療癒芬芳 香草王國:君達集團尹純綢董事長

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

「君達心悉光明,純綢願利家情。」持自利利他,發長遠心,廣積福慧資糧,定能緣聚福來,一切功德事業皆能有所成。高掛辦公室的箴言匾額,為尹純綢董事長一路以來的堅毅信念,也恰好映照了她「擇善固執」的處事 DNA。那天微涼午後,有機香草茶的沁人肺腑,為心頭捎來了一絲靜謐安定,她正溫柔地追述起三十六年來的香草傳奇。

If you prioritize yourself before helping others, while collecting blessings and wisdom along the way, it is almost a guarantee for personal and business success. The plaque hung high in the office is a testament to Chairman Sherry Yin’s steadfast belief that reflects her personality of always following her principles. As the mind is calmed by the refreshing taste of organic herbal tea, with absolute tenderness, she begins to recount her 36 years of herbal saga. 

Chairman Chun Chou Yin of Yinsherb Cooperation.




Yinsherb founded several self-owned brands. 


企業轉型實屬不易,歷經八年時間,尹純綢董事長將有機香草融入於秧悦美地度假酒店為經營主軸,對此她認為「核心價值」是相當關鍵的軟性特質,「我不只成為第一,我更要成為唯一,用這些不同的價值去支撐你所謂 Only one 的條件。」其中董事長相當看重「承諾」,不論是員工、廠商、合作夥伴,她熟諳誠信之於商場的重要性。




Gifted by a respected elder, the Forgiveness stone is a reminder for Chairman Yin and a symbol of her devotion towards religion.





With Foresight and Wisdom 

Having established a deep connection with herbs ever since she was a kid, Chairman Yin was fascinated by the sight of her stepfather treating people with herbs, where she witnessed the instant healing effects that reduced swelling. As a result, she became a registered nurse when she grew up. Not only did she gain a profound understanding towards the fleeting nature of life, but she also began to realize the importance of prevention treatments. “As the patients come and go, especially when it’s a life or death situation, you start to ask yourself, why do we always wait until the last moment? Is there any way to prevent it?” From the herbs her father used when she was a kid to the essential oils in her working environment, Yin was amazed by the products of nature and began thinking about starting her own business. “Natural products can replace so many things, it has to be recognized.” From Yinsherb Farm, brands like Herb Maze and Gaea Farm, to Gaea Villa in Hualien, each and every step is the foresight of Chairman Yin. “A business needs to transform once it hits the ten-year stage. No product can last forever without changing.” Always prepared and never gives up easily once the goal is set, she is certain that opportunity is only reserved for those who are ready.

Selection of organic herbal products by Yinsherb. 

Always Have Compassion 

It is never easy for a business to change its model. After eight years of experience, Chairman Yin successfully incorporated organic herbs into the center of management of Gaeavilla, for which she found core values to be the key to everything. “I can’t be the first, I have to be the only. These are the values that support the condition to be the only one.” When it comes to business relationships, whether it is with employees, vendors or partners, she finds it important to keep her promises because she understands the value of honesty and trust. Perhaps due to her mother’s upbringing, this strong will to help others is already deeply embedded in her since she was a kid. From freeing sea turtles, purchasing organic soybeans from local farmers, to sponsoring breakfast for the students in need in Hualien, these good deeds are a testament to her kind heart. “Buddhism affected me a lot because I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, and my mother had to work really hard to raise me properly. Buddha has always been like a beacon to us, blessing us with the strength to overcome hardships.” Reflecting on the difficulties she has faced along the way, Chairman Yin is able to turn them into spiritual inspiration that allows her to forgive all the discontent and let go of the discomfort—the perfect exemplification of “free the mind, free the body.” 

Everything is in the Details 

Of all the herbs, Chairman Yin is especially fond of chamomile and lavender, due to her sensitive skin. “Chamomile is actually the most expensive essential oil because only a little amount can be extracted, but its healing properties are exceptional.” From having a cup of organic herbal tea in the morning to taking essential oil baths before going to bed, herbs have already become a big part of her diet and lifestyle and also the secret to her healthy complexion. As the best spokesperson for herbs, Yin has also acquired the nickname of “Mother of Gaea.” Always present at the property, she pays great attention to the smallest details and sets the perfect example for her employees. “I believe good management starts with the people. Humans are born good, so we should start from kindness and learn to love this land and the people working on it.” In terms of the future and passing the torch, Chairman Yin chuckles and says, “I consider anyone who joins Yinsherb to be my child!” Breaking the traditional Eastern mindset, her definition of inheritance is elevated and goes beyond familial bonds. “To have the ability to keep the business running while leading the team, that is what true inheritance means.” Sipping on her herbal tea with ease, suddenly, her warm smile is unable to contain the wisdom that lies beneath it. 

以獨特雞種 Gaea 格雅雞,打造秧田良品純滴雞精。
Concentrated Chicken Essence by Gaea Farm.