專屬度假風情的珠寶搭配,為每個喜悅時刻鑲嵌爛漫光輝! Graceful Vacation



The childish innocence inside is not gone yet, feeling the wildness and fiery without restraint under the scorching sun. Every moment of joy is inlaid brilliantly with laughter.

FRED Chance Infinie 系列形象圖。


溽暑難耐之際,遠離城裡紛擾,於山林野間蹓躂無非是個好選擇。繁花競艷的繽紛意象、欣欣向榮的綠意疊翠,給予了 Van Cleef & Arpels 源源不絕的創作靈感。其中深受眾人喜愛的 Frivole 系列,首次為三件新作傾注祖母綠的深邃色彩,寶石的艷彩與纖細的黃 K 金圖騰共譜和諧的鄉村奏鳴曲,輕快旋律間,點亮簡約純粹的線條,以此讚頌生生不息的大自然。如詩如畫的殷紅花蕊,在一片花海中顯得格外醒目,婉約優美的弧線,勾勒出片片心形花瓣, 栩栩再現芬芳吐蕊的活潑生趣。而全新的 Frivole 戒指,以巧手匠心演繹繁花似錦,五朵捧著紅寶石花蕊的嬌花,與三朵中央鑲嵌祖母綠的花冠,組成起伏有致的靈動造型,為滿園芳菲鍍上優雅色彩,也為穿梭於花草間的你,照亮婀娜娉婷的身影。

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Between the Finger Ring 指間戒情境圖。
模特兒優雅演繹 Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole 玫瑰金與鑽石成套、白 K 金與鑽石成套珠寶。


沁涼海水侵襲而來,自腳底蔓延的舒暢快感,使人暫時忘卻了俗世塵囂,陽光、沙灘、雞尾酒,實屬夏日一大愜意樂事。將此樂活精神寄寓於珠寶哲學中的 FRED,以鮮豔耀人的 Riviera 鍊墜系列完美呈現愜意、風尚、歡愉之精髓,運用精巧的鏤空設計,將棕櫚樹、人字拖、雞尾酒皆鑲有寶石於其中,亦如饒富玩味的小巧藝術品,乘載著專屬仲夏假期的美妙韶光,每望見一次,愉悅的心情翩然躍於吊墜之上。七彩斑斕的 Force 10 Color Crush, 也鼓勵著人們忠於自我、擁抱自由,於是白日在海邊恣意奔走、即興來場歡聲不斷的沙灘排球、赤腳躺在沙灘上數星星,充分珍視當下的每分每刻,以近 350 顆精巧珍貴的寶石鋪匯出不同的活力光彩,好似擺脫了時間束縛,將各種意猶未盡、與他人共享的歡樂時分,悄悄地凝聚於流光溢彩中。

FRED Pretty Woman Unconditional 高級珠寶系列,紅碧璽鑽石項鍊,參考定價 NT$6,415,900 ; Glamorous 高級珠寶系列,紅碧璽鑽石耳環,參考定價 NT$1,131,200 ; Audacious 高級珠寶系列,紅碧璽鑽石戒指,參考定價 NT$705,400。


一杯西西里咖啡,為暑氣蒸人的盛夏街頭,捎來了一股清涼。在熟悉的城市展開一場街區探索,邁開步伐悉心觀察,也能發現不一般的日常光景。為迎接即將到來的閃耀夏日,De Beers 藉由自由組合層疊 Dewdrop 系列百搭實戴的珠寶設計,盡情揮灑創意靈感,探索珠寶造型的更多可能。不論是單行或寬版戒指,單獨佩戴或層疊搭配皆迷人靈動;同樣採可疊戴式設計的鑽石手環,能為夏日造型增添富層次感的新意,彰顯無限個人魅力;而 Dewdrop 系列項鍊上靈動漂浮的鑽石露珠,精選一顆顆天然美鑽採用包鑲與密釘微鑲工藝,精巧懸浮於吊墜設計中,使探索者能隨心所欲將 choker 頸鍊變換為長項鍊,依循當下的思緒流動,打造隨性不羈的出眾風格,放眼街角一隅,成為最時髦的移動嬌點。

De Beers Dewdrop 系列情境圖,Dewdrop 18K 玫瑰金鑽石耳環。

Midsummer Garden

When the heat is unbearable in summer, it is a good idea to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and wander in the woods. The colorful image of blooming flowers and thriving green has given Van Cleef & Arpels an endless inspiration. Among them, the popular Frivole series, for the first time, pours the color of emerald into three new works. The vivid color of gemstones along with the slender yellow K gold totem has composed a sonata in harmony. This is a tribute to the ever-growing nature. The picturesque red stamens are particularly eye-catching and the graceful arcs of heart-shaped petals make it more vivid. The brand-new Frivole ring, with skillful ingenuity, interprets the blooming with five delicate flowers holding ruby ​​stamens, and three emeralds inlaid corolla in the center, forming an undulating shape, plated with elegant colors for the whole garden.

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole 胸針吊墜情境圖。

Lively Coast

Sunshine, beach, cocktails are really great pleasure in summer. FRED, which embodies the spirit of LOHAS in its jewelry, perfectly presents the essence of comfort, style and joy with the bright and dazzling Riviera series. It uses exquisite hollow design to set palm trees, flip-flops and cocktails with gems in it, like a playful and small piece of art, carrying out the wonderful time of the midsummer vacation. The colorful Force 10 Color Crush also encourages people to be true to ourselves and embrace freedom, so as to run freely on the beach during the day, play beach volleyball with endless cheering sounds, lie barefoot on the beach and count the stars, live at every moment. Nearly 350 delicate gemstones are used to spread out different vitality and brilliance, as if to get rid of the constraints of time.

Cozy Corner

In order to welcome the upcoming summer, De Beers explores more possibilities of jewelry with layering the Dewdrop series, whether it is a single-row or wide ring, it is charming and flexible when worn alone or layered. The diamond bracelet also can be worn layered. And the Dewdrop necklaces with floating diamond dewdrops on the top which the natural diamonds are bezel-set and pavé micro-set which is very delicate with the pendant design. The explorer can also freely transform the choker into a long necklace as well, to create a casual and outstanding style, at the corner of the street, become the most fashionable spotlight.

De Beers Dewdrop 系列情境圖