In Style 綠葉逆襲 | Counterattack of Green Leaves


The leading character also needs supporting roles just as flowers need green leaves to embellish the, but when the green leaves accidentally overtake the the limelight, so that the counterattack is born.

GUCCI Blondie焦糖色皮革小號肩背提包,參考定價 NT$102,800。



(左圖)Bottega Veneta Brick Cassette 皮革編織包,參考定價 NT$85,800。



(左圖)Louis Vuitton路易威登的方形絲巾系列以活力與清新氣息擁抱歡樂的夏季色調!



(左圖)Louis Vuitton路易威登的設計元素貫穿整個系列,充分展現品牌卓越的精湛工藝。低調刻上Monogram圖案的精美金色鏈條,被塑造為鏡臂,為臉型增添動人光采,此雋永款式提供兩種配色選擇:黑色或玳瑁色,Monogram花卉圖案彷彿圍繞醋酸纖維鏡框般盛開。

black is always a good idea



(左圖)Miu Miu Day-Night系列。


The baguette bag of Fendi 20 years ago has become a trend in recent years, projecting the elegance of casually carrying the baguette into the bag itself like the chanson humming in the ear. In the changing of seasons, wearing a light knitted dress with straps with an underarm bag in summer or early fall with a face of red lips and effortless hairstyle is always a YES.

Square of Silk

Mindlessly intertwined the square silk scarf, “When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely a woman, a beautiful woman” said Audrey Hepburn, reminds people of the unbridled feeling of the scene in “Roman Holiday”, riding a Vespa in warm air under sunshine and with ice cream in hands, also wearing a skirt with perfect hemline, a blouse, and a silk scarf tied around the neck.

Turn With Sunglasses

Nobody loves the scorching hotness of summer. Sunglasses cover the storytelling eyes, stepping out with a sense of mystery, from low profile sophistication to sharpness and the colors of summer, from the bluish tints to dry rose and russet gradation, reminisces the dialogue of the times, lights and shadows in turn of dawn to dusk.

black is always a good idea

“Black is the end of color.” said Yohji Yamamoto, the Japanese fashion guru.

Black is a low-profiled color which never steals the limelight, but can never be hidden as well. Just like the velvet curtain in the theater descending slowly with an endless blackness and the hopes of a starry sky. Toasting the wineglasses, the space is hazy, lazily swaying with the light of black, aggressively and mysteriously saying: “I won’t bother you and vice versa.”


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