合隆羽藏董事長陳彥誠Olle Chen| 對話一場鐵漢柔情The Tenderness of an Iron Figure

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

Roaming through a dash of red, it is the temperature of Hop Lion’s hundred years of history, imprinted with the iconic feather logo. Like an intuitive expression, or a warming extension, “to make things beautiful” is perhaps the most romantic Pisces belief of Olle Chen. 



用另一種角度詮釋浪漫,那是一份坦然與直爽,2015年陳彥誠正式接班,領航「合隆毛廠Hop Lion」這艘百年航母,不到一年的時間他注入了年輕的元素,將「合隆羽藏Health Life」進行品牌再造,以西方珍貴的羽絨,揉合了東方細膩典雅之美,打造精緻羽絨織品,而其中的「藏」,更含著珍藏之意。在考量商品設計時,他透露大部分是依照資工男的角度去做設計,如何讓一個商品擁有消費體現,賣的不是商品,而是一種追求極致的消費者體驗,這一件事本身就是個浪漫,以他的語言來說,男人的浪漫或許是專注與極致的表達。



站在消費者角度思考,合隆羽藏首推的Total Care羽絨被管家服務,不僅洗去表面的污漬,連纖維內的髒污也一併清除。他談到許多購買者並不知道如何保養,其實羽絨無法乾洗,因為羽絨本身為動物性蛋白質,用化學的方式進行清洗會破壞羽絨本身的結構。運用合隆毛廠製造生產優勢,如何讓消費者睡得更好?


合隆羽藏TOTAL CARE取經日本,引進專業羽絨製品保養清潔技術及設備,幫助消費者延長羽絨枕、羽絨被使用期限。




Reshaping the Beauty of Down 

Defining romance from a different angle is a calm and intuitive sensation. In 2015, Olle Chen formally took over and became the leader of the century-old company Hop Lion. In less than a year, he was able to incorporate young and innovative features into the company and redefined the brand Health Life. By bringing together the precious Western down and the elegant beauty of the East, the exquisite down fabrics are thus created. The word “cáng,” meaning “hidden” in English, also embodies the meaning of having a precious collection. When considering product design, Olle Chen revealed that most of it is based on the perspective of a capital worker. For a product to have the best consumer performance, it is important to acknowledge that what they’re selling is not the product, but the buying experience. To his understanding, perhaps a man’s romance is about focus and extremity. 


Driving Consumption Value

Thinking from the perspective of consumers, Health Life introduced its first Total Care service that helps its customers with cleaning their duvet covers from the inside out. Olle Chen mentioned how a lot of customers actually don’t know how to take care of their duvet covers. The truth is, down fabrics actually should not be dry cleaned because the chemicals might damage the structure of the fabric. By using the company’s own manufacturing and production advantage, how can they help consumers sleep better? Olle Chen says that a series of “Sleeping Beauty” concepts will be introduced in order for customers to be able improve their quality of sleep through the purchase of better products. In the next stage, he wants to explore other industries and try to bridge the gap between bedding and other fields. During the interview, he teasingly said he is kind of like the company’s plumber who is always trying to fix things. Due to the pandemic, Olle Chen is now spending more time in Taiwan, which gives him the chance to optimize his local businesses here. Currently, the Hsinchu store is in its preoperational stage, a location that will focus on experience consumption that will further lead to online purchases. 


Turning the Tides 

Compared to his father Yao Chen’s business model, Olle Chen is more concerned about the ways he can help his team succeed. Whenever the company encounters hardship, he ponders on how he can lead it through the difficult times. “Hop Lion is doing a great job, with the world relying on us for OEM.” However, he aspires to use his own powers to guide the Taiwanese Consumer Thinking. Perhaps there is a kind of glory that is worth pursuing and believing. He wishes that Taiwan will be able to establish its own high-quality down brands and not just follow the myth that only international brands can manufacture the best fabrics. Creating value is Olle Chen’s guide when it comes to decision-making. To reach the maximum output value within a limited framework is maybe the best explanation to how  entrepreneurs think. Looking back on these past six years of succession, he often reflects on his initial thoughts when he first decided to take over the family business. Though Olle Chen may appear to be a stern figure, deep down he is a simple man. “I hope that Hop Lion will not need me after ten years. I will be able to take the back seat and still be creating more happiness.”