居家協奏曲 |  Home Symphony   

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


Gucci 2022 Décor 系列情境圖。 
Gucci 2022 Décor collection. 


如何為空間妝點靈活的個人風格,選用一系列多元的 Gucci Décor 或許是個好選擇,從自然物質和精神之美萃取精髓,以古典花卉圖樣和動物圖騰進行嶄新詮釋。每款產品皆是獨一無二的藝術品,根據個人的品味陳設,點綴生活光景,於微小物件中傳遞自我精神。擁有四種獨特設計及香味的金屬蠟燭:Mehen、Esotericum、Herbosum 和 Freesia,迷人花卉與繽紛色調共譜出香氣協奏曲,徜徉綠草如茵的優雅自適,直叫人貪戀不已。

虎頭圖案玻璃杯,參考定價 NT$11,600。
Gucci Décor Tiger glass, recommended price NT$11,600. 
蜜蜂圖案玻璃杯,參考定價 NT$11,600。
Gucci Décor Bee glass, recommended price NT$11,600. 


將看似對立的物品重新建立新連結,揉合色調、圖樣與設計三大元素,乃是並置藝術的最高精妙。無不體現於具象徵性設計的飾品托盤及收納盒,藉太陽、月亮、蝴蝶、星眼,將 Gucci 的核心精神濃縮於此。此次居家系列更有瓷器、陶瓷蠟燭和燭杯,而餐桌上則以水晶玻璃杯和動物圖騰為特色的銀色羊駝甜點餐具做為更進一步的詮釋。銀色的金屬杯墊點綴上歷史悠久的房屋雕刻設計,於細膩巧思中,持續體現象徵主義的力量。

Gucci 2022 Décor 各色餐盤情境圖。
Gucci 2022 Décor plate collection. 


沙發,永遠是家中最溫暖熟悉的角落。而抱枕的存在,正是為這邊隅增添無窮生命力,藉絲綢、棉、亞麻混紡的背面搭配 GG 字母圖樣,正面採用羊毛及摩爾紋設計,不論端莊典雅、活潑俏皮、清冷高尚皆自成一格。暖和毛毯則以亞麻質料的 G 字母圖樣和絲綢混紡和亞麻混紡的彩色花卉,並添上心臟圖樣,顯現鮮活靈動之妙趣。具有雙面扶手的沙發,配有山毛櫸木馬蹄形腿凳,正面以衍縫摩爾紋設計,背面則精心搭配棉布緹花花紋圖樣,底下的金色裝飾和動人流蘇演繹了十八世紀的經典年華,試圖將那美妙光陰靜置家中一隅。

花卉緹花綠色扶椅,參考定價 NT$310,600。
Floral jacquard armchair in green moire, recommended price NT$310,600. 

The air lingers with the scent of romanticism as a fantastical garden of imagination unravels right in front of our eyes. Like entering Alice’s wonderland, the trimmed hedge is covered with elegant dinner plates, patterned candles and playful pillows. It’s a natural wonder where contrasting details blend together harmoniously, reminding us that home is where the heart is. 

The Scent 

How should we decorate our home to bring out our personal styles? Perhaps it’s a good choice to start with Gucci Décor. Drawing inspiration from natural materials and the beauty of spirits, the collection reinterprets classic floral and animal patterns. Every single item becomes an artwork that is one of a kind and conveys a sense of self according to the decorator’s choice of layout. Offering four distinctive designs and scents, the mini basket candles—Mehen, Esotericum, Herbosum and Freesia—turn the charming flowers and colorful tones into a symphony of fragrances that is fresh like a meadow but equally addicting. 

Gucci 2022 Décor 陶瓷杯情境圖。
Gucci 2022 Décor collection of ceramic mugs. 

The Tableware

Weaving together colors, patterns and designs, the connection built between seemingly opposite objects is the highest level of juxtaposition art. And this can be seen in the symbolic trinket trays and boxes, which are covered in totems such as the sun, moon, butterflies, star eyes and more. The Gucci Décor collection also offers porcelain tableware and candles, glass cups, dessert tableware with animal heads and metal coasters embellished with codes of the House. In between each clever detail, the power of symbolism comes to full bloom. 

粉黑花束刺繡靠墊,參考定價 NT$38,200。
Cushion with embroidered floral bouquet patch, recommended price NT$38,200.
GG 緹花靠枕,參考定價 NT$28,500。
GG jacquard cushion, recommended price NT$28,500. 

The Concept 

Couches are debatably the comfiest corner of the home, while cushions become an extension of energy for this corner. With one side covered in GG initials and made of viscose, cotton and linen, the other is crafted with wool and moire fabric—the GG Jacquard cushion is a blend of elegance, fun and style. When the embroidered floral bouquet and heart patch cushions are paired with the linen blanket featuring the GG Diamond pattern, the comfy corner comes to life with vividness. Another gem of the collection is the armchair that appears in bordeaux moire fabric on the front and a modern geometric velvet upholstery on the back. With the beechwood, horseshoe-like stiles and flowing fringes, the furniture perfectly captures the beauty of the 18th century and brings that wonderful time into our comfortable homes. 

Gucci 2022 Décor 各印花靠墊情境圖。
Gucci 2022 Décor collection of cushions.