甜意傳承 婆媳齊心:YOKU MOKU 董事長林麗珠 總經理張菀容| Sweet Inheritance

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

走過十年光輝歲月,由富好企業獨家代理的日本知名甜點 YOKU MOKU, 持續以堅強的意志與柔軟的心深耕台灣市場,其背後最大功臣莫過於董事長林麗珠與總經理張菀容的齊心協力,「專注服務,真心誠意是非常重要的。」雨過天晴的明媚午後,我們在嶄新天母旗艦店度過愜意午茶時光,鶯聲燕語間,兩人的好默契表露無遺,不僅是婆媳關係的最佳典範,也為下一代的傳承點亮甜意花火。

After a decade of glory, YOKU MOKU, a famous Japanese confectionary brand exclusively distributed by Good Rich, continues to cultivate the Taiwanese market with fortitude and tenderness. One of the keys to the brand’s success is the concerted efforts of Chairman Tina Lin and General Manager Robin Chang. “We focus on our service because sincerity is very important.” As we arrived at the refurbished flagship store in Tianmu, we witnessed the chemistry they share. Not only does it set the example for in-law relationships, but it also creates a sweet connection between generations. 

YOKU MOKU 董事長林麗珠與總經理張菀容合影。
YOKU MOKU Chairman Tina Lin and General Manager Robin Chang.


談起富好與 YOKU MOKU 的因緣,最早可回溯至 2004 年,當時因會長對餅乾的情有獨鍾,便萌生了代理之念,而起初並未得到日方回應。爾後經日本友人寫信詢問,得到了正式的婉拒,也意外換來一絲轉機「除非你們有很好的銷售計畫。」藉數次替親友訂購文定禮盒,接續與 YOKU MOKU 建立往來,董事長林麗珠也表示「我覺得跟日本人做生意都是這樣,就是慢慢來,日本人不管之前之後,其實他無時無刻都是在考驗你。」更笑答自己什麼都沒有,最好的財富便是「忍耐」跟「等待」,歷經五年,漸漸從訂單發展到正式簽約,殊不知簽約三天後發生 311 大地震,面臨工廠供應不足的問題,董事長卻堅定心志持續完成裝潢,此舉也讓日方備感信任。如此堅忍不拔的精神,也正映照於 YOKU MOKU 的十週年鐵盒,「我常常說這個蝴蝶是代表我們,他們把好的產品放心交給我,我只是傳承了兩邊,我一定要從服務上、軟硬體都得做的好。」

YOKU MOKU 雪茄蛋捲三重奏禮盒,三種口味一次滿足。
YOKU MOKU Trois Cigare gift box offers three different flavors at once. 


提及自身最喜愛的 YOKU MOKU 品項,董事長林麗珠隨即回答「夏威夷果系列,因為有厚度、酥又Q,口感很好,夏威夷豆又香香的。」總經理張菀容則特別偏好生乳捲,憶起十一年前去日本受訓,初次嘗到鮮奶油清新不膩,卻擁有少女般的幸福滋味,更笑說為了引進生乳捲又是歷經了五年光陰,「主要我們讓他們很信任,他們也投入很棒的冷凍設備。」董事長也進一步分享小時候經常拿開口笑與紅豆湯當作下午茶,自己很喜歡做甜點、服務他人,「看著他們用這些東西我就很開心,好吃的甜點真的會讓人很幸福,不由自主的想笑。」回憶過往店內曾舉辦萬聖節活動,當她望見每一位小朋友身上的裝扮,並手拿著雪茄蛋捲邊吃邊笑的模樣,至今仍難以忘懷,「我才知道好吃的甜點,帶給人家的笑顏是這樣的。」從中獲得的無垠感動,也使董事長笑答這或許便是溫泉旅館媽媽桑的服侍精神。

Maintaining the brand’s elegant style, the flagship store continues the iconic blue and white tones with additions of luxurious elements. 


面臨二代將棒經營,接踵而來的阻礙與難處肯定不少,總經理張菀容坦言其實那些都是自給的困境,「年輕時大家都只在意自己的立場,只注重自我的想法,比較不會放下自己。」歷經數年的洗鍊,如今她認為最好的作法便是「先粉碎自己」,洞察問題本質,兼顧品牌與公司的需求方為上策。談起婆媳的相處之道,擁有互補性格的兩人似乎給了最佳示範,「她的性格很直爽,先了解她之後,她進我就退、我進她就退。」以舞動之姿比喻進退自如,巧妙體現了董事長林麗珠待人處世的聰慧哲學。如何在家庭與事業中,適時保留自我,兩位則分別給了各具巧思的答案,「我常常說自己最重要,一起床就是把自己打扮好,工作都會忙都會累,你就是要度過,度過就是你的,越有自信就知道要如何安排,每天才會過得充實。」而總經理則表示「每個人的生活型態和人生不一樣,你要投入在眼前,我做這些事是為了自己,不是為了別人,自信心就會來。」對於 YOKU MOKU 的未來發展,董事長期望能提供更日常的服務並吸引年輕市場,「我跟他們說不要太急,每一步都走到最好,品質一定要管理好,服務好客人是我們富好的責任。」篤定話語中自帶優雅氣韻,令人引頸期盼 YOKU MOKU 下一個黃金十載。

