新郎特輯|戴上GEM DIOR 全新系列、MIKIMOTO狂野珍珠為愛情續寫夢想篇章!

TEXT|Coco Yang , TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

「Yes, I do.」彼此相視而笑,緩緩道出的甜蜜誓言,細數著過往的喜怒哀樂,任隨歲月流逝與容貌老去,冀望身旁的人影依舊如一。

GEM DIOR 玫瑰金鑽石手鐲,工藝圖。 
GEM DIOR bracelet in rose and diamond.


如何為愛情續寫夢想篇章?Dior Joaillerie 創意總監 Victoire de Castellane 為眾人演繹了最佳示範,將強而有力的蜜意宣言,濃縮至珠寶暨腕錶系列的全新款式:Gem Dior、Gemmes Dior、J’aime Dior。珠寶中反覆出現的顛簸幾何圖案彷彿愛戀中的波盪情緒,悉心安排的矩形堆疊宛如幸運魔法石,不僅賦予寶石律動美學,觸感上更具備豐盛的感官體驗。顏色選擇上,提供了白金、玫瑰金、黃金、半鑲或全鋪鑲鑽石,七只全新創作的手鐲,為即將步入浪漫殿堂的翩翩男子實現任何搭配可能,透過隨心所欲的疊搭展現獨具風格。本次另有兩款造型腕錶驚喜亮相,敘述著寶貴光陰的流轉,錶盤上呼應了系列初衷,自異材質、顏色與密度展現對比下的精美,如孔雀石和黃金與精鋼的搭配,至青金石與堅硬寶石所呈現的完美和諧,無不表露伴侶相知相惜的美好韶光。

GEM DIOR 黃金鑽石彩寶腕錶,參考定價 NT$2,500,000。
GEM DIOR watch in yellow gold, lapis lazuli, decorative stones and diamonds, recommended price NT$2,500,000. 


創立於 1893 年的 MIKIMOTO,今年迎來品牌第 130 週年,持續致力於「以珍珠妝點每一個人,無論性別或世代。」憑藉全新的珠寶風格,為男性增添溫柔氣息,以象徵撕破窠臼印象的 V 字線條打造 V Code 系列珠寶,不僅描繪出俐落摩登風格,更以強調自我的態度創造時髦風潮,於舉手投足乍現光芒。另一矚目新品為 M Signature 系列,運用獨有的粉紅金柔和色調,搭配閃亮鑽石,為整體捎來活潑俐落的印象,其設計靈感來自品牌 logo 的 M 字,照映鏡面無限延伸,導角的細膩處理使光線反射,M 字體也因此相連,鏤空的巧妙設計則提高了配戴舒適度,透過墜鍊、耳環與戒指等款式,為新郎的重要節日獻上眾多選擇。

MIKIMOTO 品牌全球代言人宋威龍演繹 V Code 系列珠寶。
MIKIMOTO global ambassador Song Weilong wearing the V Code collection.


源自十九世紀末的創意靈感,一種全新的藝術表達方式「電影」誕生,如絢麗花火般的連續畫面,造就了 DAMIANI Belle Époque 美好年代系列的經典作品,運用創新的幾何圖騰,猶如「移動」藝術的呈現,象徵早期電影膠片的美好,藍寶石、紅寶石或祖母綠與鑽石的交錯搭配,勾勒出唯美的線條與輪廓,亦如憶起過往戀人相處的歡愉點滴,滿溢著對生活的無窮樂趣。另一延伸的新作 Belle Époque Reel 系列,呼應早年珠寶的鮮明色彩,同時映照出數位影片的當代活力與精神,以 18K 白金、18K 黃金和 18K 玫瑰金打造而成,並鑲嵌華美鑽石,輕觸內圈,貴金屬環會如捲軸般旋轉,圓形與長方形的交錯設計,象徵科技時代的「0」與「1」符碼,轉動之際代表著全新世代的馳騁前行,獻給愛好嶄新思維的風格男子,為來日的種種未知捎來洋溢幸福。

“Yes, I do.” Smiling and slowly uttering the sweet vow – one that carries the joys and sorrows of the past – we allow time to pass and appearances to age, in the hopes that the one thing that remains the same is the person standing by us. 

Declaration of Love 

How do we continue the dream chapter of love? Perhaps Dior Joaillerie’s creative director Victorie de Castellane has the best answer, as she turns the powerful declaration of love into a brand new collection of jewelry and watches – Gem Dior, Gemmes Dior, J’aime Dior. It is as if the recurring geometric patterns found in her creations resemble the ups and downs in a relationship, while the carefully arranged rectangular stackings are like the sorcerer’s stones symbolizing luck. Not only do they imbue the gemstones with rhythm and beauty, but they also add depth and variety to the sensory experience. Offered in several different colors – white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, half or fully paved diamonds – the seven brand new bracelets offer the elegant grooms a chance to achieve their desired appearance and showcase their distinctive style through creative layering. On top of that, Dior also unveils two timepieces that narrate the passage of precious time. Echoing with the essence of the collection, the dials feature exquisite contrasts through different materials, colors and densities. Whether it’s the combination of turquoise, gold and stainless steel, or the perfect harmony created by lapis lazuli and hard gemstones, they all capture the beauty of the cherished moments shared between lovers. 

Fashionable Sentiment 

Founded in 1893, Mikimoto celebrated its 130th anniversary this year, as the brand continues its dedication to adorn everyone with pearls, regardless of gender or age. With a brand new jewelry design, the Japanese jeweler adds a gentle touch to men’s style by introducing the V Code collection that features V-shaped lines, a symbol of breaking stereotypes. The collection not only captures a sleek and modern style, but also establishes a fashionable trend with an emphasis on self-expression, allowing the wearer to beam with brilliance with each and every movement. Another novelty is the M Signature collection, which incorporates the unique but soft pink gold tone with brilliant diamonds to exude a lively impression. Drawing inspiration from the brand logo, the letter M is situated to create a mirror effect, while the delicate handling of angles reflects lights to connect the letterforms and the clever hollow-out design enhances comfort for the wearer. Offered in pendants, earrings and rings, the collection provides numerous choices for grooms to celebrate significant occasions in their most ideal way. 

A Stunning Imagery 

Originating from the late 19th century, a new form of artistic expression – cinema – was born. Like spectacular fireworks, the display of continuous frames shaped the iconic creations from the DAMIANI Belle Époque collection. Utilizing innovative geometric patterns, the novelties capture the essence of visual arts and become emblems of the beauty found in early films. The intertwining sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds outline graceful silhouettes and curves, as if recalling the joyful memories shared with past lovers and the pleasures of life that come with it. Another extension of the collection, the Belle Époque Reel echoes with the vibrant colors used in the early jewelries, while reflecting the contemporary vitality and spirit of digital films. Crafted with 18-karat white, yellow and rose gold, the pieces are adorned with exquisite diamonds and with a gentle touch, the precious metal ring rotates like a film reel. Meanwhile, the interplay of circles and rectangles becomes symbolic codes of “0” and “1” found in the technological era. As they turn, they represent how a brand new generation is striving forward, a dedication to the stylish men who, with courage, embrace innovative thinking and the abundance of happiness that the unknown future may bring forth. 

DAMIANI Belle Époque Reel 系列戒指形象圖。
DAMIANI Belle Époque Reel ring.