高奢珠寶的靈魂邂逅|Encounter withs Souls



The souls that fall in love at first sight‭, ‬as if they knew each other hundred years ago‭, ‬and the moment they see through each other with the inexplicable but dynamic mind‭, ‬let the sparkle speak for them‭.

Cartier JUSTE UN CLOU 手環情境圖。Cartier JUSTE UN CLOU bracelet‭.‬


把玩大膽的色彩組合,全新系列的 Color Dior 珠寶,將品牌字母 CD 重新改造為網格環扣,完美呈現擁有叛逆魂的兩人是如何難分難捨。其中 Color Dior 延伸出三個主題,多樣配戴方式與可重組變形的特色,將創意與玩味巧妙交融,更能精準扣牢另一半的心。不論是豐沛的十二色虹彩、黑白色運用、金質與木頭,一個簡單的移轉字母動作,皆能隨心所欲讓珠寶擁有全新風貌。長項鍊上的滿鑲鑽石 CD 字樣照亮細長黃金環扣,CD 字樣的半邊以珍貴的烏木、咖啡色胡桃木,或輕微顆粒感的金棕色楓木等三種材質打造,完整了作品的多元性,類似的三重奏設計也運用在一只手鍊上。不對稱耳環則是當代風格的表徵,金色直立的莖桿,CD 字母一半為密鑲美鑽,另一半則以黃金與楓木注入別樣風味,恰如其分地展現不同個體融合的美學巧思。

COLOR DIO鑽石與彩漆黃k金長項鍊,參考定價NT$2,400,000‭。
COLOR DIOR‭  ‬long necklace‭, ‬recommended price‭  ‬NT$2,400,000‭.‬


用一根釘子扣住愛人,顯而易見的不凡設計,彰顯了 Cartier 挖掘隱身各處之美的決心,而成功將釘子轉化為珠寶的關鍵,即是靈活運用品牌四大創作精髓:精粹線條、精準造型、精算比例與精緻細節。如此俐落造型恰好符合了現代人的極簡美學, Juste un Clou 不僅源自於對外形與美學的探索深究,釘子更巧妙幻化為可輕鬆滑入手腕的純金橢圓手環,兩個拱形圓管則是利用隱藏式鎖扣開合,將釘頭對準重新設計的鑽石形尖端,即可扣上,其精算比例與絕妙設計,正與關係中的細膩情感不謀而合。而全金款手環對細節更為講究,將各線條重新設計,以配合鑽石形狀與另一邊拱形的多刻面,Cartier 成功將原本講求功能性的細節,昇華為美學設計元素。鑽石款 Juste un Clou 手環的鑽石鑲嵌方式也經過審慎挑選,以彰顯作品的造型和幾何特色,於鑲鑽尖端可見大小漸變的鑽石,加強層次感與視覺效果,也成功擄獲另一半的芳心。

Cartier JUSTE UN CLOU‭ ‬設計圖。
JUSTE UN CLOU design‭.‬


充滿正能量的設計理念訴說著無限浪漫的璀璨未來,Harry Winston 以恆久不變的 HW Logo 系列珠寶,藉由閃耀美鑽讓世人知道專屬於彼此的紀念,H 與 W 代表著最忠誠的誓言,象徵著愛侶長相廝守的延綿情意,而傳奇標誌的祖母綠型切工幻化成一系列精緻優雅的鑽石手鍊、項鍊,散發雋永的優雅魅力,也象徵著 Harry Winston 在頂級珠寶殿堂中對至臻卓越的極致追求。如何開啟另一個幸福篇章?Winston Gate 系列珠寶捎來了幸運與祝福,標誌性的環型花飾,代表著樂觀、機遇、希望以及充滿無盡可能,均飾有一朵以鉑金、18K 黃金或 18K 玫瑰金打造的絕美環型花環,鑲嵌 1 顆圓形明亮式切工主鑽,周圍環繞著一圈密鑲鑽石,簡約的珠寶設計卻蘊藏了深厚含意,賦予每一位佩戴者充滿甜意的繁盛之日。

海瑞溫斯頓HW Logo‭ ‬‬系列18k白金、18k黃金和18k玫瑰金鑽石項鍊情境圖。Harry Winston HW Logo Collection Necklace‭.‬

