海上宅邸 Mansion on the Sea

2020 年世界正因疫情經歷著大洗牌,所有可悲可喜的巧合,也許都是提點著我們重新思考生活方式的契機。習慣了陸地生活,也別忘了孕育生命的海洋,坐上遊艇以不同的角度看世界,換個方式享受自由人生,讓海水清洗眼睛,任陽光溫暖雙腳,微風帶走千絲煩惱,和家人住進海上宅邸拋卻時空,享受海天交會的全然放鬆。

In the year 2020, the world is undergoing a major reshuffle due to the coronavirous. All the coincidences, whether it be sad or joyful, may present an opportunity for us to rethink our way of life. Don’t forget that it’s the ocean that nurtures life, even if you are accustomed to  life on land, it is possible for you to take a yacht to see the world from a different point of view, enjoy life freely in an alternate way, let the sea water clear your eyes, let the sun warm your feet, the breeze to carry your many worries away, live with your family in a mansion on the sea, leaving behind space and time, and enjoy  total and complete relaxation where the ocean meets the sky.

Azimut Flybridge60 溫暖居家設計新語彙 

亞果集團錚儀遊艇代理擁有海上超跑美稱的義大利遊艇品牌阿茲慕遊艇(Azimut Yatchts),而 Flybridge 系列 60(以下簡稱 F60)流線型的圓滑外觀、船舷兩側的古銅金在落日餘暉中閃耀時尚運動風。F60 船體採用碳纖維和 GRP 玻璃鋼,此外配有兩台德國 MAN 發動機最高速可達 31 節,另有仿造轎車的 EPS 電子助力轉向系統,船艇偏離航道時能回歸軌道,幫助駕駛低速時輕鬆轉向,高速時仍穩定飆浪。

走進主甲板室內,大片落地窗將湛藍海景納至眼簾,看日光刷亮了木質調空間,時光於弧形家具間冉冉流逝,凝聚出迥異於外觀的優雅氛圍,建築師阿奇里・薩爾瓦尼賦予船艇居家生活新語彙。大型遊艇布局完美挪用至此,前後甲板配有 14 個座位,前甲板另能架起遮陽帆布,慵懶坐看夕陽西斜,柚木材質地板防腐、防蛀也不怕潮濕;上至飛橋區也能駕駛,沙發區採用高密度閉孔泡綿並以觸感極佳的布料包裹,放鬆身心享受海風吹拂。 

下甲板有 3 間獨立衛浴套房,考量人體工學而持續優化船內布局。主人艙內的方形大窗戶,即便進入臥房仍有寬敞視野,小型沙發則增添溫馨浪漫,房內部分燈台也交由義大利公司為該遊艇量身打造,即便船員房也貼心設置於船尾,遠離中央機房少了噪音和震動,更能享有寧靜安適的休憩時光。 

Azimut Flybridge60

The Argo Yacht Club, Supreme Yachts is the agent of Italian yacht brand Amzimut Yachts, whom are touted as the supercars of the sea, while the sleek streamlined appearance of the Flybridge Collection 60 (hereinafter referred to as F60) and the brass on both sides of the ship shine with a sporty and fashionable light under the setting sun. The F60 hull is built with carbon fiber and GRP fiberglass. In addition, it is equipped with two German MAN engines with a maximum speed of up to 31-knot, and there is also a car-like EPS(Electronic Power Steering) system, allowing the boat to steer itself back on course when deviating too far off, allowing easy steering at low speed, while remaining stable against swelling waves at high speeds.

Entering onto the main deck, the full-height glazing and cutaway gunwales bring the wide blue ocean view directly to the eyes, the sunlight illuminating the wood-lined space. Time flows slowly through the curved furniture. Architect Achille Salvagni take account of the sophisticated styling and warm atmosphere that contrasts its appearance, introducing a new style language reminiscent of home design. The layout of the larger yacht is perfectly re-purposed here. The front and rear decks are equipped with 14 seats. Sunshade canvas can be set up on the forward deck, allowing a relaxing view of the sun setting beneath the horizon. The teak wood floor is corrosive-resistance and moth-resistance. Piloting is also possible on the upper flybridge area, the sofa area is covered with high-density closed-cell foam and wrapped in a well textured fabric, which allows the sea breeze into this relaxing and enjoyable space.

