2022高級女性腕錶必蒐!百達翡麗為袖口設計的 Twenty.4 時計注入新意,換上全新橄欖綠錶面

Patek Philippe, PP-4910/1200A_011_DET

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


From the first female pocket watch created at the end of the 18th century, to the array of contemporary female timepieces we have now—ceremonial accessories, jewelry watches and even sports watches—the art of watchmaking has evolved over the past two centuries. And the only thing that has remained unchanged? The persistence in illustrating elegance. 

百達翡麗 Twenty~4 Ref. 4910/1200A-011 錶面細節圖。
Details of Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Ref. 4910/1200A-011.


不論晝夜及場合皆可佩戴,猶如永恆優雅的典範。百達翡麗為袖口設計的 Twenty~4 時計注入新意,換上全新橄欖綠錶面,搭配阿拉伯數字與立體梯形小時刻度,加上放射狀飾紋與長方形雙層拱型錶殼展現裝飾藝術風格,當代氣息表露無遺。倘若喜愛圓形錶殼,Twenty~4 自動上弦機芯腕錶也是個好選擇,採用獨有的「花邊風格」鑲嵌手法,鑲有兩旁共 160 顆圓鑽,精緻的加工細節於寶石玻璃錶殼底蓋下一覽無遺。今年編號 7130 換上了嶄新橄欖綠色表面,城市顯示盤亦展現橄欖綠色調,錶環則鑲有一行 62 顆頂級無瑕 Wesselton 鑽石,以典雅色彩展露卓爾不凡。而提起現代運動時尚,不能不提及編號 5267/200A-011,相比過往使用了更大錶殼,飾有Aquanaut 凸紋圖案,其複合料錶帶一體成型,能抵禦拉扯、磨損、鹹水和紫外線,表現卓越,更彰顯了 Aquanaut Luce 悠閒精緻之完美相融。


身為高雅風格與精準時計的代名詞,勞力士 Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 以蠔式錶殼搭配三角坑紋外圈,錶殼及錶耳兩側折射出淡雅光澤,藉白色黃金、黃金與鑲鑽粉紅色、銀色錶面使 28 毫米蠔式錶殼的輪廓更突出,倍添魅力,為品牌經典名錶 Datejust 展現了完好的延續與昇華。另一款具有自然意象的 Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 腕錶白色黃金及蠔式鋼款,則以天藍色花朵作為生命延展,錶面設有 18ct金底座鑲托 24 顆鑽石,散落於大小不一的花朵上,不僅靈動活潑,更體現了不同型號 Datejust 腕錶經歲月洗禮後,依舊恆久的美學風格。承襲經典外型與卓越功能,Oyster Perpetual 錶款憑藉卓而不群的設計,成為公認文雅風格的表徵,自 Oyster Perpetual 31 搭配粉紅色錶面及蠔式錶帶中可窺見勞力士先驅創新的起源。

勞力士 Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 Ref. 278274 情境圖。
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 Ref. 278274.


腕錶之中自有宇宙乾坤,能從 RICHARD MILLE 的時計傑作尋得運作規律。於嶄新空間,RM 72-01 Lifestyle 自製機芯計時碼錶奇異罕見而跳脫時空限制,立於高級製錶、舞蹈和音樂之交集處,以明顯的三時標為三拍子的節奏定調,而錯落的計時盤即刻吸引著眾人目光,以手工精工修飾,在極富建築感的結構設計中流露純粹的機械美。搭載品牌自製的自動上鍊陀飛輪機芯,RM 74-01 與 RM 74-02 擁有極致鏤空工藝的機芯及與眾不同的錶殼材質,美學設計更是賦予它們系出同門卻別具個性的風貌。作為 RICHARD MILLE 創作世界的代表和經典作品:RM 07-01 Starry Night 自動上鍊腕錶,將美不勝收的鑽石收入了錶盤星空,其錶殼和錶鍊都由 Carbon TPT® 碳纖維製成,錶圈採用星夜鑲鑽工藝,無不展示了將美感、舒適和技術實力融為一體的純熟內涵。


女性的迷人魅力永不止一面,江詩丹頓的 Égérie 系列亦是如此,融匯高級鐘錶與高級訂製時裝的藝術精髓,當密鑲鑽石自動上鏈腕錶遇上不對稱美學,略帶俏皮的設計,詮釋出探索全新領域的個性追求,運用無限創意散發五彩斑斕的微妙變幻。Traditionnelle 超薄萬年曆腕錶以柔美設計詮釋精妙製錶技藝,滿足女士們對複雜功能時計與日俱增的需求;Patrimony 自動上鏈腕錶則在簡潔外觀中散發雋永的清雅氣韻,彰顯歷久彌新的經典製錶風範。而 Traditionnelle 系列再添新作,專為女性鑑賞家傾心打造白色珍珠貝母錶盤,搭配直徑 33 毫米的18K 5N 粉紅金錶殼,錶圈鑲嵌 54 顆明亮式切割圓形鑽石腕錶搭載品牌自製 1440 手動上鏈機芯,動力儲存長達 42 小時, 為腕間增添一抹精緻與優雅,澎湃動力長伴每個珍貴瞬間。

江詩丹頓 ÉGÉRIE 密鑲鑽石自動上鏈腕錶,型號 4606F/000R-B648,價格店洽。
Vacheron Constantin’s Égérie diamond pavé self-winding 4606F/000R-B648, please contact the store for price. 

