In Style:冬日節慶 美好邂逅|Gucci假日禮讚、LV限定滑雪和LOEWE早春的詼諧筆觸

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


As the air lingers with the joy of festivities, the technicolor garments and hues become a prelude to the end of the year parties.  

Gucci Gift 2022 takes us to an era of freedom. 


冬日的絢爛星空下,一群人搭上奇幻火車,各自踏上一段超越想像的旅程,在Gucci創意總監Alessandro Michele離開之前,留下了一段美好愜意時刻。行李以不同形狀大小、色調、比例,透過頂級皮革和幾何圖案呈現,蕾絲、荷葉邊、天鵝絨和亮片等色彩鮮豔的服裝,或是溫潤的家居服飾都為節日增添魅力,精緻美妝品配上奢華的高級珠寶和錶款,甚至是Gucci寵物系列,盡情地奔向未知,沈浸在路途上。

Gucci Gift 2022 takes us to an era of freedom. 


旅行精神轉換到高山雪場,伴隨人們在室內外渡過白雪皚皚的日夜時光,在路易威登的想像的冬季世界裡,全新限定滑雪系列經過重新解構,再結合時尚與機能性重塑華麗外觀,從 Monogram圖案刷毛衫、絎縫夾克到運動風針織衫,不僅能互相搭配成時髦的滑雪套裝,亦能透過無數種方式進行混搭,多款天然鵝絨製成的羽絨服,為抵禦極端天氣之際,同時帶來煥然一新的視覺效果。


由時尚攝影師 Juergen Teller親自操刀,赤裸裸、不加修飾是他的風格,充滿幽默趣味的視角展現不同個性面貌與神氣活現的自信態度,呼應著LOEWE早春系列的奇妙思想。俏皮怪異的形象引人注意,鮮豔的髮色呼應包款,強眼的色彩也讓包包從背景中脫穎而出,主角們穿著早春新裝,在鏡頭前生動詮釋經典包款,雕塑線條及超現實集於一身,坦率且不做作。

夏木麻里穿著LOEWE早春新裝,在鏡頭前生動詮釋經典 Puzzle包款。
Wearing LOEWE Pre-Spring, Mari Natsuki models for the classic Puzzle. 

Holiday Celebration

Under the dome of winter constellations, a cast of characters embarks on a magical journey as they meet on a luxury train, a beautiful moment created right before fashion designer Alessandro Michele’s departure. From a monogram travel selection of luggage in different sizes, hues and geometric patterns, colorful garments covered in lace, ruffles, velvet and sequins, comfortable loungewear that adds a touch of festivity, delicate makeup set alongside fine jewelry pieces, to the Gucci Pet Collection—the focus is on the journey itself and the beauty in the shared moments of togetherness. 

Everything Reconstructed 

Taking the winter celebration outdoors, the spirit of travel is taken up to the alpine snowfields. In the winter world of Louis Vuitton, the LV SKI Collection deconstructs elements and combines them into gorgeous designs that are both fashionable and functional. Consists of a mix of quilted and fleece Monogram, quilted jacket and sporty knits, the seasonal line not only becomes a collection of chic, cold-weather essentials, but can also be styled in various different ways. Perfect for the extreme weather, the puffy down jackets offer a refreshing visual devoted solely to the winter season. 

A Humorous Rendition 

Once again shot by fashion photographer Juergen Teller, who is known for his direct and creative style, the LOEWE SS23 pre-collection showcases different personalities and confidence through an absurd but humorous perspective. In the quirky images, the bright hair colors echo with the bags, while the high saturation shifts the focus towards what the models are wearing. Interacting with the upcoming collection as living sculptures, they are lively, candid and radiating with a sense of ultra-realism. 

戲服設計師Sandy Powell頂著一頭橘紅色短髮,手拿LOEWE Puffer Goya 包款。
Costume designer Sandy Powell with her signature bright orange haircut carrying LOEWE Puffer Goya.