利百加旅行社總經理黃清涼|以客為尊,品質至上 Customer Orientation, Quality First


In the past decade, Taiwan’s tourism industry has been rapidly changing. People’s definition of traveling and demands have become more diverse. The travel pattern has evolved from group trips during the past years to self-guided tours nowadays, and that precisely shows people from our country have changed the way they travel. Being able to stand out from the crowd of travel agencies, also set up a standard that goes beyond the industry benchmarks, General Manager Huang Ching-liang has been upholding the three business concepts, teamwork, quality persistence and product innovation on the way to building up the travel philosophy of Gabriel Tours.






Customers are always the priority.  This is the core business concept that the General Manager Mr. Huang Ching-liang takes into consideration in the first place. After dedicating himself to the tourism industry for so many years and going through how people of different generations changed the way that they travel, he is still with his original intention when continuously leading the team of Gabriel Tours to outstanding performance, as well as bringing customers the best quality of enjoyment.

During the interview, General Manager Mr. Huang mentioned the previous work that led to his character development. As the relationship between the tour group members, trust  building interaction among the employees, and the atmosphere in the company, are the matters associated with people and the human-centered spirit.

Specializing in travel destinations in Japan, Gabriel Tours plans the themes of travel with not only refined and diverse features, but also the immersive travel of deeply exploring the local culture and a bit more hearty hospitality. Particularly, the launching of the railway tours has made the tour group members take the real train to check out the beautiful scenery of each spot with local experiences. Besides, the Gabriel Tours is Taiwan’s only travel agency having the travel route that focuses on Japanese festivals and featuring distinguished segments on product themes and positioning. As to the selection of hotels and food ingredients, the Gabriel Tours makes every detail well-arranged to assure that the tour group as well as ensures the route planning quality above certain types of levels.

All the theme planning is based on creating unforgettable moments and memories that includes slow and roam, beauty, goodness, innovation, breakthroughs and persistence, which he has been upholding these core values of business esthetics and signature features since the very beginning.

General Manager Huang said the he hopes to ensure each of the tour group members who join the Gabriel Tours a comfortable and leisure experience, which follows Customer Orientation, Quality First; the Gabriel Tours is a superb travel agency that brings each tour group member a sense of belongingness.