There are 3 independent bathroom suites on the lower deck, resulting from the spaces and ergonomics which is designed with care to offer the utmost in comfort.

The large square window in the master cabin still possesses a spacious view even when inside the bedroom, the small sofa adds a touch of warmth and romance and some of the lampstands in the room are produced specifically by Italian companies for this particular boat. The owner’s cabin are away from the engine room for an even more silent ride. 

Delta 88全碳纖維馳騁於海洋

進口遊艇代理商奧莫爾遊艇引進瑞典品牌德達皇家遊艇(Delta Powerboats),最新船型 Delta 88 延續品牌北歐設計美學和工藝技術,由裡到外散發無壓氛圍。湛藍海水中,稜角分明、簡約潔白的遊艇同一節節浪花靜航前行,輕盈堅固的全碳纖維船艇全速可達 37 節,搭配 Humphree 壓浪板系統與 Seakeeper 的球形穩定儀,航行期間仍能舒適穩當;即便夜幕拉起,FLIR 熱顯像儀攝影機也能快速偵測水底身影,細膩考量使用者需求。

Delta 88 主甲板上配有開放式沙龍、餐廳、廚房和駕駛室,暈黃柔和的燈光撒在木質調的沙龍裡,家具線條俐落卻保有溫度。半開放式的全套廚房設備,挑選德國百年精品家電品牌MIELE,室內 8 人座長桌,以及配備兩張大沙發和柚木實木的茶几,方便親友以美食交流生活。海上生活不受限於船艇,艇庫可儲放小船、遊具等設施,彷彿玩樂天堂的縮影。

想沐浴在日月星辰下,後甲板有配備電動天窗的寬敞空間,走至最上層的飛橋區,除有駕駛台能破浪前行,還有流理台、BBQ 烤爐,坐臥在沙發椅,浸淫於海風中。下層 4 間船艙各自擁有獨立衛浴設備,在主人房裡能在加大尺寸雙人床上安穩入眠,另有走入式更衣間,伴著海景變換個人服裝品味。

Delta Powerboats Delta88

The yacht import agent, Amal Yachting, introduced the Swedish brand Delta powerboats. The newest ship model, Delta 88, follows the brand’s Northern European design aesthetics and craftsmanship, giving it a pressure free atmospheric design through and through. In the clear blue ocean water, the angular and simple white yacht glides forward along the ocean wave. The lightweight and sturdy full carbon fiber craft can reach up to 37-knot at full speed. With the Humphree Interceptors system and Seakeeper’s Gyro stabilizer, you can stay perfectly comfortable during the voyage; even as night falls, the FLIR thermal imaging camera can quickly detect any object beneath the waves, carefully designed to fit the needs of the users.

The Delta 88’s main deck is equipped with an open salon, a dining area, a kitchen, and the bridge. Soft yellowish lights are scattered around the interior of the wood-lined salon, decked out with warm but contrasting furniture. Full set of semi-open kitchen equipment, including appliances from the century old German brand MIELE, indoor 8-seater long table, and a solid teak wood coffee table equipped with two large sofas, great for interacting and sharing food with relatives and friends. Life at sea is not limited to just the yacht. The boathouse has facilities capable of storing boats and recreational equipment such as a miniaturized paradise playground.

Want to bask under the sun or the moonlit stars? The rear deck possesses a spacious area with an electric powered sunroof, reaching the uppermost flybridge area, in addition to the bridge cruising through the waves, there is also a cooking countertop, a BBQ rack. Slump down on a sofa chair and let the sea breeze flow through you. The four cabins on the lower decks each have their own bathroom facilities, you may fall sound asleep on the king size bed inside the master bedroom, with a dressing room attached allowing you to change your personal attire with a view of the ocean.

