殷悅Melody|時尚指標 Inspirational Idol

一早到攝影棚準備的我們,雨聲在天花板上滴答作響,Melody 一聲宏亮的「早安!」暫緩團隊急忙的節奏,身穿黑色調扎染的牛仔襯衫,內搭蕾絲緞面的夏天Cami上衣,黑色丹寧短褲下踩著一雙高統雨靴,露出她纖長的雙腿,渾身散發出妙齡女孩的氣息,時尚墨鏡妝點著 Melody美麗清新的輪廓,瑰麗亮眼的髮絲,馬尾上垂綴著柔軟的蛇皮雪紡緞帶,又散發出一股知性成熟的韻味,由內而外的動人女神模樣,不禁想到她主持《姐妹悄悄話》時,熱情四射鼓舞人心的模樣,渴望與她展開一場自由的對話。

As we were preparing for the interview early in the morning at the studio. The sound of the raindrops can be heard from the roof. “Good morning!” said Melody with her energetic tone. Her greeting slowed down our path. Melody was wearing a black tie-dye denim shirt over a summer lace satin cami, and a pair of black denim shorts. Her long slim legs are in a high top rain boots. She radiated youthfulness from head to toe. With the final touch of a pair of fashionable sunglasses displayed her beautiful, refreshing contour. Her lovely ponytail was tied in a soft, snake patterned chiffon ribbon, her style showed a sense of intellectuality and maturity. She is gorgeous inside out that reminded us of her vital, heartening tone when she hosted her podcast show Sisters Talk Talk Show. I was eager to start a heartfelt conversation with her.


早晨6點天色逐漸被太陽上色,也是殷悅 Melody 起床的時候,以一場瑜珈及伸展喚起夜晚的寂靜,想想這週《姐妹悄悄話》的對話與主題,成為她樂在其中的例行公事,時光回到22歲提著行李箱離開 LA 的家,孤身一人來到陌生的台北展開演藝夢想,當年的勇氣成為如今不斷鼓舞她的「夢想」與「初心」,從華埠小姐冠軍、唱跳歌手、戲劇演員、主持廣播到時尚節目,從踏出舒適圈中尋找屬於自己的生命及光彩,到現在依舊不斷地勇於嘗試新鮮事物,開拓新面貌成為了她的人生觀。 Melody 腦中總是不由自主地碰撞出新的想法,像是燦爛煙火般不斷地萌生出體悟及視野,能靜能動的 Melody 自小喜愛閱讀,透過書籍她彷彿能短暫體會他人的人生,很有趣也受益良多,隨著時間過去,她已正在著手撰寫她的第六本書,對於作家這個頭銜,她感到很珍惜也很感恩,每本書像是她人生段落的總結,希望透過自己從生活中的積累與人生哲學,能無私地將生活的點點滴滴,分享給所有的女孩們。


瘋瘋貴婦兼時尚媽咪的她,也是時尚彩妝珠寶品牌的寵兒,在每日穿搭的貼文底下都會看見女孩們踴躍地詢問她身上的單品,身為時尚指標的 Melody 每一個造型與妝髮都引起女孩們迴響與共鳴,她說「今年妝髮流行自然純樸風,淡淡眼影及妝感搭配霧面的乾燥玫瑰唇色,接下來的時尚趨勢會因為今年的疫情逐漸從簡,重返自然的乾淨純真。」喜愛穿著簡單白T, Melody 也迷戀著扎染順著布料紋路延展出的色彩變化,她的審美觀宛如面對生活的起起落落,在欣賞著艷麗花朵的同時,也不忘一旁襯托著的綠葉,勇於接受人生帶來千姿百態的面貌與挑戰。


「我要帶著這個頭髮跟我先生約會。」黑色緞帶扎起長髮,Melody 興奮地撥弄著高馬尾,好似剛出道的她,時光並沒有在她身上留下太多的痕跡,而那顆如熱戀期的少女心像是隔空喊話般,甜蜜又可愛,雖說疫情的關係暫停了很多旅行企劃,而每年暑假帶著家人回洛杉磯娘家的企劃也暫緩,但與老公「吳先生」的約會卻沒停歇過。老舊的電腦差點讓 Melody 失去她與女兒10年來的記憶,不擅長3C 產品的 Melody 為了將和女兒們兒時的心路歷程保留下來,請工程師將照片從損壞的電腦中取出,今年母親節,老公「吳先生」如同以往用他實際的方式疼愛Melody,贈送了一臺容量4TB的Macbook Pro,就在新電腦抵達的隔天,Melody 開心地將照片及影片儲存至新電腦中,母女三人回顧著兒時的影片,流著感動開心的眼淚,連平時較為理性的先生觀看後也泛著淚光,Melody 的家庭生活有著滿滿地歡樂及淚水,也是她最喜悅的日常。而跟女兒之間的關係Melody 希望能一直保持自在輕鬆的關係,成為一位亦師亦友的母親「媽媽這個角色是我所勝任過最龐大的,我們的功課就是要跟著孩子一起『成長』,教導她們如何持之以恆、有創造力、表達自己,我想對10年後的女兒說要『勇敢做自己,因為這是愛自己最好的表現。』」Melody 透過自己的行動跳脫自己的舒適圈,經由每週的《姐妹悄悄話》陪伴勇敢向前的女孩們,鼓勵她們即使面對一些挫折與傷害,終究會過去的!在節目中的歡笑倘若能帶來一絲絲的希望與歡笑,那便實踐了《姐妹悄悄話》的「初心」。Melody 帶著 22 歲的那顆赤子之心,在人生的道路上用盡全力享受當下,同時滋養呵護內心深處的花園,也毫不吝嗇地將這繁花似錦的景緻分享給全世界的女孩們。

