曾柏憲 Henry Tseng | 領導者風範 An Inspiring Leader

走進「WILDWOOD 原木燒烤餐廳」,白天的餐廳氛圍還是帶有一點 Lounge Bar 的輕鬆愜意,光線充足的戶外空間,正符合現在疫情緊張的需求,耗資百萬進口的夢幻烤爐 Grillworks,在半開放式廚房,牛排被熊熊大火烤出漂亮的紋路,焦香的氣味撲鼻而來。

When we walked into the Wildwood Live Fire Cuisine, the restaurant was bathed in sunlight in a relaxing lounge bar atmosphere. The outdoor seating illuminated by sunlight meets the intensive requirements for infection prevention. The imported million-dollar Grillworks installed in the semi-opened kitchen and the steak with perfect grilled-mark over a live fire, which comes along with the aroma of smoke contribute to the pleasing recipes.





對於創業並不陌生,卻是第一次做餐飲,回憶起創立和億集團的初期,他與從事生物科技的的父親對話,父親沒有設限孩子們的發展空間,也勇於給予肯定與支持,提點許多前置作業及模擬各種突發狀況,為兒子施打「預防針」。家人情感支柱伴隨著他引進第一間餐廳「添好運」,落足在市中心的台北車站商場(今「HOYII 和億北車站」),宛如香港熱鬧的旺角。開設一間商場勢必不只能有一間餐廳,透過數不盡的電話邀約,繁複的施工查核,動盪的招商過程,雖然不容易,堅強毅力及不屈不撓的決心,讓他成功地踏上餐飲之路,並在短短五年內,透過引進「黃亞細肉古茶」、「了凡」、「珍寶海鮮」改變了台灣人對東南亞飲食的印象,握有全球業績最好的「添好運」,是曾柏憲與生俱來的企業家精神,不斷地在突破中綻放。


想當初 「Longtail」米其林一星餐廳,是因為喜愛林明健主廚的料理而成立,原本主廚想要以酒類為主,以 fingerfood 為輔的餐廳主題,但這樣等於模糊了主廚的功力。很快的「Longtail」在第二次提案中誕生,以料理為主的一間餐酒館,深蘊獨特風格的空間氛圍,每一道無國界料理都令人驚豔,打造出一個屬於林明健能發揮創意的烹飪舞臺。曾柏憲憶起當時仍於有榮焉表示:「2018年獲獎的當下,真的蠻開心的!當時7月開幕,年底就摘星,算是開業最短得到的佳績,也後續衍生出信義A9的『WILDWOOD 原木燒烤餐廳』!」連續兩年的好成績,讓他希望可以朝這個目標前進,即使要經營一間米其林餐廳過程不簡單,也需要花心思及精力,但也希望在未來能帶來更多前所未有的佳餚,讓台灣的米其林餐飲遍地開花。


面對疫情的衝擊,許多餐廳紛紛面臨難關,在2月初他就發佈通知將備貨量調到7成,營運方面盡量變成內外場合作,以不影響料理品質的情況下做調整,將員工的效益最大化,創業以來遇到的大風大浪,讓他面對疫情時,能迎刃而解。他說:「沒有解決不了的事,只要盡力用心,就能解決。」面對問題時,越是要勇於面對冷靜思考。除此之外,曾柏憲在這期間開慕籌備已久的「 SAKImoto Bakery 高級生吐司專門店」,在疫情時期創下10點開門,11點半當日700條全數銷售一空的好佳績,目前訂位也在未來的90天全滿,使用日本進口原物料的日本人氣生吐司,鬆軟的口感搭配15種大版寶石果醬,是大家聲稱的「療癒吐司」。不久前也在他的 Instagram 限時動態上看見他帶著員工去吃大餐,寫著「越是緊急時刻,越是要對員工好!」遇到疫情時,他與團隊一起面對,設身處地的為員工著想,他認為適當的給予他人學習的時間與空間,進而相互成長是團隊之間的默契,就如同父親所言:「順勢而做很容易,逆勢而起才是真正的考驗。」逆勢而起的品牌,給餐飲市場注入一個強心劑,他是年僅33歲的曾柏憲,有著別於一般人的領導者風範。

Henry Tseng, the CEO of HO SING CO. Limited and the former CSO of HOYII Life Group (HOYII Life Proprietary Limited Company), has a positive attitude to do courageous work; he introduced many restaurants over several years and successfully brought over southeast cuisines to Taiwan. Although there’s adversity behind this glorious achievement, his resilience of explorer spirit is the secret weapon that led him toward success.

