寒居酒店打造一處都市桃花源,重返恬靜清幽的東晉末年!Humble Boutique Hotel



“He suddenly came upon a peach grove. At the end of the grove, he saw a spring which came from a cave in the hill. After a dozen steps, it opened into a flood of light.” Humble Boutique Hotel is a tranquil and peaceful sanctuary in the busy and bustling city, located in the Zhongshan District of Taipei City, the hotel is just one-minute walk from Song-Jiang Nanjing MRT Station. The elegant space that suddenly opens up, makes travelers feel as if they have traveled through time and space, forgetting what day it is today, and returning to the quiet last years of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Untitled (Golden Mask) by Matthew Monahan.



義大利形式幻想工作室《放大鏡》。Magnifier from Italian studio Formafantasma.

對於本次的族群定位,蔣邦榆透露寒居酒店較鎖定中階白領、粉領,熱於探索生活、分享品味的年輕客層,透過潮流、新穎的品牌理念與體驗,以五星級飯店規格打造健身中心,結合商務與休閒機能,冀望打造出「微奢華」城市度假風。因此在內裝規畫上,便委託專門設計高端酒店的 AB Concept 奧必概念設計合作,融和《桃花源記》中的悠然理想,呈現美學、人文、藝術兼具的高雅品味。


坐擁絕佳採光與蓊綠街景,寒居酒店內唯一的餐廳「BeGood」,由米其林星廚林明健擔任顧問打造一處結合餐廳、咖啡館與烘焙坊的舒適空間,「整體設計概念從硬體裝潢的規劃到軟體菜單的呈現,都是我們與 Chef Kin 團隊一起討論出來的成果。過程中當然會有些微調,但大致上就是希望打造一個城市度假感十足的地點,作為 staycation 的延伸。」

以柔和輕快色彩與綠化植栽塑造樂活氛圍,同樣也體現於「風味飽滿、色彩飽滿、風味清新」的地中海飲食風格,蔣邦榆更進一步分享適合夏日品嚐的創意餐點:烤薄餅、檸漬海鮮、西班牙風味飯與清爽飲品 Drop the Beet。而 BeGood 另一亮點非特色早餐「雞蛋仔、炸雞、捲心菜沙拉」莫屬,其靈感來自美國南方經典靈魂美食「炸雞鬆餅」,將原本的鬆餅替換成主廚林明健喜愛的香港街邊點心「雞蛋仔」,鹹甜交織的療癒滋味,於異國料理中尋得一絲熟悉的家鄉追憶。

BeGood is on the 2F of Humble Boutique Hotel, the Michelin-starred Chef Kin served as the consultant
寒居酒店最高樓層 10 樓擁有眾多完善的服務設施,包含健身房、室內恆溫游泳池、蒸氣室及烤箱。
Humble Boutique Hotel with many facilities on 10F, including gym, swimming pool, sauna.

The Warmth
“House” means home and residence. The concept of the four major art pieces in Humble Boutique Hotel also echoes the meaning of “House”. In this regard, Justin Chiang, the Operation Director of Humble Boutique Hotel, said these artworks mainly explore the relationship between time and objects, and interact with people with a simple temperament, thereby conveying a warm connection. The “Magnifier” and “Compression Marble Sofa” seen from the door are to draw on the warm elements of the home, use lamps and sofas to create a familiar and comfortable home.  The Untitled golden mask in the common area creates a soft image from the hard material. The very interesting conflict coincides with the concept “Peach Blossom Spring” in the city.  The dynamic artwork “Light” installed next to the elevator hopes that passengers can adjust their breathing through meditation, using this switching mode, slow down your pace, and then enter the cold residence, so as to achieve a rest effect. Giving a lot of space for imagination, it is the first spiritual connection that Humble Boutique Hotel tries to establish with travelers.

Compression Marble Sofa by British artist Paul Cocksedge.
金色面具雕塑,出自美國藝術家馬修莫納翰之手,以硬材質打造柔軟意象,其衝突感與「都市桃花源」不謀而合。Untitled (Golden Mask) by Matthew Monahan.

Room of Elegance
Regarding the ethnic positioning of this time, Justin revealed that Humble Boutique Hotel are more focused on middle-class white-collar and pink-collar workers, who are keen to explore life and share their tastes. Build a fitness center, combine business and leisure functions, and hope to create a “micro-luxury” urban vacation style. Therefore, in terms of interior design, AB Concept, which specializes in designing high-end hotels, was entrusted to cooperate with, to integrate the leisurely ideals in “The Peach Blossom Spring (prose)” by Tao Yuanming, presenting an elegant taste that combines aesthetics, humanities and art. “In the selection of colors and materials, from the determination and matching of color to the actual selection and application, we must closely adhere to this concept, and try our best to present the image of the peach blossom spring.” Such ingenuity is also reflected in the hotel rooms that are named after owl, the characteristics of different room types are used as the naming division. Among them, he most recommends the “Corner Loft Room”, “it is clear that this room is tucked away in the corner of the hotel, it also echoes the concept of My Humble House Group that a corner of the city, a place for the heart.”

Language Of Delicacy 
Dwelled in excellent lighting and green street views, the only restaurant in the Humble Boutique Hotel “BeGood”, the Michelin-starred Chef Kin served as the consultant to create a comfortable space that combines restaurant, cafe and bakery, “The overall design concept, from the planning of the interior to the menu, we discussed with Chef Kin’s team. Of course, there will be some adjustment in the process, but in general, we hope to create a place full of urban vacation feeling as an extension of staycation.” With soft and lively colors, plus green plants to create a LOHAS atmosphere, it also echoes the Mediterranean diet of “full flavor, full color, and fresh flavor”. Furthermore, Justin shared creative cuisines suitable for summer tasting: pancakes, seafood with lemon, paella and refreshing drink “Drop the Beet”. Another highlight of BeGood’s breakfast is “eggwaffle, fried chicken, and cabbage salad”, which is inspired by the American Southern soul food “Fried Chicken & Pancake”, replacing the original pancake with Chef Kin’s favorite Hong Kong street food “eggwaffle”, the healing taste of savory and sweet, found a familiar hometown reminiscence in the exotic cuisine.

寒居酒店營運協理蔣邦榆。Justin Chiang, the Operation Director of Humble Boutique Hotel.

寒居酒店 Humble Boutique Hotel / 台北市中山區松江路116號/ 電話:02-6600-8000