Timeless Elegance

Perfect for any occasion, Patek Philippe’s Twenty~4 is the ultimate embodiment of timeless elegance. Together, the refined new olive green dial, the Arabic numerals, the applied trapeze-shaped hour markers, the sunburst patterns and the curvaceous Art Deco-inspired two-tier case perfectly capture the essence of modernity. If you prefer round cases, the Twenty~4 Automatic is a great stylish choice. With a bezel enhanced by 160 round diamonds set according to the exclusive dentelle technique, the timepiece’s sophisticated details are revealed through a transparent sapphire case back. This year, the 7130R is reinterpreted with a brand new olive green dial center and city disk and crafted with a bezel adorned with 62 top Wesselton pure white diamonds, an extraordinary rendition of the elegant color. Lastly, with the rise of modern athleisure fashion, one has to mention the quartz Aquanaut Luce 5267/200A-011. With a larger diameter and a dial embossed with Aquanaut pattern, the wristwatch also features a new integrated composite strap that is water, wear and ultraviolet resistant—an epitome of contemporary casual chic. 

百達翡麗世界時區 Ref.7130R-014 背面細節圖。
Details of Patek Philippe Ref.7130R-014. 

Extraordinary Aesthetics 

A symbol of class and precision, Rolex introduces the Lady-Datejust that offers distinctive case sides and lugs highlighting the elegant profile of the 28mm Oyster case. Through various versions—18 ct yellow, white and Everose gold—the iconic Datejust is charmingly elevated. The Swiss watch brand has also released a new Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 in Oystersteel and white gold. All the nature-inspired details—Azzuro blue floral motifs, 18 ct gold middle case, 24 flowers each adorned with a diamond at the center—become a celebration of life. Not only playful and agile, but the model also demonstrates the timeless beauty of the Datejust collection. Ever since the launch of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 featuring a pink dial and an Oyster bracelet, it has given us a glimpse into the origin of Rolex’s pioneering innovation. With its classic design and exceptional functionality, the Oyster Perpetual models have become a totem of recognized elegance, thanks to their exceptional, one-of-a-kind design. 

Mechanical Rhythms 

Within each watch encloses a universe and within each Richard Mille timepiece we find the laws of operation. Breaking the thresholds of time and space, the RM 72-01 Lifestyle automatic chronograph finds the perfect place where luxury watchmaking, dance and music intersect. With the three time markers setting three distinctive beats, the intertwined dial instantly captures one’s attention with its intricate craftsmanship, architectural design and pure, mechanical beauty. Offering new versions of the fully in-house automatic tourbillon calibre, the RM 74-01 and RM 74-02 both feature an ultra-skeletonized heart and distinguished case materials. Like fraternal twins but with unique characteristics, the two models become an embodiment of aesthetics. Meanwhile, a classic from Richard Mille’s creative universe, the RM 07-01 Automatic Starry Night incorporates breathtaking diamonds into its dial. While the case and strap are both made of Carbon TPT®, the bezel is adorned with a prong setting and embedded with diamonds—a harmonious combination of beauty, comfort and functionality. 

Overflowing Creativity 

The charm of femininity is never limited by conventions and Vacheron Constantin’s Égérie collection is a testament to that. When the diamond pavé self-winding wristwatches meet the beautifully off-centered displays, Haute Couture and Haute Horlogerie come together as one to explore a new realm of excellence and style. While the Traditionnelle perpetual calendar ultra-thin fulfills female wearers’ desire towards complication with its intricate watchmaking techniques, the self-winding Patrimony sets the example for classic, ageless timepieces with its simple but elegant design. This year, the Swiss watchmaking company enriches its Traditionnelle collection with the new Traditionnelle Manual-Winding. Designed for women, the timepiece is presented in a 33mm 18K 5N pink gold case, featuring a mother-of-pearl dial, a bezel embedded with 54 round-cut diamonds and a hand-wound Calibre 1440. Offering a power reserve of 42 hours, the latest addition adds a touch of exquisite gracefulness to the wrist, along with a long-running energy that will accompany the wearer through life’s countless precious moments. 

RICHARD MILLE RM 72-01 Lifestyle 自製機芯計時碼錶,​​黑色 TZP 陶瓷與 5N 紅金錶殼情境圖。
RICHARD MILLE RM 72-01 Lifestyle automatic chronograph, comes in a black TZP ceramic and 5N red gold case.