The One 劉邦初執行長 | 寫下文創新思路 Creating the New Construct for The One

TRANSLATOR | Eugenia Yang

從科技走入文創產業,回首 17 年的耕耘, The One 品牌在人文中探險,在磨礪中閃光, 而他是奔走在熱愛中的開拓者,劉邦初。

From technology to the cultural and creative industry and reflecting on 17 years of hard work, the brand of The One explores the humanities and shines through years of tempering. And he is the pioneer roaming through his passions, the CEO of The One. He is Ben Liu.


曾於台達電任職 8 年,負責文教基金會環保、人文相關策劃與執行,推動許多藝術文化活動,他開始思 索人類存在的價值與影響力,「藉由 The One 品牌傳遞我 想表達的生活態度,讓日常保持儀式感。」於劉邦初而言,從事軟性人文創業內容,可以幫助用戶更直觀地表現自我的生活方式,更好地傳達情感精神的觸動。隨著女性在社會關係中處於越來越重要的位置,他精準看中了「她經濟」的消費力,鎖定 35 至 55 歲為主的女性群體, 以 50 萬創業,將品牌推上高點,細細賞玩 The One 的產品,從靈感到設計,無不充斥詩意溫度的味道。於他的視角,或許人文亦是藝術,更是生活,優秀的文創作品是實用主義、美觀主義與理想主義情懷三者結合。

Max Gunawan 設計 Lumio Book Lamp,除了可攤開於桌面上擺放照明,採用磁鐵式設計的書皮更可 360 度開啟成為吊燈。


眼光大膽,行事果斷,The One 從設計器皿起家,在生活體驗中劉邦初觀察到「用手思考」的重要性,用心裝點平凡、用手賦予器物溫度,所幸在食藝中山概念店玩出多元跨界結合,詮釋解構與建構的意義,如「食尚蔬果蛋糕 DIY」的課程體驗,專業蛋糕職人會讓食客了解水果特性,想要選用哪種水果與內餡、蛋糕體的搭配、以及妝點的技巧。短暫兩個小時的職人體驗,他透露每一位食客都化身為「品牌傳播者」,分享 The One 細緻與溫度的玩味,在點滴淬鍊之中,感動於心。而說起「文創」, 劉邦初直言台灣應該專注於推動「產業文創化」,曾經幫礁溪老爺酒店做顧問,將地方風土重新建構成公共裝 置、視覺藝術等等,他逐漸理解產業本身的價值,須要利用建構在土地之下的創意與原創設計的力量,將文創 「大材小用」,賦予其人文藝術價值,兩者通過感官的彼此挪移,打造消費者的記憶點,創造出更新鮮、更豐富的產品體驗。


拿起桌上取名為「知竹」的馬克杯,劉邦初眼神流露一股暖意,反覆的強調它不只是一個杯子,而是一種人文藝術的載體,經營上的「挖礦哲學」,精準鎖定客群, 帶動消費者讀懂生活品味,而非停留於功能性消費。提煉生活經驗,感性與理性交疊的劉邦初,洞察市場缺口, 他大膽推測當三五年後疫情日常化,生活型旅店將取代設計型旅店,「明後年的生意,今年需要先準備好。」 在地文化是一個重要的維度,不斷深耕與年輕設計師合作,讓 The One團隊轉譯成大地的編輯者,做成有故事的文化產品,在消費升級與設計驅動的風口,跟緊時代, 著於眼前的生活方式,注入真情實感,文創產品才能感動消費者。

The One食藝中山店,致力於推廣傳統文化與美學生活。

In the Blink of an Eye

Used to work at Delta Electronics for 8 years, Ben was in charge of Delta Foundation’s environmental protection and humanities related executive planning and also worked on promoting many art and cultural events. He began to wonder: what are the values and influences of the existence of human beings? “With the brand of The One, I want to express the ideal attitude of life to maintain the sense of rituals.” To Ben, engaging through the soft humanistic content can help users intuitively convey their own ways of living, and better express their emotions. With the female population becoming more and more important in societal relations, he acutely recognized the potential of “she- economy” and targeted female consumers between the ages of 35 to 55. Started the business with 500,000 New Taiwan Dollars, Ben successfully pushed his brand to its peak. Carefully inspecting the products of The One, you can feel the poetic warmth through their inspiration and design. An excellent work of culture and creativity should also be a perfect combination of pragmatism, aestheticism, and idealism. From Ben’s point of view, perhaps humanities is not only an artistic expression, but also a kind of lifestyle.

Reshaping Culture and Creativity

With a bold vision and decisive action, The One started from designing appliances. Through his own life experiences, Ben noticed the importance of “thinking with your hands,” which is why he took his time to decorate the ordinary and allowed the hands to give warmth to the utensils. Fortunately, he got the chance to really explore the potential of different territories at The One Style in Zhongshan district and to express the value of deconstructing and rebuilding. Like during the vegetable fruit cake DIY lesson, professional pastry chefs would teach the guests the properties of each fruit, what fruit flavor best matches with what filling, and ways to decorate the cake. In the two hour experience, each guest becomes a “brand communicator” sharing The One’s delicacy and warm playfulness. And speaking of “humanities,” Ben cuts to the point by saying that Taiwan should focus on promoting making the industry more cultural and creative. Once working as a consultant at Hotel Royal Chiaohsi, Ben helped rebuild local sights into public installations, visual art establishments, and more. He gradually realized the value of the industry itself. It is necessary to combine the local creativity and the power of the original creator in order to endow them with humanistic and artistic value—the two work with each other seamlessly through the movement of senses. By making a mark in the mind of the consumer, it is then possible to create a newer and more versatile product experience.

Savoring Humanities

Picking up the mug named “Esquire,” Ben radiates with this warming tenderness as he reiterates that it is not merely a cup, but a medium of culture, creativity, and art. Running his company with the Mining Philosophy of business studies, he acutely targets the customer group he wants and makes sure they understand the beauty of life, instead of just following functional consumerism. Ben, who is constantly refining his life experiences with both his sensibility and rationality, has a bold prediction about the future: he believes that with the pandemic becoming the new normal, lifestyle hotels will soon replace boutique hotels. “We already need to be prepared for the business change in the next year or two.” Local culture is an essential dimension. By continuing to improve and working with young designers, the team of The One becomes an editor of this motherland through creating products with stories. In this era of upgraded consumerism and designs, it is important to stay up to date with the trend, while focusing on bettering the current lifestyle. Only by injecting real and genuine emotions can the product of humanities truly resonate with the consumers.