Her Limitless Positive Energy

The sky is gradually colored by the sun at 6 AM, it is the time when Melody wakes up everyday. She does yoga and stretches herself to shake off the well rested body over the night. Coming up with the talk and topic for Sisters Talk Talk Show is now an enjoyable new routine for her. Throwing back to the time when she was 22, and left her hometown in Los Angeles with a suitcase, she came to Taipei alone to pursue her dream in show business in this unfamiliar city. Her courage back then symbolizes her “dream” and “original aspiration”, which keep her motivated till today. From the champion of Miss Chinatown USA to a dancing singer, a TV actress, a radio anchor and a host of fashion TV show, she steps out from her comfort zone and lives her life in the most adventurous way. Melody never stops from trying new things up to now. Exploring new aspects of herself has become her philosophy. Melody’s new appreciation and understandings of life, brings new perspectives to her that splendid like fireworks. She is extrovert and introvert at the same time. She loves reading ever since she was little, through reading she can almost briefly experience lives of others, which is amazing and fun to her. As time goes by, Melody is now writing her sixth book, where she is grateful and will forever value her title as an author. All her books are like the conclusion of her different stages of life. Melody hopes through her books, the aspirations and experiences can pass on positive energy and encourage all the girls out there in the world.

The Most Stylish Mom

As a fashionable and stylish mom, Melody is often seen in the events of fashion, jewelry, skincare, and cosmetic brands. If you scroll down to her Instagram posts, every item on her will easily become in great demand. She is no doubt one of the most fashionable icons, “The cosmetics and hairstyle this year is natural and light. The light layers of eyeshadow and the matte lipstick with dry rose color tone are definitely the hit. The next fashion trend will be gradually simplified due to the COVID-19 outbreak this year, the upcoming styles will return to natural, clean and pure.” Melody loves white T-shirts, as well as she loves the color texture from tie-dyed cloth. Her aesthetics is like how she deals with the highs and lows of life. She wouldn’t forget the green leaves on the side when admiring the gorgeous flowers. She always accepts different aspects and challenges in life.

A Woman and a Mother

With her long hair tied with a black ribbon, Melody fiddled with her hair excitedly, “I’m going on a date with my husband in this hairstyle.” As years went by, she didn’t seem to age much, she is just as sweet and cute like she first appeared on TV. Even though the COVID-19 outbreak suspended numerous of travel plans, including the summer occasion of bringing her family back to her parents’ in Los Angeles. However, she never stopped going on dates with her husband “Mr. Wu”. Lately, Melody almost lost her ten years of photograph and videos with her daughter due to her broken iMac. She nervously asked an engineer for help to save some of her daughters’ childhood photos from the crashed iMac to portable hard drive. During the Mother’s Day, “Mr. Wu” showed his love in action as usual, he gave her a 4 TB Macbook Pro that Melody asked for. The next day after she received her new laptop, she happily played the photos and videos of her daughters on the screen. Melody and both of her daughters shed tears while watching and reminiscing their precious memories. Even her husband “Mr. Wu”, who was always rational but was also in tears. Melody’s family is always filled with laughter and tears, and this is the time she cherish the most. She hopes to maintain a friendly relationship with her daughter in the future, and can sometimes be a mother, and sometimes to be a friend. “Mother is the most amazing and biggest role I have ever pursued. The lesson for every mother is to grow with their children, and to teach them to be perseverance and creative, also to be able to express themselves. I want to tell my daughters ten years later that, ‘It is important to be yourself because that is the best way to love yourself.'” Melody outlives from her comfort zone by taking actions. Every week on Sisters Talk Talk Show, she encourages the audience by stepping forward with bravery. Melody hopes to accompany those girls with words to surpass their frustration or heartbreaks. By joking and sharing positive thoughts to the audience, will complete her “original aspiration” of Sisters Talk Talk Show. With her “original aspiration” as herself in 22 years old with the suitcase all alone in Taipei, she is now living her best in every little moments that enriches her life. In the meantime, Melody generously shares her strong and powerful heart as the utmost beautiful scenery with all the girls around the world.