Summer Fantasy 夏日奇想


With summer right around the corner, the blazing sun and the dreamy waves become an abstract painting of nature. Carefree and full of energy, the scenery unravels along the coastline and takes us to the breathtaking island and seaside. As we embrace the relaxing ambience of an Italian vacation, the ocean, straw hats, bamboo weaves and lightweight fabrics introduce a brand new living aesthetic, one that perfectly captures the beauty and charm of summer. 

慵懶代表 At Ease

輕盈慵懶、遠離現實,傳奇女星 Jane Birkin 拎著她的藤編「菜籃子」或許就是我們心目中夏日的樣子。有沒有一種可能,在你的夏日穿搭中總是少了那麼一味,而當你拿出冬日塵封已久的藤編包時,一切都合理了。LOEWE推出年度 Paula’s Ibiza 系列,每到夏季 LOEWE 總能夠天馬行空,遠離現實進入到 Ibiza 樂土,像另一個充滿無限可能的平行世界,而編織稻草及酒椰葉纖維亦是本次重點,漸層色及趣味幾何細節加入到大小手提包及水桶包款式,令人如置身全天候派對與狂歡享樂氣氛之中。SAINT LAURENT 夏季限定草編包展現完美波西米亞不羈風情,多樣經典與嶄新廓形的包款結合鈎針純手工編織技藝,舉手投足都能流露出法國女生獨有的率性氣質。CELINE 獨有的法式雋永風格帶入海軍色系的沈穩與熱情,手上的藤編包就是自信的生活態度。

Have you ever felt like your summer outfit is finally complete after adding a woven rattan bag? Lightweight, dreamy and at ease, perhaps legendary singer Jane Birkin and her straw basket is the summer look we have been looking for. Paying tribute to escapism, this year’s LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza collection takes us into a parallel universe in which everything is possible. A nod to Ibiza’s never-ending partying, the annual series focuses on materials like woven straw and raffia and incorporates sunset ombrè gradients and fun, geometric patterns into its array of handbags and bucket bags. Meanwhile, Saint Laurent introduces a limited summer bag collection that perfectly captures the Bohemian ambience. Crafted with handmade crochet, the selection of classic and innovative models fully radiates with the unique temperament that belongs to an elegant French woman. In a similar sense, Celine brings the timeless French style into its navy-colored collection with the woven bag being emblematic of a lifestyle that is confident and full of charm. 

繽紛仲夏 Colorful

花汁液滴在他們的眼皮上,睜開雙眼看見的是繽紛享樂主義,亮橘色、綠色、藍色、黃色交織彩繪於森林,一段色彩顛覆誕生於仲夏夜。呼應著 Dior 春夏系列重溫60年代的色塊美學,斑斕色彩交疊著繽紛熱力迪斯可,青春活力一路延燒至千禧年代,我行我素的叛逆風華,濃艷明亮,衝突卻不違和,極致精彩也極致經典。

With their eyelids painted with the flowers’ essence, what unravels in front of us is the colorful hedonism. Weaving all the colors—bright orange, green, blue, yellow—together, a midsummer celebration is thus born. Revisiting the iconic color aesthetics of the ’60s, Dior’s spring-summer collection combines the vivid shades with the vibrant disco energy. The same vitality continues its way to the Y2K era, where the rebellious style is bright, clashing, but never out of balance, an absolute testament of classics and wonders. 

Dior Caro 蕨綠色籐格紋小牛皮小型鏈帶提包,參考定價 NT$125,000。
Gucci Bamboo 1947 Bag,價格店洽。

Verdant 翻轉綠葉


春夏枝繁葉茂,大地彷彿綠色調色盤,調配出綠色的各種欣欣向榮,屬於大地色調活力草綠色、寧靜沈穩的苔癬綠、清新低飽和度的鼠尾草綠,橄欖綠、酪梨綠與薄荷綠,調和出各種綠色色調,溫潤的綠色成為了今年春夏依然熱力不減的療癒色彩,一眼望相LOEWE 迷迭香綠漸層包款,是否能夠感受到茶筅前後刷動抹茶倒入牛奶後的淺濃滋味,Lady Dior 蕨綠色籐格紋包款清新獨特的綠色感受,彷彿沾上清晨露珠與暖陽晨光的森林並濃縮於袋中。

As the beautiful flowers are no longer the main character, the foils finally come out of the shadows. 

As nature comes in full bloom, mother earth transforms into a palette of green. From the energetic meadow green, the calming moss green, the fresh, low-saturated sage green, to olive, avocado and mint green, each and every variation becomes this spring-summer season’s most therapeutic hue. By looking at the LOEWE degrade nappa calfskin collection in rosemary green, it is as if we are taking a sip from a freshly whisked matcha latte. Meanwhile, the Lady Dior in bright green cannage brings a freshly unique style that perfectly captures the serenity of dewdrops forming at dusk.

LOEWE Hammock迷迭香綠小牛皮小號肩背手提包,參考定價 NT$104,000。
LV Capucines 迷你包款,價格店洽。
LOEWE西瓜造型迷你小袋,參考定價 NT$18,000。

春光外洩 Dresses


千禧世代的低腰風潮在Miu Miu叛逆女孩的帶領下,再次席捲眾人目光 ; Bottega Veneta 2022秋冬系列一席美麗廓形洋裝與長裙,流蘇伴隨著步伐搖曳生姿,成為典雅與時髦代名詞。Dior 春夏系列的裙子宛如學生時期克制卻又叛逆的靈魂,廓形鮮明,不羈優雅。LOEWE 長裙洋裝將抽象輪廓與優雅紋理巧妙結合,並加入金屬異材質打造衝突美學。Louis Vuitton 春夏系列的裙裝打破一般輪廓,是成熟與未成熟的碰撞,是跳脫服裝設計的排列組合,是 LV 專屬美學。

From mini to maxi skirts, the trend of dresses returns, the classic beauty of Marilyn Monroe is recreated. Under the lead of the rebellious Miu Miu girls, the low-waisted miniskirt makes its way back from the Y2K era. As the fringes dance along with the model’s movement, the Bottega Veneta AW22 collection is filled with an array of skirts with voluminous silhouettes, with each look becoming a synonym for elegance and chic. In contrast, the skirts from the Dior SS22 collection are emblematic of the restraint but rebellious soul of a student with a sharp and fresh shape. A combination of abstract concept and refinement, the maxi dresses from LOEWE incorporate metallic materials to create a clashing beauty. Lastly, Louis Vuitton’s SS22 collection offers miniskirts that are a blend of maturity and youthfulness. Breaking free from the norm of fashion design, the French luxury house presents a distinctive silhouette that belongs to LV, and LV only.

Dior 2022春夏時裝系列。
Dior SS22 Fashion Show.
Miu Miu 2022秋冬時裝大秀。
Miu Miu FW22 Fashion Show.
Bottega Veneta 2022 春夏系列「Salon 03」。
Bottega Veneta  SS22 「Salon 03」Fashion Show.

Louis Vuitton 2022 秋冬系列。
Louis Vuitton FW22 Fashion Show.