Horizon FD75 豪華宅邸的寬廣視野 

除進口遊艇代理,國內嘉鴻遊艇集團 FD 快速巡航遊艇系列找來遊艇設計師Cor D. Rover 合力打造,其中 FD75 一號船艇結合碳纖材、耐酸鹼數酯、玻璃纖維毯等材質,以及亞洲船廠獨有的真空製造技術,行駛海洋其高強度、耐腐蝕及輕質量特性,另搭配 1135 匹馬力雙引擎最高船速達20.5節,二號船則預計 8 月送往美國,首度於 2020 羅德岱堡船展亮相。 

走入 FD75  主甲板灰白揉合淺木質調的整體配色,Cambria 凱蓓雅石英石桌具錯落,搭配 B&B Italia 的 L 型沙發,營造簡約卻大器的氛圍;進化遊艇空間,船艙引進移動家具和隱晦收納,機能飾條遮擋冷氣、插座和開關,強力磁鐵取代冰冷五金,明暗輝映的木條格柵呼應海中陣陣浪花,日光被白紗溫柔篩入室內,擁有恍若豪華宅邸的寬廣視野。

住進 FD75 四間臥房感受由細節醞釀出的安適氛圍,位於主甲板並同船寬的主人房,兩側白色落地窗紗搭配床頭羽毛灰的麂皮背景牆,賦予空間輕盈柔軟質地;淋浴間卡拉拉白大理石洗手台,其淺灰紋路恍若油墨畫般優雅,義大利品牌 Agape Sen 霧面黑衛浴組增添時尚元素。全船寬貴賓房、單人房和雙人房則位於下甲板,隔柵明滅交織出暈黃光廊,一覺醒來,敞開沙龍廚房和後甲板的玻璃門迎接晨光,和親友享受早餐任由話語和笑鬧聲繚繞於杯盤、海風之間。

Horizon FD75

In addition to yacht import agents, the domestic Horizon Yacht Co., Ltd.’s FD Collection fast cruising yachts has found and collaborated with the yacht designer Cor D. Rover. Among them, FD75 No.1 combines materials such as carbon fiber materials, acid and alkali resistant resin, fiberglass mesh, and vacuum manufacturing technology unique to Asian shipyards. Its highly durable while at sea, corrosion resistant, and has lightweight material characteristics, with an additional 1135 horsepower twin engine and a maximum speed of 20.5-knot. No.2 is scheduled to be sent to the United States in August, to be unveiled for its debut in the 2020 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

Entering onto the main deck of the FD75 its overall gray color palette blended with light colored wood-lining, and its Cambria quartz countertop, with the Italian B & B L-shaped sofa, creates a simple but grandiose atmosphere; an evolution of the yacht space design, the introduction of movable interior furniture and obscure storage, functional decorative strips to cover up air conditioners, sockets and switches, strong magnets to replace harsh looking hardware, bright and dark wooden strip grilles echoing the waves in the sea, and the sunlight is gently screened into the interior through a white yarn shade, with a broad, luxurious mansion like scenic view.

Stay in one of the FD75’s four bedrooms and feel the comfortable atmosphere carefully woven by the detailed design. The master room is as wide as the boat’s breadth located on the main deck, its white floor-to-ceiling drapes present on both sides matches the feather gray suede background wall behind the bed gives the space a light and soft texture; The Bianco Carrara marble washing basin, whose light gray lines reflect the elegance of an ink painting, adds the stylish elements to the Italian Agape Sen brand matte black bathroom set. The VIP room, single room and double room that run the boat’s breadth are located on the lower deck, the grid intertwining to form a corridor filled with yellow halo light. The moment you wake up, you can open the floor to ceiling glass door of the salon kitchen to greet the morning light and enjoy breakfast with your relatives and friends. Let the laughter and sounds of conversation slide between the cups and under the plates, drifting among the sea breeze.