華夏玻璃執行長廖冠傑Richard Liao |光影流轉下的重生Reemerging from Lights and Shadows

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

What 1,300 degrees carries is the warmth of this city and the epitome of past eras, and Richard Liao is prepared to set another high point for HWA HSIA GLASS GROUP’s years of foundation with his personal charm. To become an Instagram-worthy location is simply a transitional concept. “Make glass sexy again,” is perhaps his interpretation and what he lives by towards HWA HSIA GLASS GROUP and Aqua Soul—a translation of the genuine emotions.

Unsettling norms, Richard Liao turns HWA SIA into a kingdom of glass that will surprise the future market’s attitude towards aesthetics.




With a white circle in the shape of a G symbolizing glass, the enormous sign of HWA SIA GLASS GROUP is added with an extra layer of meaning, appearing more fashionable and unique through the camera lens.



A collaboration with Cha Tzu Tang, the exclusive tableware radiates with HWA SIA GLASS.



熱火朝天的工廠,將荒涼閒置廠房,打造成玻璃文藝時尚創意園區,同一片土地,不同是時間的變遷,在原有的城市中積累下的歷史獲得了傳承與再生,他準備與台灣在地文創小店結合,玩出新態度。談及如何保持著活力的來源,他只講了兩個字:「運動。」從中獲取身心靈的釋放與能量。細數漫長歲月,對望20歲在康乃爾求學時期在草原上奔跑的模樣,廖冠傑想告訴那時候的自己,「其實你不用急,未來人生實在太長了。」伴隨著開玩笑的話語,邁入下一個10年,他希望當提及玻璃,世人會想到華夏,於他掌舵之下品牌能代表台灣與世界接軌,瞥了一眼遠處黑白相間AQUA SOUL的牆面,我不禁會心一笑,等待蓄勢待發。

A Fiery Tenderness
Slowly walk into the factory, what comes into sight is the heated glass. Even when you close your eyes, it is as if you can still hear the factory workers’ laughter, which feels like tapping into a long lost memory. The first time meeting Richard, the CEO of HWA SIA GLASS GROUP, one adjective comes to mind: youthful. Perhaps to him, making his company younger and establishing Instagram-worthy features are not vanity projects, but more of a personal achievement. Finding the ordinary is what draws people closer to one another. It is true that the general public knows relatively little about glass and glassmaking, which is why Richard’s mission at the moment is to turn the factories into an Instagram-worthy location, thereby building a Hsinchu Class Cultural and Creative Park. By establishing an immersive experience and allowing visitors to actually go behind the complexly beautiful work stations, a true understanding of warmth and feelings is given. A building that appears dull and plain at first, is now ignited with a new sense of tenderness and ingenuity. There is even an area in the factory that is painted with patches of macaroon colors, simply because Richard’s mother is a big fan of the French dessert. As we wander amidst the hallways and corridors, it is as if we are taken back to the alleys in Northern Europe, an atmosphere that is romantic and distinctive.

The exclusive Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor “In the Name of Love” bottle, manufactured by HWA SIA GLASS GROUP.

Recreate & Rebrand
Retrieve a piece of old memory to feel the humanistic ambience again. With a white circle in the shape of a G symbolizing glass, the enormous sign of HWA SIA GLASS GROUP is added with an extra layer of meaning, appearing more fashionable and unique through the camera lens. As our fingertips glide across the brick wall, we feel the peelings and cracks that embody the blend of history and modernity—perhaps this is the aspect of life that is the most important. Facing such a competitive world, Richard continues to update and renew his thinking and beliefs because learning is a journey that never ends. He had also begun to try to speak through social media to share with the world the spirit of his brand and the story of the glass brothers. Targeting the Chinese market, he also plans on establishing an in-person store for Aqua Soul in Shanghai. Though rooted in Taiwan, Richard aspires to expand his brand to all of Asia. Established in 2014, Aqua Soul focuses on being “all-natural” and “sophisticated,” and only makes glass that is 100% recyclable. With the designer’s innovative ideas and the glassmith’s years of experience, dainty utensils that are full of life are thus created. In the near future, he is planning on launching a new cup series so that no matter where you are—at home, the gym, nightclubs—you will be able to carry an Aqua Soul with you.

Painted with pastel macaron colors, the walls of the machine rooms are added with a touch of tenderness and innovation.

Through the New Looking Glass
Originally a burning hot factory, now the desolate machine rooms have turned into a glass art creative park. We are still on the same land, what’s different is the change of time. Now, with the accumulated history of the city inherited and reborn, Richard is ready to collaborate with local Taiwanese stores to spark something new. When asked about how he maintains his energy, the answer is simple: workout. Through the workout sessions, he is able to relax his body and mind and release any tensed-up energy. Reminiscing the past times, Richard wants to tell his younger self—the twenty-year-old undergraduate roaming through the fields of Cornell University—there really is no rush because he’s still got a long way to go. Jokes aside, he still hopes that when people mention glass, HWA HSIA GLASS GROUP is what comes to mind. Under Richard’s lead, he aspires to establish a brand that connects Taiwan with the rest of the world. Glancing at the monochrome walls of Aqua Soul, I can’t help but smile to myself as I wait excitedly for what he will be able to achieve.


地址: 300新竹市香山區埔前路49號

電話:03 538 5185