開運彩寶 輝金似錦|Treasures of Fortune

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


As time passes, dusk becomes dawn, in the blink of an eye we have entered the year 2022. After experiencing the bleak post-pandemic era, we are gradually understanding the meaning of peace and earnestly hoping for the arrival of spring. With the season of hope just around the corner, we have selected an array of jewelry that is perfect for the Year of the Water Tiger. From the golden treasures symbolizing good wealth, brilliant diamonds reflecting happiness, to the topaz gemstones fully charged with energy, these jewelry pieces are encapsulated with the joy of welcoming the new year, wishing us a new chapter of life filled with good fortune and happiness. 

Tiffany Knot精湛工藝的卓絕展現,優雅而富現代感,,風格鮮明, 正如靈感不絕的城市紐約。

Tiffany 優雅華貴   

自古以來,金色便帶有錢財象徵,意指豐收與財氣,更為皇族所御用的華貴色澤。Tiffany Knot 全新系列以18K 金、18K 玫瑰金與舖鑲鑽石打造,採用標誌性繩結圖案設計,將圓滑輪廓搭配鋒銳端部形成鮮明對比,叛逆性格中不失現代優雅,體現手作鑄造的精湛工藝,也向品牌創始地紐約致敬,使佩戴者得以從中窺見紐約市的顛覆文化與獨特魅力。具有雙重纏繞效果的手環,彷若意味著守住財富之巧思,紐結圖案精妙隱藏創新扣環,使每只手環如連續的流線型般優美自若。Tiffany Knot 亦是連繫四方的護身符,彰顯時髦品味的同時,連結彼此與燦金好運。

TiffanyTiffany Knot系列 – 18K金鑲鑽手環 NT$725,000, 18K金手環 NT$251,000, 18K玫瑰金手環 NT$251,000

Harry Winston 幸運能量 

延續東方傳統文化,Harry Winston 將象徵溫暖與希望的金黃色元素注入閃耀彩寶中,其 Winston Gates 系列靈感源自全球品牌專門店的雄偉大門,以標誌性的環形花飾代表樂觀、機遇,以及迎接新年充滿希望與好運的到來。經典時髦的 HW Logo 系列珠寶以18K 白金、黃金、玫瑰金演繹雋永高雅,將祖母綠型切工造型的幾何形狀融入其中,搭配迷人的圓形明亮式切工鑽石環繞鑲嵌裝飾,綻放瑰麗奪目光彩。以新穎別緻呈現水滴型寶石的柔美魅力,為 Diamond Loop 系列的一大亮點,特別採用黃色剛玉呈現心環圖案,展露清雅氣韻之餘,也為自身捎來滿溢正能量。

海瑞溫斯頓Diamond Loop系列_情境圖
海瑞溫斯頓Winston Gates系列18K黃金與玫瑰18K金項鍊_情境圖

De Beers 簇新氣象   

黎明時分的清新露珠,藉精緻鑽石排列轉譯為生命中的簇新意象,將稍縱即逝的爛漫化為永恆幸福。為歌頌大自然的盎然生機,De Beers 新推出 Dewdrop 系列圈型鑽石耳環,延續代表性的圓牌吊墜設計,舉手投足間,巧妙呈現鑽石優雅飄浮於耳際的浪漫視覺。蘊含雋永情愫的玫瑰金,結合密釘鑲鑽石和圓形明亮式包鑲鑽石,於耳骨、脖頸中締造精巧的垂懸效果,為日常增添一抹迷人輪廓。亦從大自然汲取靈感,Enchanted Lotus 系列以純潔高雅的蓮花為設計意象,細膩捕捉晨曦盛放的動人剎那,天然美鑽構成的花卉圖案於照耀下流光溢彩,讚頌亂世中的唯美重生,於新的一年展開無限可能。

模特兒佩戴 De Beers Dewdrop 18K玫瑰金鑽石耳骨夾


虎,象徵強壯與威武,也是代表吉祥與平安的瑞獸;而虎也是獸中之王,代表著威嚴、權利與榮耀。MIKIMOTO 特以金銀兩色推出兩款虎形胸針,運用鏤空金線生動雕刻虎身肌理,腳踏圓潤珍珠,鮮活展現虎虎生風的無畏姿態;而銀製胸針則細緻繪出溫順毛流,將兩只前腳踏在珍珠上,悠然呈現昂首傲視、步步高昇之意象。帶有健康長壽與吉祥寓意的珍珠,為 MIKIMOTO 不可錯過的經典珠寶系列,南洋黃金珍珠飽含豐碩富足,白珍珠則象徵純潔幸福,藉精細工藝鑲嵌璀璨白鑽,為2022年揭開華美序幕。

