In Syle:奔放夏日情懷|Loewe、Gucci、Givenchy推出海島度假裝束都為都市生活滲入了陽光假期氣息!

TEXT|Elva Liu , TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


Givenchy 2023 秋季全新Plage 泳裝及沙灘服飾限量系列,從當地的高雅品味生活和柔美色調尋找靈感,重新演繹品牌特色元素。
Givenchy revisits brand signatures to present Givenchy Plage, a transversal “city to sand” swim and beachwear capsule of ready-to-wear and accessories for Fall 2023.

希臘哲學家伊比鳩魯曾說過:「人生追根究底不過是為了享受快樂。」當日夜之間遊走於海灘、小艇及池畔,在大自然中享樂,享樂主義一詞為此而生。海島度假裝束能為都市生活滲入陽光假期氣息,今年春夏推出的 Paula’s Ibiza 系列,已經是Loewe第四度與Paula’s Ibiza合作,以歡愉無憂的氣氛為主題,重現當年影響世界各地的享樂文化氣息,融合波西米亞風格與印花、荷葉邊、紮染細節。Gucci Summer Stories 系列以鮮明的色彩結合海洋靈感,涼爽透氣材質擁抱夏季的氛圍,集結各種斑爛色彩於一身,散發專屬夏日假期的狂熱放縱情懷。

從法國蔚藍海岸汲取靈感,不只是Hedi Slimane 將在海邊和城市探索的靈感,注入到全新的 Celine Plein Soleil 夏日膠囊系列中,在淡季的聖特羅佩,身穿一件棕色麂皮的派克大衣、手工鉤織的開衫與洋裝,或是比基尼套裝外套上男友風條紋真絲府綢襯衫,柔和的大地色調與牛仔藍、山核桃條紋,靛藍色交織相得益彰,傳遞精緻優雅的生活方式。 Givenchy也從海濱大宅 Le Clos Fiorentina的柔美色調中尋找靈感,重新演繹品牌特色元素,大膽鏤空剪裁、取材自海灘俱樂部的單品、水手條紋、珍珠和粉紅色等,打造從容氣息的海岸魅力。另外Chloé也與法國高級泳裝品牌ERES攜手呈獻獨家系列,融入英式刺繡和標誌性的C字細節設計,在呈現美感的同時也注重舒適感受。

Whether if you are stepping into the soothing ocean, lying on the warm, soft sand, or basking in the comfortable sun, everything about wandering in the realm of freedom feels like a catalyst, one that ignites the intense emotions associated with the summer season, permeating the azure island with a sense of serenity. 

Ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus once said, “All things are to be done for the sake of the pleasant feelings associated with them.” Roaming between the beach, boats and poolside and indulging in the pleasure found in nature – hedonism was born for moments like these. Injecting city life with a sunny coastal vibe, Loewe once again teams up with Paula’s Ibiza for the fourth time to launch a capsule collection for this spring and summer season. With a theme of carefree enjoyment, the collection revives the hedonistic culture that once influenced the world through details like Bohemian prints, ruffles, tie-dye and more. Inspired by the ocean, the bright-colored Gucci Summer Stories collection uses cool and breathable materials to capture the essence of summer. As all the different shades are coming together, the unrestrained spirit exclusive to summer holidays is brought to full bloom. 

Hedi Slimane 將在海邊和城市探索的靈感,融合注入到全新的 Celine Plein Soleil 夏日膠囊系列。
Hedi Slimane searches for inspiration among the city and ocean and injects it into the brand new Celine Plein Soleil summer capsule collection.

Drawing inspiration from the French Riviera, Hedi Slimane takes the musings he found by the ocean and during city explorations and injects them into the latest Celine Plein Soleil summer capsule collection. With Saint-Tropez as the backdrop, wear a brown suede parka over the hand-knitted cardigan and dress, or layer the bikini set with a boyfriend-style silk foulard shirt. The soft earthy tones blend harmoniously with denim blue, walnut stripes and hues of indigo – an ensemble that perfectly conveys a refined and elegant lifestyle. In the same vein, Givenchy searches for inspiration from the soft hues of Le Clos Fiorentina to reinterpret the brand’s signature elements. From the bold cut-out silhouettes, beach club-inspired accessories, sailor stripes, pearls, to the pink shades, everything comes together to create an effortless coastal charm. Meanwhile, Chloé teams up with French luxury swimwear brand ERES to launch an exclusive collection that incorporates British embroidery and the iconic C-shaped detailing, without losing comfort while creating an aesthetic appeal.