His First Startup

In fact, it’s not the first business he started. Once, during his school years in the US, Henry Tseng and his friends set up a jointly founded bidding website; however, the project met many setbacks. To reduce income inequality, they even started selling women’s clothing and bags on the side. Recalling the scene of three big boys trying to figure out how to style a dress in a mannequin, Henry Tseng smiled reminiscently. Despite the business shut down in the end, Henry Tseng experienced the lesson and learned the importance of teamwork and trust. The precious teenage memories have become nutrients that supported his future startups by chance.

Officially Entering the Culinary World

Even though Henry Tseng is not an outsider in business startups, he started the culinary business for the first time. Remembering the first stage of establishing the HOYII Life Group, Henry Tseng had a conversation with his father who has been working in biotechnology filed. His father has never restrained his children’s potential development; also, he dared to offer recognition and support; not only did he give suggestions to the preparation work and in various emergency situations but also he offered Henry Tseng “vaccines” in running a business With his family’s affectionate support, he introduced the 1st restaurant “Tim Ho Wan”, located downtown in the mall of the Taipei Main station (the current location of HOYII Main Station), similar to the most prosperous Mong Kok District in Hong Kong. Rather than a startup of a restaurant, starting a mall takes infinite numbers of invitation calls and complicated construction supervision. Despite the challenge of unpredictable business recruitment, Henry Tseng with his powerful determination and the spirit of perseverance has embarked on a successful way to the culinary world. In a short 5-year period, he created a good first impression of southeast cuisines in Taiwan by introducing “NG AH SIO Taiwan”, “Hawker Chan”, and “Jumbo Seafood”, successfully achieved the worldwide’s best sales performance of “Tim Ho Wan”, with the hard work of Henry Tseng and his team, which he has the inborn spirit of entrepreneurship that leads to consistent breakthrough growth.

The Future Aspects of Michelin

As to the background of starting the Longtail restaurant, it’s the chef Lam Ming-kin, who has created Henry Tseng’s favorite cuisines. Originally, the chef Lam Ming-kin would like to make wines as the theme and finger foods are supplementary in the restaurant; however, the concept may blur the chef’s extraordinary skills. Soon after the 2nd proposal, the Longtail was born; it’s a bistro themed with cuisines and surrounded by an atmosphere of a unique interior style through serving each border-less dish that makes people amazed; a culinary stage belonging to Lam Ming-kin for displaying his creativities in cuisines. Henry Tseng recalled it with pride, he said, “At the moment of winning the award, I was incredibly happy! The restaurant opened in July and won the star at the end of the same year. We made a great achievement within a brief period of time after the startup. Consequently, we started the ‘Wildwood Live Fire Cuisine’ at the XinYi A9!” The consecutive 2 years of superior performance has made Henry Tseng continue going forward towards the same goal. Even though running a Michelin Star restaurant is never easy, it takes more effort and a strong spirit. It’s still hoped that more unprecedented cuisines will be introduced in the future and more Michelin Star restaurants are expected everywhere in Taiwan.

Intuitive Crisis Management

Facing the impact of epidemics, many restaurants have come into financial hardship. In early February, Henry Tseng announced a 30% reduction in inventory. With respect to the operations, the personnel in the kitchen and the service area should work together under proper adjustment without affecting the quality of dishes to maximize employee teamwork. Ever since the startup, Henry Tseng has ever tackled different business challenges and problems; therefore, he can cope with the risk of epidemics. “Every problem has a solution as long as we put more efforts to figure it out,” said Henry Tseng. Thus, People should think calmly when dealing with problems. Moreover, the newly opened SAKImoto Bakery is also act on the behalf of Henry, which 700 toast were sold out in just an hour and a half. If you want to make a reservation, you will have to wait till July. SAKImoto Bakery uses ingredients imported from Japan, and with the additions of 15 types of jewel jam from Osaka, all the tremendous experience and taste, people so called it “therapeutic toast.” Not long ago, he shares an Instagram story of treating the staff with a feast. The image description says, “At the very moment of emergency, be sure to treat your employees better!” During the epidemic, he joins the team to face the difficulties and concerns of the employees. He thinks properly giving people learning-based time and space can develop mutual progress and a sense of teamwork. Just like his father once said, “Working throughout the days is easy, but being able to rise up amount predicament is the real challenge.” As some culinary succeed in this difficulty time, it brings the industry hope and guidance. He is Henry Tseng, who is only 33 years old but with outstanding leadership qualities.