With Dedication and Fortitude 

The history between Good Rich and YOKU MOKU dates back to 2004 when the founder’s love for biscuits inspired his desire to become an authorized exclusive distributor. Initially, no responses were received from Japan. After asking a friend in Japan to write a letter, they received a formal refusal—“Unless you have a better sales plan in place”—which unexpectedly led to a change of fortune. Through ordering countless engagement gifts for family and friends, they had slowly established a connection with YOKU MOKU. “Take it slow. I think that’s how the Japanese do business,” says Tina, “Regardless of the time and place, they are always testing you.” Smiling, she points out that she happened to have nothing but patience and endurance. After five years, the orders developed into a formal contract. However, three days after signing the contract, the Tohoku Earthquake happened, causing a shortage in factory supplies. Determined, Tina still completed the construction against the odds and earned the Japanese’s’ trust. The same dedication is cleverly reflected through YOKU MOKU’s special ten year anniversary package design. “I believe this ribbon represents us perfectly. They had entrusted us with their product, so in return, we connected both sides by bringing service, software and hardware all in one.” 

YOKU MOKU 天母旗艦店一景。
YOKU MOKU’s flagship store in Tianmu. 

Service is Key

Out of all the YOKU MOKU delicacies, the macadamia collection is Tina’s favorite. “It’s thick, crispy but also chewy. It’s got the texture and the flavor.” As for Robin, it’s the Minami Aoyama Roll. Recalling her first time trying the dessert, it was eleven years ago when she traveled to Japan for training. The whipped cream was light, refreshing and reminded her of a young girl-like happiness. It took them five years to bring the dessert to Taiwan. “It was mainly because they trusted us and provided us with the best freezing devices.” Growing up baking and serving others the dessert she made, Tina remembers how she used to have sata-andagi and red bean soup for afternoon tea. “It makes me happy just seeing them use these things. Good dessert really brings joy to people. It puts a smile on their faces.” Thinking back to the Halloween events held in the store, Tina still can’t forget the way every kid dressed up, having fun as they enjoyed the cigares. “That’s when I know what a smile brought by good desserts looks like.” As she reminisced the touching emotions, she chuckles and says maybe this was exactly the spirit of mama-sans at hot spring resorts. 

天母旗艦店導入 TO-GO Café 新型態服務,在店內也能享受輕食午茶時光。
Incorporating the new TO-GO Café service, the Tianmu flagship offers light meals and desserts. 

The Philosophy of Life 

Similar to many other companies, Good Rich is being passed on to the next generation and facing the challenges that follow. However, Robin believes that these are all problems that stemmed from the self. “We all cared more about our opinion when we were younger, without knowing how to let go of our ego.” Throughout the years, she realizes the best way is to shatter the self, analyze the nature of the problem, while fulfilling the brand and the company’s needs. Speaking of maintaining a healthy in-law relationship, it seems like Tina and Robin’s personalities perfectly complement one another. “Robin is very straightforward. After understanding where she’s coming from, I take a step back when she moves forward, and vice versa.” By comparing their relationship to dance moves, Tina cleverly demonstrates her philosophy of life. When it comes to finding the balance between family and business without losing a sense of self, they both provide distinctive insights. “I believe it’s important to prioritize yourself and present yourself properly. It is normal to feel tired about work, but once you overcome the hardship, the results are yours. So gather your confidence and make every day count,” says Tina. On the other hand, Robin believes that everyone has his or her way of dealing with life. “Try to focus on the present. I’m doing everything for myself and no one else. That’s where confidence comes from.” When it comes to the future of YOKU MOKU, Tina aspires to provide more daily services to attract younger customers. “I always tell them to be patient, take every step with certainty and manage the quality. Good customer service is the responsibility of Good Rich.” With an elegant aura, she concludes with dedication, allowing us to look forward to YOKU MOKU’s next decade of glory. 

天母旗艦店導入 TO-GO Café 新型態服務,在店內也能享受輕食午茶時光。
Incorporating the new TO-GO Café service, the Tianmu flagship offers light meals and desserts.