讓肌膚回到最純粹原始的樣貌,以清爽水嫩好氣色迎接初夏!迪奧緹花全能修護霜、VERSO重磅推出全新NEAR 1…

TEXT|Elva Liu , TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


Through the lens of photographer Zhong Lin, Byredo’s chapter on No Man’s Land tells the story of the burning red.


透過滴滴珍貴的肌膚之鑰精萃光采激光晶露,奢華絲綢般的質地,集結紅、棕、綠等三種海藻的強效混合物所製成的三色海藻複合物。而肌膚之鑰深信,創造更美好世界的關鍵在於解鎖與啟發女孩的潛能,每售出一瓶精萃光采激光晶露激光瓶, 其中三美元將會捐出給聯合國兒童基金會,以支持全球女童教育與賦權,讓這份美麗心態永續且長存。Sisley植物美容學專家推出全新升級全能乳液,一抹恢復肌膚平衡,從源頭啟動肌膚自我修護能力,更隨著歲月流逝更成為成世代流傳的美麗傳奇。




每天肌膚都承受著氣溫變化、紫外線與髒污等外在壓力因子侵擾,使肌膚變得脆弱敏感。迪奧再次突破陳規推出全新迪奧緹花全能修護霜,以搶眼的鵝卵石造型,烙印經典DIOR OBLIQUE緹花圖騰,為保養單品注入高訂靈魂。一瓶能達到護手潤澤、指甲滋養、身體乾燥舒緩、晚安潤唇多重功效,集結積雪草的高效修護能量,加入角鯊烷、荷荷芭油、乳油木果油等多重自然修護成分,提供肌膚高效鎖水滋養。


隨著A醇包覆性技術愈趨成熟,歷時八年的研究心血,VERSO重磅推出全新NEAR 1。創辦人秉持著強烈的斯堪地那維亞精神,簡約、極簡與高品質,展開了一場護膚革命。如果說 8倍A醇是做到了A醇的高度,那NEAR 1 就是拓展了A醇的廣度,菸鹼醯胺與A酸都是護膚界裡著名的成分,NEAR 1則採用特殊重組結構,乘載雙重成分,提供肌膚加倍成效的同時,卻又大幅降低刺激性,幫助肌膚撫平歲月的痕跡。



Aesop 二重奏系列。
Aesop In Two Minds series.

As the seasons transition from spring to summer, the temperature and humidity of the air fluctuate, which lead to an array of skin concerns. In order to bring back the skin’s pure, natural state, it is important to embrace a skincare routine that is refreshing and hydrating, one that can restore a radiant complexion for this early summer. 

Preserving Beauty 

With a silk-like texture, Clé de Peau Beauté The Serum features Kelplex – a complex of red, green and brown kelp – to activate the skin’s regenerative powers from within. A strong believer that unlocking the power of girls is the key to a better world, Clé de Peau Beauté is proud to continue their partnership with UNICEF to support the education and empowerment of girls globally. With each purchase of The Serum, $3 US dollars will be donated to UNICEF to ensure the longevity of the positive cause. A renowned expert in phyto-cosmetology, Sisley introduces the renewed Ecological Compound Advanced Formula. Restoring balance with just one stroke, the unique formula stimulates the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and sets itself as the beautiful legend that will be passed on from generation to generation. 

Repair Energy 

In the top-tier skincare kingdom built by Giorgio Armani himself, the Crema Nera collection showcases a deep admiration for nature and its ultimate perfection. With an unparalleled blend of rare natural ingredients, the series delivers an outstanding efficacy that is one-of-a-kind. While the Acqua Reviscentalis Reviving Treatment Lotion gently exfoliates and hydrates the skin, the Acqua Pantelleria Antioxidant Treatment Lotion increases metabolism, delivers instant hydration and injects revitalizing energy. Amidst the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, North Africa, YSL is nurturing rare and pure plants in the beautiful, paradise-like land. Through dual-action electric pulses, the brand new Pure Shots luxury skincare delicately takes care of every inch of the skin, leaving it rejuvenated, healed and completely relaxed.

Complete Nourishment

Every day, our skin is exposed to various external stressors – temperature change, UV rays, dirt and dust – which makes it fragile and sensitive. Once again breaking conventions, Dior introduces Dior Le Baume, housed in a pebble-shaped tube and embellished with the classic Dior Oblique motif, making it a gorgeous couture piece. With just one bottle, the hydrating cream moisturizes the hand, nourishes the nails, revitalizes dry skin and smoothens the lips. The formula is infused with centella asiatica, known for its effective soothing properties, along with squalane, jojoba oil, shea butter and other hydrating components to restore moisturization and nourishment for the skin. 

Dior Le Baume 50ml, recommended price NT$1,930.

Smoothing Traces

As retinol encapsulation technology continues to mature, after eight years of research and dedication, VERSO finally launches the groundbreaking NEAR 1. Driven by the strong Scandinavian spirit of simplicity, minimalism and quality, the founder has initiated a skincare revolution. If having eight times more retinol means achieving a new height in terms of quantity, then NEAR 1 is about expanding the breadth of the vitamin. Working with two hero ingredients – vitamin A and niacinamide – NEAR 1 finds a unique link between the two to enhance the effects of retinol and reduce the traces of time on the skin, while ensuring little to no irritation. 

Balanced Conditioning 

With the weather gradually getting warmer, the oily condition of our face also becomes more noticeable, which can further lead to the formation of blackheads and acne. To combat the issue, thorough but gentle cleansing can help tighten the pores and reduce the accumulation of dirt particles, thereby alleviating further skin issues. Perfect for this transitional period, Aesop offers six of its star products to help the skin battle the changing season. Start with the cleanser to cleanse the skin properly, follow it with the anti-blemish masque to gently remove any impurities and the exfoliant paste to restore the skin’s smoothness. Then, apply the lavender-based facial toner to calm and alleviate the skin. Lastly, end the regimen with a hydrator, which comes in a texture of the combination of essence and cream, to complete an ideal hydrating routine that is perfect for everyday use.