MIKIMOTO | 在櫻花裡飛舞 Dancing among Cherry Blossoms

不過能歷久不衰,不因歲月而失了年少花容,反而因生命歷程累積而淬煉出專屬於自己的美麗,如此無另他可述的獨有,這正是MIKIMOTO即使永不換主角依舊能在頂級珠寶領域穩站一席之地的最重要原因。於此時春暖花開之際,品牌精選了多款春日代表作品,如Cherry Blossom系列以盛開的櫻花作為靈感,再透過粉紅金搭配南洋珍珠,溫潤的色調突顯了春天溫暖又和諧的舒適氛圍。Les Pétales de Ginza系列作品則是以一片飄落在日本東京銀座的粉嫩花瓣為靈感,捕捉花瓣在春天微風中飛舞的瞬間,18K粉紅金所打造出的片片粉紅花瓣,穿戴起來更能讓皮膚顯得白皙透亮,相當適合東方人膚色。而Jeux de Rubans系列當中長項鍊,其設計靈感源自於高級訂製服上常用的裝飾絲帶,同時以日本Akoya珍珠為設計主軸,搭配鑲嵌鑽石,用以呈現絲帶縈繞的柔軟模樣,其輕盈靈動姿態格外吸睛,除此之外,項鍊更可調整成手鍊佩戴,具有服飾珠寶特色,宛若份量感十足的奢華袖口,即使日常簡單裝束也能因此極具設計感的單品而成為眾人目光焦點。

I have always admire the splendid MIKIMOTO, when the various premium jewelry brands are applying all types of colored gems to make the show, the pearl is always the main role for every play from MIKIMOTO, and it is overwhelming how MIKIMOTO amazes us every time with its creativity. However, being able to last for this long without losing its splendor through time has rather created the beauty that is exclusive to itself, due to the accumulation of experience from the journey of life, and such uniqueness that is incomparable by the others is the most significant reason why MIKIMOTO is still able to stand strong within the jewelry field, even its main role has remained unchanged. In this time of warm spring with flourishing flowers, the brand has chosen several models of representative works for spring days, for instance, the Cherry Blossom collection was inspired by the flourishing cherry blossoms, where pink gold is used to go with the South Sea Pearl, such that the mellow color tone highlighted the warm, harmonious and comfortable ambience of spring. The Les Pétales de Ginza collection was inspired by a pink petal falling in Ginza, Tokyo, capturing the moment of petal dancing in the spring breeze. The pink petal created using 18K pink gold is capable of making the skin appear whiter and more radiant when wearing it, which is perfect for oriental skin complexion. For the long necklace amongst the Jeux de Rubans collection, the design was inspired by the decorative ribbon often used on haute couture. Meanwhile, Akoya pearl from Japan is used as the design theme together with diamonds to present the soft looks of winding ribbon, such that its light and vivid posture appears exceptionally eye-catching. Moreover, the necklace may be further adjusted to become a bracelet, showing characteristics of clothing jewelry, resembling luxurious cuff, demonstrating that even everyday simple clothing can turn you into the focus of everyone’s attention due to such a single piece of designed work.