徐雪芳女士|善於傾聽的領導者 A Good Leader and a Great Listener


Ms. Hsueh-Fang Hsu was wearing a soft twill-woven wool coat in the yellow color, carrying a bright yellow bag, and greeted each employee at the Far Eastern Xinyi A13. Though her contagious energy, all staff lively welcomed her arrival.


出生在一個大家庭,她從未想過自己會進入家族體系誤打誤撞入了百貨後,按步就班從基層做起,遵循公司的制度及體系,體現企業精神「誠、勤、樸、慎、創新」,以她對專業服務的追求與本能,如今的她成功地引領出超群的百貨事業體。在工作時能保持專業的態度面對媒體,其實私底下的她非常文靜,喜歡自己沉澱思考,將公司的大小事反覆研討,將公司的經營及服務方面完整地設想,為得是服務品質達到最致高的效益。談起如何在工作時保持最佳狀態,她以堅定的口吻說:「做事態度要認真,把每一件事情『當一回事』,聽起來很簡單,但做到也不容易(笑),把事情做好做滿,做完美!」她如此堅定的責任感及要求,證實了看似嬌小外型的她,卻有著比誰都強大堅強的心。在遠東百貨歷經的50幾年,中間也不斷地轉型,每一間百貨都驗證了時代的變遷,從1967年開幕的第一代遠東百貨永綏店到2020年第五代遠東信義A13,從全台第一間百貨店到數位化的時代,在店內可以看見數位螢幕,同時在客戶端開啟「遠東百貨」App,內建「Smart Pick易利購」,百貨將一天所購買的商品集合,在行程結束後一次性領取。裡面同時還設有「停車服務」,在進入百貨公司之前可以查看各百貨所剩停車格;POS系統將每一位客人的喜好記錄,客製化的簡訊通知讓您不會錯過愛牌的新品。客人在遠東百貨皆能感受到服務及經營層面的溫暖及細節,至尊的服務是遠東百貨的專有特色,徐女士參與了大大小小的討論及細節,便還是謙虛地說:「進了公司之後,公司不斷地在轉型所以對於帶人處事、經營面、管理面受益良多。」


成長自百貨產業家庭的她,時尚是她從小耳濡目染的,大學也曾因為自己的喜好就讀時裝設計,她有著設計師般的時尚品味,平時穿著也是既亮麗又優雅,她的衣櫃如彩虹般絢麗,就像她正向樂觀的個性,她笑著說:「走在百貨看到漂亮的東西欲望就來了,滿足自己的欲望,也給公司做業績。」 連她的貼身秘書都透露,在公司主管會議黑色套裝之中,她身上總是會有一個圖騰或色彩去提亮她的打扮,而時尚單品在她身上,總是會有屬於她的獨特風格。保有自己獨有的混搭時尚,每天神采奕奕,保持良好的身心靈狀態,使她出差時總是第一個準備好,最後一個休息,即使走了一整天的路,即使其他人感到疲累,但她始終面不改色,笑臉迎人。面對高壓的百貨產業下,談起養生之道,徐雪芳女士說「運動、多吃維他命、睡眠要充足、多喝水、自己要懂得釋放壓力。」在年度例行的場勘,她說:「面對面溝通的感覺不一樣,大家什麼都願意講,有什麼需求也比較好溝通。」這就是專屬於徐雪芳女士這位領導者的體貼!

Having a strong sense of Mission Since Working in the Basic Operations Department

Born to a big family, she has never thought of taking over the enterprise. Without any expectations, she started working in the basic operations department at the time entering the industry. With the step-by-step procedure, she followed the company’s regulations and system to fulfill the spirit of enterprise: “Sincerity, Diligence, Ordinary, Cautiousness and Innovation.” With her talent and pursuit of professional service, the department store has become a remarkable business under her successful guidance. At work, she can retain a professional attitude whenever facing the media; in her private life, she’s a quiet person, who enjoys thinking deeply on matters. Repeatedly investigating and discussing over the company’s matters and chores, making comprehensive consideration on the company’s management and service aspects, she’s dedicated to making the best quality service with high efficiency. When talking about how to maintain work under the best condition, she said it baldly, ” ‘Upholding the hardworking attitude and taking matters seriously.’ It seems to be easy but actually not, she said it with a smile. “It is important to do things to the fullest” Having such a determined sense of responsibility and demand, she is proven to have a stronger and more powerful mindset than anyone behind her rather small physical appearance. During more than 50 years, the Far Eastern Department Store has undergone constant transformation when each department store is the evidence of time changes. Since the Far Eastern Department started from the 1st generation Yongsui Store in 1967, the 5th generation Far Eastern Xinyi A13 has become Taiwan’s 1st digital department store; digital screens are visible in the building, and whenever the guests open the “Far Eastern Department Store” App, the build-in “Smart Pick” allows guests to record all purchased items on the same day and pick them up all at once upon leaving the store. There’s a “parking service” for guests to check up the number of parking lots available in each department store; the POS system keeps each guest’s favorites on record and sends customized messages to notify the guest with the most updated new product launch. Guests inside the store can feel the warmth and details of service and management provided by the Far Eastern Department Store; exclusive service-orientation is the unique feature of the Far Eastern Department Store. Although Ms. Hsu has participated in each big and small discussion and matters, she keeps a humble attitude and said, “Ever since working for the company, the company has undergone a constant transformation, I’ve learned a lot in the aspects of leadership, working attitude, business, and management.”

The Color of Her Inner World

Growing up in a family doing the department store business, fashion is something she’s been influenced with ever since her childhood. When studying at the university, she chose fashion design as her major according to her personal interest. Her taste in fashion is as good as a designer, and she usually wears elegant clothes in bright colors; her wardrobe is like the rainbow, amazingly colorful and that describes her positive and optimistic personality. She laughed and said, “Seeing beautiful things whenever walking in the department store inspires her desire to purchase; satisfying her desire is the way to increase the sales performance.” Her personal secretary mentioned that Ms. Hsu always uses a pattern or color to highlight her dress in black even when she attends the supervisors’ meeting. The fashionable clothes she wore always delivers her unique style; that’s why the general manager’s dress is what her personal secretary most expected. Keeping her own mix-and-match fashion, having great vitality and maintaining her body and soul in the best condition make Ms. Hsu the 1st person in getting everything ready and the last person to take a rest on each business trip. Even though taking walking all day long when other people feel exhausted, she always wears a smile whenever meeting people. Facing the highly-stressful department store business, she has her way to keep healthy; Hsueh-Fang Hsu said, “Doing exercises, taking sufficient vitamins, getting enough sleep, drinking more water, everyone should know well about how to release themselves from pressure.” At the annual site inspection, she said, “Face-to-face communication creates a different feeling; it makes everyone willing to talk; also, if there’s a requirement needed, the communication will become efficient.” Thinking more for each cadre and supervisor, that’s the leader Ms. Hsueh-Fang Hsu’s kind and thoughtful affection.