夏日理想假期 | Ideal Summer Vacation



The sun is slowly setting, tinging with a little golden to the blue sea, overlooking the sky was dyed red, can’t help stretching out to this unusually pleasant evening, leaning on the chaise longue and sipping the refreshing drink, hoping that this moment will last forever.



爛漫非凡的義式風情,總讓人懷抱著無垠憧憬。雲集美食、藝術、歷史的多元文化體驗,皆能在 Belmond 旗下的義大利酒店尋得驚喜,以沈浸式享樂活動,揭幕各種迷人新體驗。今年迎來多位銳意創新的行政主廚,並隨之欣然推出一系列饗宴,將本地物料與時令烹飪技法貫穿於菜單之中,揉合無限熱情、創意與巧思詮釋在地料理,同時保留上乘食材的自然鮮美。佳餚之餘,Belmond 更與國際著名畫廊 Galleria Continua 攜手合作,推出名為 MITICO 的藝術體驗,特邀四位傑出藝術家於品牌旗下的義大利酒店花園展出多件作品,植根兼容並蓄的社群精神,蘊含全新的藝術哲學,重新詮釋烹飪、繪畫、觀察和欣賞等具有普世意義的傳統,及其在不同社會環境中的呈現方式,期望藉由藝術家的敏銳觸角,帶領遊客連結當地的風土人情,進而挖掘該地之精髓與魅力,視角轉換間,為旅程捎來深層的心靈寫照。


坐落於越南西南海岸,毗鄰長灘及聯合國世界生物圈保護區,富國島麗晶酒店為洲際酒店集團旗下品牌於東南亞的首家度假村。酒店融合卓越設計、頂級科技與品牌的傳奇款待之道,為每位到訪的賓客提供順暢無憂之旅。於棕櫚樹蔭蔽之下,使得度假村的下榻空間既張揚又內斂,柔和淡雅的內飾,與傳統越南美學和當代室內設計風格相輝映,其大幅觀景窗與陽台打造出明亮舒朗的私人港灣,展現戶外蔥蘢花園或無垠汪洋景致,一網打盡醉心絢麗的日落盛景。度假村則設有六間精心打造的餐飲場所,包含法日式牛肉料理專門店 Oku,獨具特色的酒吧 Bar Jade,傳統越式及中式風味餐廳 Rice Market,以及提供悠閒海濱美食的 Ocean Club 海灘俱樂部,為各國賓客獻上精緻饕餮體驗。

富國島麗晶酒店 柔和淡雅的內飾,讓人心曠神怡。
富國島麗晶酒店 柔和淡雅的內飾,讓人心曠神怡。


於花木扶疏的庭院中靜思、閱讀,曾幾何時,竟成了一種理想。以「無界,無限」的開創性旅宿概念,位於峇里島 Buahan 村莊的悅榕逸境度假村於人煙稀少、純淨自然的北烏布地區開業,打造共 16 棟精巧別墅,運用手工雕刻的木製頭床板、手工鍛造的銅浴缸,以及天然印染的內飾布藝,僅以一層薄紗將下榻空間與自然相隔,悄然營造與大自然「坦誠相見」的親密體驗。度假村中央則設有 Open Kitchen 開放式用餐空間與 Living Room 休憩空間,呈現社區氛圍,同時了解獨特的零廢棄「農場到餐桌」理念、當地採購哲學及保護傳統之技巧。喜愛探索的旅行者,則可體驗一系列悉心策劃的活動日程,從「與大自然連繫」、「探索發現」、以及「社區融合」三大主題的自我導覽活動,進而達到天人合一之身心旅程。



素有「澳洲文化之都」的墨爾本,綠意城市恣意瀰漫的藝文氣息令人悠然神往,凱悅酒店集團便看中如此亮點,將活力四射的凱悅尚萃品牌首次進駐澳洲,墨爾本凱悅尚萃酒店坐落於發展迅速的市中心黃金地段,引領現代探險家在這座多元化城市發現地道體驗與隱藏魅力。由 Architectus Australia 及 Hecker Guthrie Interiors 設計,Hickory建造,室内設計時尚又不失張揚,從 Hoddle Grid 商業區,至客房及公共空間內訂製地毯上的密鋪瓷磚圖案,再到公共空間內展現出維多利亞時期風格的磚砌技法,整體設計盡顯墨爾本都市特色;其軟裝產品與照明裝置精心選用本地設計師之作,以此致敬墨爾本的傳統羊毛生產與淘金時代,為賓客打造充滿氛圍感的空間,開啟在多元化城市的個人探索之旅。


Mediterranean Culture

Romantic and extraordinary Italian style, which many people are always longing for, has a multicultural experience of food, art, and history, you’ll find them surprisingly at the luxury hotel in Italy— Belmond. This year, they welcomed a number of chefs with talents and creativity, and is pleased to launch a series of feasts, incorporating local ingredients and seasonal cooking techniques into the menu. In addition to the delicacy, Belmond also cooperated with the internationally renowned gallery— Galleria Continua, to launch an art experience called MITICO, invited four excellent artists to exhibit various artworks in the garden of their hotels, reinterprets the traditions of universal value, such as cooking, painting, observation and appreciation, and present them in different environment in the hope of leading tourists to connect with the local customs through the keen tentacle of artists.

Islandly Feast

Dwelled on the southwest coast of Vietnam, nestled on beach and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Regent Phu Quoc is the first resort of IHG in Southeast Asia. The hotel combines excellent design, top technology and the brand’s legendary hospitality to provide every guest a hassle-free journey. Under the shade of palm trees, the space of the resort is unassuming and restrained at the same time. The tender and elegant interior reflects both traditional Vietnamese aesthetics and contemporary interior design. Its large windows and balconies create a bright and cozy private harbor, showing the lush in outdoor and oceanfront views. The resort also features six well-crafted dining places, including Oku, a French-Japanese beef restaurant, Bar Jade, a unique bar, Rice Market, a traditional Vietnamese-Chinese restaurant, and the Ocean Club, which offers seaside cuisine, to provide guests from all over the world with exquisite gluttonous experience.

Return to Nature

Since when has meditating and reading in a courtyard surrounded by flowers and trees become an ideal. With a concept of No Boundary and Infinity, Banyan Tree Escape in Buahan Village, Bali, is going to open in the sparsely populated northern part of Ubud district with a total of 16 villas. Each villa contains hand-carved wooden headboard of bed, hand-forged copper bathtub, and hand-printed fabrics. They use only a layer of tulle to separate the living space and nature. In the midst of the resort is the Open Kitchen and Living Room, an open-plan dining space that provides a sense of community while learning about zero-waste “farm-to-table” philosophy, local grocery and preservation of traditional techniques. Adventurous travelers can experience a series of well-planned activities, ranging from “Connecting with Nature”, “Exploration” to “Community Integration”, to reach the harmony between man and nature.

Escape Summer

Melbourne, known as the city of culture in Australia, has the artistic and cultural atmosphere that fascinates people. Hyatt Hotel Group has taken advantage from this point, and brought the vibrant Hyatt Centric to Australia for the first time. Hyatt Centric Melbourne is located in the city center, leading modern explorers to discover local experiences and hidden charisma in this diverse city. Designed by Architectus Australia and Hecker Guthrie Interiors and built by Hickory, the interiors are stylish but not too much. Its soft furnishings and lighting installations are selected from local designers to pay tribute to Melbourne’s traditional wool production and gold rush, creating a space full of atmosphere and journey of discovery in a diverse city.