentic Cantonese cuisine, spoiling customers with an array of exquisite delights and the best epicurean experience.

Following Authenticity

Placing great emphasis on the authenticity, delicacy and freshness, Chef Cheung follows his Cantonese roots and carefully selects his ingredients and combinations. Never over-seasoning, he is able to present the dishes in their most authentic flavors with an innovative take on plating details. Dishes that cannot be missed include: the golden glistening Star Garoupa Fillet with winter melon, chicken and duck jus; Pork Ribs marinated in aged vinegar and pears that is a combination of Shanghai and Cantonese flavors; the enhanced signature Barbecued Black Pork with Honey, which allows the unique smoking method to bring out the sweet aroma of lychee wood, a delicacy that will leave the diners wanting more.


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