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Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama : 創造無極限,讓臉孔成為創作的畫布第二波形象廣告,全球代言人鄭好娟演繹。
Titled “Creating Infinity,” the latest Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama campaign turns faces into creative canvases and features global ambassador Hoyeon. 

當時尚與創新交互碰撞,將會創造出什麼樣的火花?有些聯名訴說的不只是噱頭,它們講究品牌與品牌之間的連結性、故事性與意義所在。路易威登與草間彌生彼此的親密性從2015年展開對話,這次在攝影師Steven Meise鏡頭下的形象廣告中,直接將臉孔當成畫布,運用繽紛色彩和豐富表情呈現出多幅俏皮的肖像畫,光芒四射的南瓜、五顏六色的臉孔、花朵、無盡的圓點和無盡的網,出現在Capucines 和 Monogram 手袋與配飾上。更重新詮釋了三款代表性香水,Attrape-Rêves由牡丹花香揉合天然可可粉,一絲廣藿香加入乍現活力的清新荔枝香氣;Spell On You意指珍貴的鳶尾花揉合精緻的玫瑰誘人心弦,釋放銷魂愛意;L’Immensité是帶有清新氣息、一絲二氧化碳萃取的生薑與葡萄柚的苦澀,香水旅行盒也都換上圓點與臉孔圖案,綻放春日氣息。

LOEWE再度選擇攜手吉卜力工作室,「霍爾的移動城堡」以魔法、奇幻科技及戰爭禍害為背景,講述忠誠與仁愛故事,系列設計大膽創意,以精緻手工將動畫化為真實服裝,這不只是他們的首度合作,品牌對於彼此的概念契合度深不可測,因此帶來一次又一次的驚喜合作。Gentle Monster 創立短短十多年,憑著新穎前衛的設計,過往聯名舉凡 Blackpink Jennie與Moncler,而這次首度攜手法國高級時裝品牌 Maison Margiela,將兩者別具實驗性的設計理念及獨特美學詮釋得淋漓盡致。

While fashion has become more and more diversified, it has grown into a healthy environment for brands to play with their own iconography. In the past few years, countless collaborations have been made for brands to increase awareness on social media platforms and create the opportunity to combine different cultures and styles. 

LOEWE x 霍爾的移動城堡系列,李沐&周興哲形象圖。

What happens when fashion meets innovation? Some collaborations are more than just publicity stunts, instead, they are about the connection, storytelling and meaning shared between brands. Ever since 2015, Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama have been sharing an exclusive partnership. Through the lens of photographer Steven Meise, their latest campaign turns famous faces into canvases, adorning them with bright colors and joyful expressions to showcase an array of playful portraits. Distinctive motifs such as radiant pumpkins, technicolor faces, flowers, infinity dots and nets are found on the iconic Capucines and Monogram handbags and accessories. The collaboration also reimagines three of Louis Vuitton’s signature perfumes, starting with Attrape-Rêves, a jubilant perfume that blends the scent of peonies with raw cocoa powder and is enlivened by notes of patchouli and fresh litchi. Followed by Spell On You, a feminine fragrance that captures the charm of sensual love with precious iris pallida and sophisticated rose. Lastly, with a touch of freshness, L’Immensité comes with the whiff of ginger brightened by the bitterness of grapefruit. Wrapped in playful Kusama bottles, the three beloved scents are housed in leather Travel cases modeled after Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunks adorned with color-painted dots and face installments, a perfect rendition of the vibrancy of spring. 

Once again teaming up with Studio Ghibli, LOEWE releases the third and final capsule collection inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle, a fantasy epic recounting the story of loyalty and compassion against a backdrop of magic, imposing technology and warfare. Bold and creative, the collaboration transforms the animation into real-life clothing through impeccable artisanship, a testament to the close relationship and concept shared between the Spanish luxury house and the renowned film studio. On the other hand, with its avant-garde and innovative designs, Gentle Monster was able to work with international icons such as Blackpink’s Jennie and Moncler despite its relatively new establishment. For the first time, the Korean luxury eyewear brand is partnering up with Maison Margiela and offering a collaboration that perfectly captures concepts of experimental design and unique aesthetics. 

LOEWE x 霍爾的移動城堡系列。