誰說冒險不能兼具優雅?夏日防水腕錶大盤點 Summertime Adventure


In the blazing summer, with a waterproof watch, you are unstoppable. 

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 40 毫米石英腕錶情境圖,參考定價 NT$67,300。

彷彿在悠遊大海中迴盪,藍色漆面錶盤展現了令人陶醉的深度。為了滿足你我的夏日奇想,積家貼心地推出 Polaris 系列,不僅體現品牌的冒險精神和不懈追求,更為佩戴者打造獨具品味的運動腕錶,尤其 Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Mariner Date 潛水日期顯示腕錶備受海底冒險家的廣泛讚賞,嚴格遵守 ISO 6425 標準的真正潛水腕錶,於功能與設計上樹立了新圭臬,為今日的人們傳遞出真正的自信標竿。兼具堅固耐用的全新 Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Mariner Memovox 潛水響鬧腕錶,與積家首批自動響鬧腕錶機芯一脈相承,不僅向首批潛水腕錶真誠致意,更保留了積家響鬧腕錶的經典特色「學校鈴聲」,同心圓設計的漸變藍色錶盤捎來青春活力,彰顯當代非凡美學。

Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Mariner Memovox 潛水響鬧腕錶情境圖。

另一款備受追求的運動型自動計時碼錶,非真力時的 Chronomaster Sport 腕錶莫屬,榮獲 2021 年日內瓦鐘錶大賞「最佳計時碼錶獎」,近期推出融入貴重金屬元素的全新錶款,配載搶眼的鐫刻陶瓷錶圈與經典的 El Primero 腕錶三色設計,將灰色、碳灰色、藍色巧妙鍛造銜接而成,更推出雙色美學錶款,為追求卓越不凡的冒險者提供雅趣選擇。同樣以三色錶盤作為最新一代的 Chronomaster Open 鏤空系列腕錶,彰顯出真力時對於備受推崇的高複雜功能腕錶,致力追求永恆創新的承諾。新一代錶款採用人造水晶小錶盤,此材質除了保留三色計時盤設計,從中亦可望見矽質星形擒縱輪,而重新被構思的鏤空設計超越了前代版本中所使用的「框架」,轉而運用帶倒角邊緣的圓形鏤空設計,可欣賞機芯上更為筆直和更具現代感的灰色調錶橋,輝煌經典中不失時髦運動氣息。

夏令盛極一時,光影流轉中,足以感受分秒流逝的真切。不甘於冒險匆匆結束,寶格麗以日晷為靈感,致敬古羅馬光線計時的傳統,將 LVCEA 系列腕錶轉化、重現並昇華羅馬獨一無二的燦亮天空,選用粉紅珍珠母貝和砂金石面盤營造波光粼粼,藉精湛的古典義大利工藝「嵌花」鑲嵌拼貼出細膩錶盤,從環繞於錶圈的鑽石時標望去,唯見色彩斑斕的璀璨光芒,如永恆之城的天空般令人想望。同樣兼具義大利美學及創意的 Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT 腕錶完美結合了精密機械與優雅美感,是全世界最纖薄的自動上鍊腕錶,配備計時和 GMT 功能,採用 18K 玫瑰金錶殼、棕色漆面錶盤和棕色鱷魚皮錶帶,以從容之姿穿梭義國巷弄,一場神秘昏黃之旅即將展開。

誰說冒險的同時,不能兼具優雅?超越自我極限的 TAG Heuer Aquaracer 腕錶給出了最佳答案。於今年隆重推出全新 Aquaracer Professional 200 腕錶,分別以 40 及 30 毫米精鋼錶殼展現優異功能與精緻魅力,搭載不同機芯的腕錶擁有不同的設計與功能,自動機芯腕錶採用煙燻漸層效果水平線條錶面,即使搭配正裝也相當吻合。而兩款直徑 30 毫米的石英機芯腕錶以鑲嵌鑽石的白色珍珠貝母為錶面,搭配纖細典雅的鍊帶,自然貼合腕部線條,也大幅提升佩戴舒適度。另一亮點,則是底蓋有著全新的指南針圖案設計,不僅象徵著品牌的大膽前衛,更巧妙呼應夏日的悠遊探索精神。

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 40毫米自動腕錶情境圖,參考定價 NT$ 90,900。TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 40mm watch,recommended price NT$ 90,900。

Declare Your Taste
As reverberating in the sea, the blue lacquered dial presents an enchanting depth. In order to satisfy the summer whimsy of ours, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Polaris series, which not only reflects the brand’s spirit of adventure and the pursuit of perseverance, but also creates a sports watch with unique sense for wearers, especially Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Mariner Date displays date which is widely admired by undersea adventurists, a true diver’s watch that strictly adheres to the ISO 6425 standard, setting new standards in both function and design, delivering a true benchmark of confidence for people nowadays.

Another highly sought-after sports automatic chronograph, the Chronomaster Sport from Zenith, won The Chronograph Prize at GPHG (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève), and recently launched a new watch with metal. It is equipped with an eye-catching engraved ceramic bezel and the classic tri-color dial design of the El Primero watch, which is skillfully forged in gray, charcoal gray, and blue. A two-color aesthetic watch is also launched to provide adventurers who pursue excellence. Also featuring a tri-color dial, the latest Chronomaster Open Collection underscores Zenith’s commitment to timeless innovation in the most esteemed high-complication timepieces. The latest model uses a man-made crystal sub-dial. This material not only retains the tri-color chronograph design, but also sees an opening revealing the regulating organ, which features a silicon escape wheel and pallet lever. 

Brilliant Journey
Bvlgari used the sundial as inspiration to pay tribute to the tradition of Roman timekeeping, and transformed the unique bright sky of Rome into the LVCEA series of watches, using pink mother-of-pearl and aventurine dial to create reflections, the delicate dial is inlaid and set with the exquisite Italian craftsmanship intarsia. The diamond hour markers surrounding the bezel looks like the sky of the city which gives people imagination. The Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT watch, which also has Italian aesthetics and creativity, perfectly combines machinery and elegance. It is the thinnest self-winding watch in the world that equipped with chronograph and GMT functions. It uses an 18K rose gold case, with a brown lacquered dial and a brown alligator leather strap.

BVLGARI OCTO FINISSIMO CHRONOGRAPH GMT watch,recommended price NT$1,105,000。

 The TAG Heuer new Aquaracer Professional 200 watch was launched this year. The 40mm and 30mm stainless steel cases show excellent functions, equipped with different movements, they have different designs and functions. The automatic movement watch adopts smoked gradien that even fits formal wear. The two quartz movement watches with a diameter of 30mm have a diamond-encrusted white mother-of-pearl surface and chain strap, which naturally fits the wrist line. Another highlight is that the bottom has a new compass design, which not only symbolizes how bold and avant-garde the brand is, but also subtly echoes the spirit of leisure and exploration in summer.