Praise‭ ‬of‭ ‬Love

Playing with the mix and match of bold colors‭, ‬the new Color Dior collection‭, ‬reformed the brand letter CD into a mesh buckle‭, ‬perfectly shows how two people with rebellious souls are inseparable‭. ‬Among the collection‭, ‬Color Dior extends it to three themes‭, ‬with various ways of wearing‭, ‬which ingeniously blend creativity and playfulness‭, ‬and can more accurately fasten the heart of‭ ‬the other half‭. ‬Whether it‮!&‬s the rich iridescence of twelve-color‭, ‬the use of black and white‭, ‬gold and wood‭, ‬a simple movement‭ ‬of letters can give jewelry a whole new look‭. ‬The diamond-encrusted CD letters on the long necklace lightens the slender gold buckle‭, ‬the half is made of precious materials ebony‭, ‬brown walnut‭, ‬and slightly grainy golden brown maple‭, ‬completing the diversity of the piece‭. ‬a similar trio design is also used on a bracelet‭. ‬The asymmetrical earrings are the symbol of contemporary style‭, ‬with golden upright stems‭, ‬half of the CD letters are paved with diamonds‭, ‬and the other half are implanted with gold and maple wood‭, ‬which appropriately shows the aesthetic of the fusion of different individuals‭.

COLOR DIOR‭ ‬工藝圖。COLOR DIOR craftsmanship‭.‬

Playful‭ ‬Aroma

Use a nail to clasp your lover‭, ‬the obvious and extraordinary design shows Cartier’s determination to explore the beauty of invisibility everywhere‭, ‬and the key to successfully transforming nails into jewelry is to flexibly use the four creative essences of the brand‭: ‬pure line‭, ‬precise shape‭, ‬actuarial proportion and fine detail‭. ‬Such a neat shape is in line with the minimalism of‭ ‬modern people‭. ‬Juste un Clou is not only derived from the exploration of appearance and aesthetics‭, ‬but the nails are more subtly transformed into pure gold oval bracelets with two arches that can easily slide into the wrist‭. ‬The bracelet is opened and closed with a hidden lock‭, ‬and the nail head is aligned with the redesigned diamond-shaped tip to be fastened‭. ‬Its actuarial proportion and exquisite design coincide with the delicate emotions in the relationship‭. ‬The all-gold bracelet pays more attention to‭ ‬details‭, ‬redesigning the lines to match the diamond shape and the multi-faceted arch on the other side‭. ‬Cartier successfully sublimated the originally functional details into the elements of aesthetic design‭. ‬The diamond setting method of the Juste un Clou bracelet has also been carefully selected to highlight the shape and geometric work‭. ‬Various sizes of diamonds can be seen at‭ ‬the tip of the setting‭, ‬enhancing the sense of layers and visual effect‭, ‬and successfully captured the heart of the other half‭.‬

Cartier JUSTE UN CLOU‭ 玫瑰k金鑽石項鍊 ‬NT‭$ ‬205,000‮。
JUSTE UN CLOU necklace‭, ‬recommended price NT‭$ ‬205,000‭.‬
Cartier JUSTE UN CLOU 黃K金鑽石戒指,參考定價‬NT$130,000‭。
JUSTE UN CLOU ring‭, ‬recommended price‭  ‬NT$130,000‭.‬

Sweetness‭ ‬Overload

The design concept full of positive energy tells the bright future of infinite romance‭. ‬Harry Winston uses the timeless HW Logo‭ ‬series to let the world know the commemoration of each other through diamonds‭. ‬H and W represent the most loyal promises‭, ‬symbolize the long-lasting love between lovers‭, ‬and the emerald-shaped cut is transformed into a series of exquisite and elegant diamond bracelets and necklaces‭, ‬exuding timeless elegance and charm‭, ‬and also symbolizing Harry Winston’s love and the ultimate pursuit of excellence in the top of jewelry field‭. ‬How to begin a happy chapter‭? ‬The Winston Gate collection brings luck and blessings‭, ‬the iconic rosette which represents optimism‭, ‬opportunity‭, ‬hope and possibilities‭, ‬is adorned in platinum‭, ‬18k yellow gold or 18k rose gold‭, ‬and a wreath set with a round brilliant cut center diamond surrounded by a ring of pavé‭ ‬diamonds‭. ‬A simple jewelry design with deep meaning provides each wearer a prosperous day filled with sweetness‭.‬

海瑞溫斯頓HW Logo‭ ‬‬系列18k白金、18k黃金和18k玫瑰金鑽石項鍊情境圖。
Harry Winston HW Logo Collection Necklace‭.‬