玉世家 福祿平安


In Wealth and Prosperity 

Since ancient times, the color gold has been a symbol of harvest and wealth, the color of royalty. A striking new collection, the Tiffany Knot features the signature graphic knot motif with 18k yellow and rose gold styles and pavé diamond iterations, creating a contrast between the smooth organic forms with pointed edges. Rebellious without losing modern elegance, the collection also pays tribute to New York City, Tiffany & Co.’s hometown, and perfectly captures the subversive and audacious culture of the Big Apple. Like a symbol of preserving wealth, the bracelets come with a double-wrap effect with the gold knot cleverly concealing the clasp, making it appear as one continuous, graceful design. A talisman of connection, the Tiffany Knot not only showcases a style that is modern and refined, but also wishes everyone good fortune and good health. 

Tiffany Knot系列 – 18K金短版鑲鑽耳環 NT$99,000, 18K玫瑰金長版鑲鑽耳環 NT$185,000

Lucky Energy 

Inheriting Eastern traditions, Harry Winston incorporates its jewelry pieces with gold elements that symbolize warmth and hope. Drawing inspiration from the stately gilded front gates of Harry Winston salons worldwide, the Winston Gates collection features the rosette motif, which transcends into a symbol of opportunity, prospect and good fortune. Meanwhile, fashioned from 18 karat white, yellow and rose gold, the HW Logo collection sparkles with round brilliant diamonds and incorporates emerald cut designs to bring out its timeless elegance. Lastly, the Diamond Loop series presents the distinctive teardrop silhouette, making it one of the House’s most iconic creations. Particularly choosing pear-shaped yellow sapphire, the pieces become an embodiment of positivity and exquisiteness.

海瑞溫斯頓HW Logo系列_情境圖

Turning a New Leaf 

Through the arrangement of exquisite diamonds, the fresh dewdrops of dawn become a statement of vitality, turning the fleeting splendor into an eternity of happiness. Celebrating the beauty of Mother Nature, De Beers introduces the new Dewdrop hoop earrings that are inspired by the House’s medallion design. These white gold hoops cleverly create the illusion of diamonds gracefully floating from the ear. A testament of eternal love, the iconic ear cuff and necklace also come in rose gold with the signature combination of micropavé and bezel-set round brilliant diamonds. Also drawing inspiration from nature’s beauty, the Enchanted Lotus collection perfectly captures the purity of the lotus. Portraying the flower in floating micropavé diamonds, the series becomes a symbol of rebirth in this time of turbulence as we embrace the endless possibilities in this upcoming new year. 

模特兒佩戴 De Beers Dewdrop 18K白金圈形鑽石耳環與圓牌吊墜項鍊

With Might and Power 

A symbol of strength and might, the tiger is also an auspicious beast that brings peace and security. It is also the king of wild beasts, one that is majestic, powerful and glorious. To capture the fearlessness of the animal, MIKIMOTO launches two tiger brooches: a gold one featuring special engraving to bring out the tiger’s piercing attitude and proud posture, while the silver one brings out a softer side as the beast appears to be walking with leisure and confidence. Meanwhile, emblematic of health and longevity, MIKIMOTO’s iconic pearl collections feature the rich, plump Golden South Sea cultured pearls and the Akoya cultured pearls, which represent purity and happiness. With the meticulous setting of brilliant diamonds, these delicate pieces welcome the arrival of 2022 with joy and excitement. 

Safe and Sound 

Derived from nature, the jadeite shines with a unique shade and quality after having undergone a long period of tempering. Then, combine with delicate design and impeccable craftsmanship, it becomes a token of peace and prosperity. Following the traditions of ancient royalties, Jadegia chooses high quality yellow jadeite for its clear and smooth color. Luxuriously designed, the ring with diamond inlays transcends into an emblem of majesty and respect. Without being overly flamboyant, jade becomes a figure of peace, while shining with a shade of emerald revealing its tranquility and simplicity. In addition, the necklace is a nod to the legendary three-legged toad originated from Chinese folklore. Equipped with the ability to produce gold and silver coins from its mouth, the toad is seen as a symbol of great wealth and a tribute to Chinese heritage that wishes the wearer richness, prosperity and good fortune. 


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