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TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


Founded eighteen years ago in Taiwan, Lawry’s The Prime Rib takes the classic English style of its Beverly Hills flagship and sets foot in the heart of Xinyi district, BELLAVITA. Stepping out of the elevator and arriving at the sixth floor, you’ll find the dazzling chandelier and the entrance marked with the iconic logo of the chophouse, all tokens to the loyal customers. Walk through the dimmed English bar and enjoy the breathtaking view of Xinyi district through panoramic windows—let us begin a grand feast of the best quality prime ribs.




不譁眾取寵,以經典守舊風格立足市場,不鏽鋼打造的銀色保溫餐車(Art Deco Silver Cart)每台要價美金三萬元,手工打造 600磅重,符合熱氣體的動力學,蒸氣得以在內部呈現最好的循環,讓食物擁有保溫效果,如同迷你廚房步入客人眼前。講究桌邊服務之儀式感,一道冰炫斐翡翠沙拉在客人面前現拌伴,創造出一場視覺饗宴,透過碎冰的效果,用圓半球狀的鍋於上面旋轉,醬汁淋上去,揭開奢華饕餮盛宴序幕。享用經典烘烤頂級10盎司牛肋排,由廚師推著銀色手工打造餐車到客人桌邊做現切,一種奢華體驗的升級,除了尊榮,更是努力維持品牌經典。




持續發揚勞瑞斯品牌精神”Celebrating Special Occasion Since 1938″,期許賓客們能夠將生活中美好時刻與勞瑞斯共度分享。



地址: 台北市信義區松仁路28號6樓


The Beauty of Old-School Classics

Skillfulling carving the prime rib, Tony, general manager of Lawry’s, smiles and says: ‘We are lucky for being well-known for our beef ribs; we even incorporated it into our brand logo. If we look at it from this perspective, then our biggest distinction among other restaurants is that for eighteen years, there has not been a single competitor in Taiwan doing the same thing.” With prime ribs as its signature dish, Lawry’s serves its authentic, slow roast prime rib, along with other high-end steak cuts and seafood entrées to fulfill a gourmand’s appetite. The serene but low-key color tones and the teak herringbone flooring create an interior that takes its loyal customers on a trip down memory lane. Hallways with faint lighting and immense wood carvings produce a tunnel-like visual effect that transforms the space into a majestic hall of fame, surprising guests like a blessing in disguise. With the beautiful scene of Taipei 101 and Xinyi district, the refinement of the Blue Hour unravels like a handscroll—like appreciating the restaurant for bringing to us a satisfying dining atmosphere, while still paying close attention to its interior details.

Grandeur on the Table

Without the use of extravagant features, Lawry’s stands its ground with quintessential style. The stainless steel, Art Deco Silver Cart costs $30,000 dollars and weighs about 600 pounds. Like bringing a mini-kitchen right to the guests, the cart follows the rules of thermodynamics by utilizing steam circulation to achieve heat insulation. Determined to bring an exceptional, ceremonial service, the servers with brown gowns make the Lawry’s Spinning Bowl Salad right by the table, performing a feast for the eye. Tossed with the exclusive Classic Vintage dressing, the salad bowl spins on a bed of ice and opens the prologue to a sumptuous banquet. So enjoy the 10 ounce roasted prime ribs with the best quality, the exemplary tableside service brought to you by the chef with the Silver Cart—a dining experience that is not only honorary, but also a devotion to Lawry’s classic.

Building an Exemplary Brand Culture

Savour the delicious taste, fill the heart with endearment—Lawry’s endures the changing generations and continues to serve guests who come here on business meetings and family gatherings. “Our turnover rate is relatively lower than other restaurants. That is the best proof,” GM Tony explains and reiterates how the restaurant’s founder, Lawerance Frank, insisted eighty years ago that all employees call each other “co-workers” in the hopes of encouraging team spirit and mutual respect, but still maintaining discipline and a positive work ethic. Continues to go by the motto—”Celebrating Special Occasions Since 1938″—Lawry’s the Prime Rib welcomes each and every guest to come share and build more treasured memories and aspires to keep providing the best service in the many years to come.


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